Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Syria’s looming Deraa offensive risks raising Tensions with Israel

Israeli-supported rebel groups among the targets of an expected government offensive near Deraa

Nestled in southern Syria near the point where the edge of the Israeli occupied Golan Heights meets Jordan, the rebel-held town of Deraa has long been in the regime's sights. With the recent recapture of Eastern Ghouta and Yarmouk Palestinian camp on the edge of the Syrian capital, regime forces and their allies are looking to push south.
However, the offensive has the potential to be the powder keg that sparks a major regional escalation.
Israel has provided support for rebels and civilians on the border with the Golan Heights since at least 2013, (I'd say Israel was involved in 2011 and prior to that in preparation for the destabilization) treating them in their hospitals and providing weapons and other aid. After the United States ended a CIA-run program based in Jordan to support rebels in southern Syria in January, Israeli media reported that the Jewish state had increased aid to seven rebel groups in February.
Past Israeli beneficiaries have included extremist groups, such as Al Qaeda’s former Syrian affiliate.
Now, with the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad beginning to mass in recent days and appearing to be preparing to start their push toward the southern border concerns are rising that the deployment of Tehran-backed forces could escalate the already tense standoff between Iran and Israel in the area.
The media, no matter from where on the planet, wants to make this all about Iran- It's such an Israeli friendly narrative

Iranian troops and Iranian-supported militia forces already play a key role in the Syrian government’s military capabilities.
Yazid Sayegh, senior fellow at Carnegie Middle East Center, told The National that he wasn’t sure if the offensive in the south was about to begin. However, he said Israel and the US knew it would be difficult to dislodge Iranian forces despite their acute and general attempts to impact Tehran’s abilities to operate.
The Iranians, faced with the possibility of escalation with the US, are going to be manoeuvring to try and push back — they are engaging in a sort of test of wills to see where the red lines are in Syria, whether it’s a response to recent Israeli strikes or a reminder that Iran hasn’t been deterred and they have the means to escalate in the south," he said.
“The Israelis probably know they can’t remove Iran from Syria fully — and probably what comes out of it is something halfway, a set of understandings worked out either through trial and error on the ground or with a bit of Russian negotiation,” Mr Sayegh said.
It is unlikely, though, that Iran would seek a wider confrontation with Israel in Syria right now, said Hanin Ghaddar, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
It's not likely Iran is looking to confront Israel- since that seems really irrational all things considered.  It seems to me that it's Israel looking for the confrontation. After all Israel has been bombing Syria for years and years now- long before the Iranian threat meme began to spread so widely.  Israel has been involved from day one of the Syrian destabilization

Recall?  March 30/2011: What role is this man, Fardi Ghadry, ready to play in Syria??

 "Don't fear the fall of Bashar Assad. Syria will not fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood," exile Farid Ghadry told Ynet Monday in a reassuring interview in the US.- Israel should not fear the prospect of Bashar Assad's downfall, as the Syrian people are not interested in war with Israel, a leading Syrian dissident says.

 April 2011: Farid Ghadry spins a tale, for a receptive audience

 Not only was this man previously grovelling to Israel, he is proclaiming his alleged knowledge to the world, via
I hate to even link to such crap, but, you gotta read this perception management garbage for yourself, I can only stomach posting so much of it here

June 2011: Israel warns Assad: Attack us and we will assassinate you

The (Israeli) government sent a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent days, warning him that if he started a war with the Jewish state in order to divert attention from domestic problems, Israel will target him personally, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Tuesday.

Israel has been involved from the get go! 

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    They are Satans Children.

    What would be the World without the Jews, a better Place.

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  2. Syria trying to rid its nation of terrorists causes the MSM to wet its panties and cry for Israel?

    Dammit, one day, just one fucking day I'd like to see that doesn't have the MSM giving us our daily mind fuck on what Israel wants or doesn't want.
    Or they trot out some shifty con artists and cry 'Muh holocaust.'

    Or they scream we're anti-Semites because Americans want to put America first. Wow imagine that.

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