Thursday, June 7, 2018

“Deal With Turkey Threatens Trump’s Iran Strategy” Utter Spin and Rubbish.

Bloomberg’s Eli Lake is really playing a specific perception management idea with this oped

Why does the media push this bash/incompetent Trump nonsense?

Trump has not deviated from the plan set in motion by Obama- Set in motion by GWB- Each president advancing the long term plot.

“On June 4, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, appeared to reach an understanding that U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters and political leaders would pull out of the town.”

The PKK/YPG/SDF is going nowhere. There is no real deal with Turkey

Flashback: Is There TRULY a US/Turkish Agreement on Manbij? NO!

"At the same time, the deal could undermine the Trump administration's goal of working with allies to roll back Iran's presence in the Middle East, an important theme of Pompeo's Iran speech last month."

The PKK/YPG/SDF is going nowhere.  There is no real deal with Turkey. (read the flashback post) And Eli Lake tells us all exactly why there is no real deal, despite the hyperbole.(exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally)
"To drive Iran out of Syria without committing too many forces on the ground, the U.S. will need the Syrian Kurds (PKK/YPG/SDF terrorists) to refrain from seeking a separate peace with Iran or the Bashar al-Assad regime in Damascus. More important, the U.S. will also have to show other local militias ( Sadr and the Mahdi Army in Iraq) and governments in the region that it will stand by its friends, even when it's not convenient"
Lake continues on...
The threat from Turkey could force the Kurds who fought against the Islamic State to seek their own peace with the Assad regime, jeopardizing Trump's Iran strategy.
Obvious Usrael does not want that to happen

Jennifer Cafarella, a Syria expert at the Institute for the Study of War, said the YPG “is going to make its own decisions based on the strategic question which remain unanswered: What will be the future of areas captured from ISIS?”

So far, the Trump administration has not said whether it would support local rule for these regions, or allow them to be dominated by the Assad regime or a foreign power.
The Trump administration would never, ever, state such a thing. That would out them as complete and utter liars and war criminals. What an absurd irrelevant statement!
Their actions speak loudly to those of us paying attention. 

Mohamad stressed that the Syrian Democratic Council was pressing for a form of federalism in Syria, not separatism.
“We think a democratic federation with local rule is not only a good model for northern Syria, where we are based, but it is a good model for all of Syria,” she said. “We don't want to return to dictatorship.”

The  PKK affiliated Kurds are desirous of their own dictatorship/terror state/Israel 2.0
There's a catch. Mohamad also said her council was prepared to negotiate with the Assad regime, though it would prefer to do so after reaching a strategic agreement with the U.S. for long-term support. This kind of arrangement would be similar to the one the U.S. made with Iraqi Kurds after the first Gulf War.

Which destroyed Iraq. As this strategic agreement will intentionally destroy Syria- With an eye and an intent to destroy Turkey.

Flashback :US Deploys Troops to Sinjar (Shingal) Iraq- Intending to Create a Military Base

"With an eye to joining and creating the latest Israel. The one I call Israel 2.0 or greater Israel? It will, however, be implanted in the mind of the masses as Kurdistan- Connecting "Rojova" with the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq. As has always been the plan- The plan has not been deviated from."

BB's Lake continues: "Eric Edelman, who served as U.S. ambassador to Turkey during the George W. Bush administration, said the U.S. should commit to a long-term relationship with the Syrian Kurds who helped liberate (Syrian) territory from the Islamic State. “We have to have a continuing presence, provide them with continuing support, and where they have control of areas with Kurdish populations, they should maintain that control and not hand it over to others.”
Bullbiscuits on the Kurdish ISIS fight - Sick of that lie. That territory is Syrian territory!

"That approach would cause heartburn for Turkey. But the problems with Turkey run much deeper than American support for Syrian Kurds. The U.S. currently provides safe haven to the Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen, which Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has accused of fomenting a failed military coup in 2016. Meanwhile, the Turks are holding at least two Americans hostage, along with 30 other Western nationals, according to a recent report from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.
More important the Turks have proved to be unreliable allies in the U.S.'s Iran strategy. Earlier this year a federal jury in Manhattan convicted a former deputy general manager of the Turkish state-controlled Halkbank for engaging in a complex scheme to help Iran evade sanctions between 2010 and 2015. In April, Erdogan hosted a summit with his Iranian and Russian counterparts to negotiate Syria's future.

If America ends up siding with the Turks over the Kurds, other allies might get the impression that Washington prefers its fake friends to its real ones"

Washington is the ultimate ‘fake friend’. Destabilizing Turkey. Attempting a coup. Waging financial warfare against Turkey. Which is why the US continues to play Turkey to buy time as it remakes the region. You see it is and has been the US all along who has been ‘fake friends’ with Turkey.


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