Monday, June 25, 2018

Turkey's New Presidential System on Par With US- 90% Voter Turnout

Weird how western  media spins the systematic change as dictatorial when applied to Turkey. Yet, the US is a pillar of democracy?  A shining light on the globe?
Perception Management at work? Hell ya!
Financial Times- spin
“ Under the new presidential regime, modelled more on Russia than France or the US”
FT’s fabrication:  France and Russia’s system are both Semi Presidential   Both nations having a prime minster and a president

The US system has a President, much,  like Turkey’s new system, making them both
Presidential systems

DS:  Though “ the job of prime minister, in which Mr Erdogan served three terms before being first elected president in 2014, is abolished. He will dominate not just the executive but the judiciary and the legislature — even though the vitality of these elections and the reinvigorated opposition suggest parliament will not easily turn into a rubber stamp and this diverse country will not simply roll over”
Transition to presidential system begins
"Turkey, with nearly 90 percent participation rate, has taught a lesson of democracy," Erdogan said.

90 percent voter turnout- and I’m supposed to believe that somehow, someway there was some restriction on voting. Bull biscuits! 
Just recently here in Ontario there was an election and the voter turnout was.. 58 percent.

Whose election is more representative of it's populace? Turkey’s or Ontario’s?
Hmmmm... let’s see 90 percent vs 58 percent turnout? 

It appears Turkey’s election is vastly more representative of it’s populace.
Perhaps it was right here in Ontario, in the province I reside in, that voting was restricted?
Perhaps voters here were intimidated and cowed, through repression, to not vote?

Where are the vote observers when ya need them ;)

OSCE: Turkey's Election
Voters had a genuine choice in the 24 June early presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey, but the conditions for campaigning were not equal, with the incumbent president and ruling party enjoying an undue advantage, including in excessive coverage by government-affiliated public and private media outlets”

Sounds just like here in Ontario. And all of Canada. The political party with the deepest pockets can purchase more media. Still, lots of choice. Genuine choice. 90 percent turnout. 
I’d say the voters have spoken in Turkey.
Those that couldn’t buy airtime etc., used social media. Which is hugely influential these days

“The campaign was vibrant and took place in a highly polarized political environment; contestants campaigned by various means; and social media were an important tool to reach younger voters and to overcome campaign restrictions”
“Our delegation welcomed the high voter turnout, which bears witness to the wish of Turkey’s citizens to express their will and to their awareness of the crucial character of these elections,” said Olena Sotnyk, Head of the PACE delegation.

I’m ignoring all spin on police presence possibly impeding voters. A 90 PERCENT voter turnout makes that claim dead in the water. It’s also contradictory for PACE to mention it, all things considered.
"As of today, the government system of the country, which was been at work since the formation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, will begin to change from the parliamentary system to the presidential executive system. ( Like the US)

The constitutional changes necessary to switch the government from a parliamentary to a presidential system were approved by the public in last year's referendum on April 16. The most prominent change is that the government will now be headed by a president, rather a prime minister, as the post is now dismantled"
Erdogan was the first popularly elected-president.

Yup, Erdogan was actually elected by the Turkish people. In 2014 and again in 2018.
I never get to vote directly for a leader. We vote for local representation. And get stuck with who ever is already chosen as leader.

"In a sign of more streamlined governance, the number of ministers, who will be appointed by the president, will decrease from 21 to 16. The ministries will not be removed rather they will be combined, with the Foreign Ministry and European Union Ministry united under a single portfolio.

The same is true for the Customs and Trade Ministry and Economy Ministry, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, the Ministry of Development, and the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology. With the new system, several organizations will now be organized as agencies, affiliated with the presidency, including the National Intelligence Agency (MIT), the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff, the Presidency of Defense Industry, the National Security Council, the Presidency of Strategy and Budget, the Presidency of Religious Affairs, the State Inspection Council and the Presidency of Communications. A separate hierarchy of agencies under the presidency will now run the government.
Offices on human resources, finance, investment and digital transformation will be established to supervise the state's human resources and institute the state's digital transformation to adapt to the digital age and fight cyberterrorism. Nine separate councils will develop, supervise and coordinate relevant policy suggestions. The main priority will be a more effectively run government by delegating responsibility with authority. One of the main focal points of the transformation of the state will be to institute a more effective economic management structure. The number of ministries linked to the running of the economy will be decreased from six and their responsibilities will be more clear-cut to better delineate their areas of influence. The many facets of counterterrorism will be channeled into a single and more organized structure for a better coordinated and more effective fight against terrorism"

Expansionary fiscal policies that helped Turkey’s economy grow 7.4 percent in the first quarter compared with a year earlier are adding to the pressure on prices

Turkey’s economy grew 7. 4 percent in the 1st quarter.
“Voters who benefit from his fiscal largesse may not mind but investors might. And for all his increased political clout, Erdogan cannot bend the latter to his will”

“Investors” aka money managers /banks/ hedge funds etc., will put pressure on Turkey. As they have been for some time. Keeping in mind financial warfare is still warfare

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