Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Syrian Civilians Face Dire Circumstances Under US/PKK Occupation in Syria

Yes, this article is from Yeni Safak. That does not detract from the statements made by the named individual, Sobhi Dassouqi, describing life under occupation.

It's a sad reflection of the 5 eyes media, main stream and alt that those that live under the occupation of the empire and it's minions are given no voice. 

 I’ve covered nearly identical reports and have made observations here very similar to what he is stating based on reading non 5 eyes media coverage, available globally.

Yeni Safak
"Sobhi Dassouqi, a journalist in Raqqa, expressed his excitement on the recent Idlib deal brokered between Turkey and Russia in Sochi and said he was hopeful Raqqa would be next.

Noting that PKK terrorists have been forcing children to take up arms, that they could not even go out onto the streets because of the terrorists’ harassment, and that their homes were being looted, he called on Turkey saying, “Save us from persecution.”
Civilians face dire conditions
Dassouqi revealed the details about the PKK terror organization’s barbarity and said, “People in Raqqa, Hasakah and Manbij do not have safety of life and property. There is a curfew in the area after 6 p.m. The houses of people who leave during the daytime are being robbed. The thieves are PKK terrorists and there is no authority to whom we can file complaints.”

“More than 6,000 houses were booby-trapped by the PKK after the Daesh threat so that people could not return to their homes. They sold their construction materials and steel they stole from people’s homes. The PKK wages war against every living being; they stole everything we have under the tutelage of the U.S.”

Underscoring the significant number of people internally displaced, he said, “Because of PKK terrorists and the U.S. there are only 500,000 people left in the region that once hosted 4 million. They keep civilians by force in camps in Ayn Isa. They are forced to live in disgusting conditions to receive UN funds for refugees. No one can leave these camps.”
PKK doesn’t allow civilians to rebuild houses
"Stressing that there is no attempt to rebuild the towns of Raqqa, Hasakah and Manbij, he said, “These places are in ruins and not a single thing has been done to rebuild. They don't even allow civilians to build a wall. People are trying to survive despite incurring all kinds of difficulties; they are setting up tents at ruins because they are not allowed to rebuild their destroyed houses. They have no other choice.”

“Many American soldiers, civilians, bureaucrats and politicians have been visiting Raqqa, Hasakah and Manbij,” he added, underscoring the U.S support of PKK terrorists."
Washington protects Daesh terrorists
"Dassouqi stated that the U.S slaughtered more than 3,000 civilians under the pretext of fighting Daesh in the region in just two weeks in 2016.

“However, Daesh terrorists were the ones who gave the U.S. the coordinates of the places to be bombed. The fight of the U.S is not against Daesh, but against the civilians living in Raqqa, Manbij and Ayn al-Arab”.

"The U.S has supplied the PYD terror organization and its armed wing, the YPG, with more than 5,000 truckloads of weapons to allegedly use in the fight against Daesh, despite Ankara’s warnings that the fact they are the Syrian offshoots of the PKK terror organization"
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