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Saudi Arabia gets a friend in need – Russia

Hattippin J for leaving the link to a video which will be embedded at the end of this post
 AnonymousOctober 23, 2018 at 7:00 AM
Hi Penny!
There is a video with Bhadrakumar (from 5 days ago), who talks about the political and strategic consequences of the Khashoggi case:
https://youtu.be/kfgsYUiUEIg .

Absolutely worth viewing- about 20 minutes in length

But first an oped from MK Bhadrakumar- Very insightful. It included an interesting little video clip as well. It’s all here for your convenience. My suggestion, should you care to heed it, is read the piece entirely and watch both videos.

1- It appears MBS survived the reported assassination attempt. 

2- It seems possible Russia is going to be a friend in need to Saudi Arabia. 

3-Turkey’s role in all this? Yes, Turkey had plenty of reasons to apply pressure to Saudi Arabia.

a) Their role in supporting the PKK in Syria in partner ship with the US. Which led to destabilized Turkish borders.
b) The Saudi role in the Turkish coup attempt ( I knew Egypt was involved, but MKB's mention of Saudi Arabian involvement was a first for me, not shocking, but the first I'd heard of it)
c) Ensuring they didn’t get caught up in the fall out of the Khashoggi incident.

Now, I’m wondering if Turkey and Russia worked in tandem to pressure Saudi Arabia for other reasons as well?

Read on my friends, read on...........

Indian Punchline :Saudi Arabia gets a friend in need – Russia

It goes without saying that oil has been central to military power and economic life in modern history. Control of oil has been a key source of power and policy in the Cold War. There was even a top-secret US government plan to ravage the Middle East oil industry in the event of the former Soviet Union gaining control of it. The CIA called it the “denial policy”. It was hatched in 1948 during the Berlin Blockade – whereby, oil wells would be plugged, equipment and fuel stockpiles destroyed, refineries and pipelines disabled to ensure that the USSR never got hold of the Middle East’s oil resources.
An analyst has written, “The history of this top secret U.S. government plot is a tumultuous mix of Arab nationalism, Big Oil and the CIA on the most oil-rich chunk of real estate on earth. Fundamentally, it is a tale of the growing importance of Middle Eastern oil and the West’s early thirst to control it.”
Therefore, much dramatic irony laces the interview given by the Saudi Minister of Energy Khalid Al-Falih to the Russian news agency TASS at the present critical juncture when on the issue of the Jamal Khashoggi affair, the United States’ 70-year old alliance with Saudi Arabia hangs on the abyss.
When Russian President Vladimir Putin’s legacy is recorded in his country’s history, the breakthrough in the relations with Saudi Arabia will stand out as a personal achievement. Prompted by a gloomy backdrop of precipitous crash in oil prices to $20-30 per barrel in 2014 (compared to $100 just three years ago), Russia began tentative outreach to Saudi Arabia as to how to retrieve a seemingly hopeless situation that sharply reduced the income of the two energy superpowers from their oil exports. The game changer was a meeting in September 2016 in Hangzhou, China, when on the sidelines of the G20 Summit, Putin met the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman (MBS, as is commonly known.)
MBS & Putin
That was in the final phase of the Barack Obama era. For Russia, 2016 was an extremely difficult year, coping with the western sanctions and a steep fall in income from oil exports.
Saudis also for the first time were feeling a “cash crunch”.
Putin worked on that congruence to rapidly build up a strategic partnership between Russia and Saudi Arabia, which has enabled the two superpowers to keep market prices stable. (The price of oil estimated in the Russian budget for the current year is around $53 per barrel, whereas oil is presently hovering around $80 per barrel.)
Meanwhile, the Russian-Saudi axis took the nature of an institutional forum known as OPEC+, which is expected to have a full-fledged secretariat soon alongside the OPEC secretariat in Vienna, to be headed by Russia. The two countries began by tentatively marking production level for oil producing countries at a six-month interval, but the Russian-Saudi axis has since acquired such traction already that they are contemplating a long-term, open-ended agreement to continuously, permanently finesse the supply and demand for oil to keep the prices stable and provide underpinning for growth of the world economy.
The Putin-MBS personal equation played a big part in al this. MBS has been a frequent visitor to Moscow and his last visit for the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2018 was the occasion when he met Putin and the Saudi and Russian thinking veered round to search for a framework for the long-term coordination in the oil market.

In effect, Saudi Arabia and Russia are assuming the leadership of the oil producing countries and helping them take consensus decisions. At the same time, Russian-Saudi bilateral energy cooperation has also made a solid beginning. The two countries have investment plans within the ambit of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Saudi Arabia is expected to take a big stake in the LNG project Yamal Phase 2 in the Russian Arctic with equity next only to Novatek. They are discussing swap deals in countries such as India. (Interestingly, Al-Falih sees good prospects for Russian companies’ involvement in Aramco’s ambitious downstream strategy.)
Without doubt, the TASS interview with Al-Falih has been timed to remind the international community that it will be catastrophic to isolate Saudi Arabia over the Khashoggi affair. (Incidentally, RDIF issued a statement on October 20 welcoming the “decisive actions” taken by the Saudi authorities on the Khashoggi case and pointedly affirming support for the Crown Prince’s flagship project known as Vision 2030.) The signals from Moscow so far have scrupulously avoided any criticism or censuring of Saudi Arabia, unlike the US and European countries.
The TASS interview and the publication of the full transcript obviously has the Kremlin’s approval. It conveys as explicitly as possible under the circumstances that Russia has no intentions whatsoever to turn its back on Saudi Arabia over the Khashoggi affair. One may say, Russia could even be a stakeholder in the preservation of the present Saudi leadership hierarchy. As I said in the beginning, “black gold” plays a big part in geopolitics – and history has not ended in Russia’s relations with the West.
I wrote in the context of the historic agreement between Putin and MBS at Hangzhou two years back (Pay heed to the butterfly effect of Putin-Salman oil deal in Hangzhou, September 7, 2016, Asia Times): 
An understanding between Russia and OPEC holds the potential to completely transform the geopolitical alignments in the Middle East. First and foremost, Russia aspires to replace the US from its 70-year old pivotal status as Saudi Arabia’s number one partner in energy. This shift cannot but impact petrodollar recycling, which has been historically a robust pillar of the western financial system… Washington faces the unpleasant prospect of a strategic retreat in the Middle East unless it can mobilize a determined comeback. But then, doubling down in the Middle East means taking the eye off the re-balance in Asia, which, in turn, will be fraught with long-term consequences.”
Just an afterthought: Can it be mere coincidence that the West is gunning for MBS today? All attention is on what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. But what really happened in the run-up to his ghastly murder in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul we may never get to know. Can it be comparable to the mistaken impression Saddam Hussein received that Washington would condone his occupation of Kuwait? There are no easy answers.
Recall me writing that the West was "gunning for MBS"?
For being a bit too independent.
"In these three news items we see that Saudi Arabia was, by all appearances, moving in an independent direction. This had to have been a problem for the US and it's military industrial complex!"
I hadn't even considered all of what MKB is discussing in his oped

  MKB continues:

The fact of the matter is that the Putin-MBS understanding has blossomed into a veritable alliance and it has great potential to redraw the battle lines between the West and Russia. Putin has made no bones that Russia is moving out of transactions in dollar currency. If Russia and Saudi Arabia at some point begin to trade in non-dollar currencies, it will be a fatal blow to the western banking system. (China has also been pressing Saudi Arabia for trading in yuan currency.)
On top of it all, Saudi Aramco’s IPO is pending. (Saudi Arabia believes that the capital market will value Aramco at some $2 trillion, making it the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.) The Saudi Minister disclosed in the TASS interview that the listing is expected in 2021 and hinted that New York Stock Exchange may not be in the Saudi consideration zone. He flagged that the listing has to be in a “friendly safe jurisdiction” – alluding to the likely claims in US courts for Saudi compensation to the families of victims in the 9/11 attacks.
Reports have appeared that preparations are under way for a visit by Putin to Saudi Arabia. All in all, what emerges is that Russia is standing up to be counted as a friend when Saudi Arabia needs it most. Surely, the Russian support provides much “strategic depth” to the Saudi regime at this juncture when it faces an existential crisis – especially MBS.




  1. Excellent article, Penny. Lots of background to what we're seeing on the ground in real time. In summary, just as I said last March after Putin's pivotal speech regarding Russia's game-changing weaponry. We're now seeing the geopolitical fall out of same.

    1. Hey GC:
      I found it very informative-
      The interview as well- Saudi Arabia played a role in the assassination attempt on Erdogan!
      Whoa! Like I said, knew Egypt was involved by Saudi Arabia? Should have known!

      Did you read the TASS interview embedded in the article?
      Eye opener!

      Under Al-Falih, relations between Russia and OPEC started developing by leaps and bounds and resulted in a deal being reached between OPEC member-states and oil producing countries, which are not part of the cartel (OPEC+), and this made the situation on the oil market more predictable. It is also mainly thanks to Al-Falih’s efforts that Saudi Arabia has been actively working with the Russian Direct Investment Fund and its head Kirill Dmitriev. Al-Falih said RDIF is “an important bridge” between the two countries.

      — When you talk about long-term stability what do you mean in particular? What will be the future of the OPEC+ deal given that the current deal expires at the end of the year? Do you plan to extend this agreement for the long term?

      We have started OPEC+ as a six month agreement. And we saw that six month is not enough to bring inventories down. Partially because US shale had continued to increase and partially because it took Russia almost four months to reduce its production by 300,000 bpd because there were many oil producing companies in Russia. So it took us some time to achieve that. But we extended the 6 months deal, and now it has been working for almost 2 years......

      Looks like OPEC+ will be signing an agreement in Vienna Dec 07- (Russia and Saudi Arabia etc.,)
      Who will be leading Saudi Arabia at that time?
      An open ended agreement

      Worth reading.. entirely

    2. Like I said, knew Egypt was involved by Saudi Arabia? Should have known!

      should read "knew Egypt was involved but Saudi Arabia?
      Should have known!

  2. Lemme get this straight. Al Qaeda is now aligned with Russia? Huh? Wah? Well, this is surely getting curiouser and curiouser. https://goo.gl/images/JsFGWx

    1. I don't know if I'd frame it that way Peter, but, yes it's getting very interesting!

      oh and I liked the previous article you left a link for
      Jamal Khashoggi "dissident" was sure on the same page as the globalists (anglo zionists)

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    3. Two articles from The Intercept are interesting. https://theintercept.com/2018/10/23/yousef-al-otaiba-khashoggi-washington/

    4. Peter: Penny Pritzker is at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace- Whaat!!!

      "The invite identifies Pritzker by her current role as chair of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace."
      Pritzker's are quite the elite scum bunch so why does this surprise me? I associate them with Rahm Emmanuel and corruption in Chicago etc.,

    5. Elite scum have many factions it becomes apparent. I feel this faction (Kushner, Pritzker,UAE) are THE faction to watch closest. MbS is their boy and he has been on the rise up until now. This may be their end. If not, then they are the new kids on the block.

  3. The website promoting Saudi Arabia's upcoming investment conference was apparently hacked on Monday, briefly showing a doctored image of the kingdom's crown prince wielding a bloody sword over murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

    Dozens of business leaders, prominent speakers and media companies — including CNBC — pulled out of the second annual Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh following allegations that Saudi agents killed Khashoggi in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.


    Working overtime.

    1. I thought the pressure on Saudi Arabia and MBS would be dialed back a bit by now, but, no!

  4. Hi Penny:

    I've linked to your post on my blog post of today. I guess it's just you, me, Scott and Xymphora who think this is the gameplan re Khashoggi:


    btw are you finding the Internet extremely slow and glitchy? Or is just me and my computer viruses?

    1. Hey GC:
      Haven't been on line to much today..
      but no problems- internet is running fine

      thanks for the link too GC-
      Xymphora eh?
      I see Scott did a new video today getting more into this situation.. Got to listen this afternoon


      Good stuff

  5. Hi Penny,
    To Your article "KHASHOGGI "BODY DOUBLE"? OR NOT? FIANCE FABRICATION" I commented that I don' t understand why Khashoggi entered the consulate at all in the first place.
    You commented there: "The fiance is not credible in the least".

    And now here is an article that discusses exactly our topic:
    https://thesaker.is/insights-into-the-khashoggi-ordeal-who-and-why/ .

    And, yes, this Mrs. Cengiz might very well have been part of a trap for Khashoggi! I don't trust her either!


    1. J

      I left a comment at Saker's. Admittedly I'm no fan of Ghassan Kadi- Here's what I left

      The link for this was left at my place, so I've come to read it.

      Kadi consistently pushes an anti- Turkey narrative. So, I read this and am not shocked at all.

      The very idea that Khashoggi is a journalist is not credible.
      Let's talk about him as a CIA operative- which is vastly more realistic
      I mean, come on. Washington Post? 8 years traveling off and on with Osama Bin Laden- At the time those Usrael proxies were engaged in a proxy war with Russia.

      As a CIA operative Khashoggi would have been involved in all sorts of dealings that would have earned him enemies- No honour among thieves. So, that could have been a factor in this incident.

      The fiance? Is she the fiance?

      Khashoggi's own family say they don't know her. Their spokesperson stated as such.
      The divorce paper retrieval is simply non credible. If not for her that entire narrative would not exist.

      It's entirely possible she's an Israel plant- Or an American plant? Concocting a narrative with hopes of worsening relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

      Kadi: " Gülen is no longer an American favourite" Since when?

      If that was true the American's would have given him up. They haven't.
      So it seems sensible Gulen is still very much a favourite- what with his entire network of brainwashing schools and 'construction companies'.. good for smuggling etc.,

      Perhaps, perhaps, the Saudi's just had him killed. For reasons all of their own.

      Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Khashoggi had created an NGO geared towards destabilizing the Saudi regime
      Khashoggi launched 'pro democracy' group

      "Sources familiar with his plans told The Daily Beast that he was working to launch a non-governmental organization whose stated purpose was to boost democracy and human rights in the Arab world.

      The group, called Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), was incorporated in the state of Delaware as a tax-exempt organization in January of this year, according to documentation reviewed by The Daily Beast. According to a statement of core principles, the group would aim to provide “a counter narrative in the Arab world and the West to Arab Spring skeptics.” Its members also planned to advocate to corporate leaders, policymakers, journalists, and think tanks on behalf of democracy in the Middle East."

      And for the Canadians- Khashoggi was connected to a Saudi 'dissident' here in Canada who wanted 'freedom' for Saudi society- Jamal Khashoggi sent this freedom loving fellow 5,000.00 and helped him with what can only be using social media as a destabilizing force.


      "According to Omar, the two were in constant contact over the summer, Jamal having become like a father to him, phoning him every day to check on him, even sending him money ("about $5000") that would allow him to buy extra microchips to help foil Twitter's invasive user information requirements."

      Or maybe it had much to do with the close relationship built with Russia etc.,
      Business. Oil. Military. And more- Which competed with the US hope to plunder Saudi Arabia under the auspices of Vision 2030

      Lots to read: Saudi Arabia gets a friend in need – Russia

      Oh and one more

    2. QPenny

      I didn't know "Ghassan Kadi" - and all I cared about were his speculations why Khashoggi entered the consulate. And as You, Penny can see in my comment below "24, 2018 at 6:53 AM" I have little empathy for Khashoggi.

      Also do I care little if MbS stays or goes. Because the general Policy of Saudi Arabia (like that of Turkey) will be headed away from the US-Israeli Empire. There will not be a big bang or confrontation - it will be more a silent slipping away, step by step.
      The monopolarism had come to its end. Also Washington knows nothing else but threatening, pressure, blackmailing, war, murder of individuals by trying to keep monopolarism up.

      Moscow on the other side relies on diplomacy. And Moscow will insist that Muslim Brother Erdogan's Turkey stops now the support for their terrorist - i.e. Al Nusra (this Al Kaida fraction changed its name again but I forgot this new name) and the "FSA". Also Erdogan's disgusting invasion into Syria and the occupation of a lot of Syrian territory will be discussed by Moscow - but only later. Towards Saudi Arabia Moscow will also insist that they stop supporting their terrorist: ISIS. And Riyadh will do that! Good times for Syria! In the end also the US regime will not be able to go on occupying Syrian territory ("De-escalation Zones").

      In the background will be Iran. Moscow and Tehran will take care then of Iraq and make it very difficult for Washington to keep up the (de facto) occupation of Iraq ( https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/10/21/577629/Iraq-Siemens-General-Electric ).

      Even this cowardly, boot liking German government (see, shortly before the murder of Khashoggi: http://www.arabnews.com/node/1377966/saudi-arabia and https://www.reuters.com/article/us-un-assembly-germany-saudi/germany-saudi-arabia-agree-to-turn-page-on-diplomatic-dispute-idUSKCN1M52WX ) and other EU governments are already trying to escape the grip of the Washington regime, too: http://www.williamengdahl.com/englishNEO23Oct2018.php .


    3. Hi J:

      He could have entered the consulate for so many reasons... I couldn't even begin to speculate on why he did- Khashoggi was an insider- maybe he really had no reason to worry..

      I understand you have no empathy for Kashoggi- that's ok by me. He's neither here nor there for me.

      Will this result in a shift in the region?
      Perhaps? I guess we'll know when the dirt has settled?

      I doubt the US will take this lying down.
      Noticed today the sanctioning has begun.

      thanks for the additional reading J! :)

  6. Hi Anonymous:

    Re the fiancé: Khashoggi was, above all, a patsy. Like all patsies he must have had his handlers and "minders". IMO he was ordered to go to the consulate and [like Oswald] thought he was on some kind of mission when, in fact, he was a dupe and a victim of his "employer".

    1. @greencrow
      "he was a dupe and a victim of his 'employer'"
      He was obviously (working for the WashPost - Bhadrakumar is commenting this) a "spook" for the US secret Service. But I do not think they threw him before the bus. I believe they also were surprised by him being murdered. I agree here with Bhadrakumar.

      But let 'summarize' what we have now:
      Yes, a man was murdered. And of course that's not o.k. But to me Khashoggi was a most disgusting person: He favoured this murderous and destructive war against Syria and the Syrian population, and this murderous and destructive war against Yemen and the Yemenites. To Khashoggi I have this video (possibly from Penny from one of her past articles): "UPFRONT - IS SAUDI ARABIA GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES IN YEMEN" .
      https://youtu.be/8prUmGPHMc0 .

      So my empathy for Khashoggi is quite limited. And aside this disgusting murder to me this all has a very positive side. Let's take a summary:
      Turkey and(!) Saudi Arabia are now sliding out of the Anglo-Israeli Empire.
      And this will go on even if c(l)rownprince MbS will be exchanged for another c(l)ownprince.
      To this see: "THE EARTHQUAKE IN INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCES" - https://off-guardian.org/2018/10/23/the-earthquake-in-international-alliances/ and "THE QUINCY PACT ONLY PROTECTS THE KING OF ARABIA, NOT HIS HEIR" - http://www.voltairenet.org/article203589.html .

      Good for Syria, good for Russia and possibly even good for the Yemenites.
      Russia has the key position to balance those crazy Muslim Brothers (Erdogan) against those crazy Wahabites (Saudi Arabia). also to balance that with the (mostly Shiite) Iran, Iraq and Syria (also Christians, Alavites, Druse, and Infidels).

      The policy of those US oligarchs and Israel ("Washington regime") to be hostile to Russia, China and Iran all at the same time now simply collapses.


  7. ... and more of the "Prince of Darknis" or - as Wayne Madsen call him - “Mohammed Bone Sawman”:
    "KHASHOGGI WASN’T THE ONLY MURDER VICTIM OF MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN" - https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/10/24/khashoggi-wasnt-only-murder-victim-of-mohammed-bin-salman.html


  8. Thierry Meyssan explanes why MBS needs the support of Russia
    Best regards from Gallier the elder

    1. Hello Gallier the elder :)
      Happy to know your still lurking and I've opened the link to read
      bye for now!

  9. June 2011 WAPO

    President Obama gave a rousing call to action in his controversial speech last month, admonishing Arab governments to embrace democracy and provide freedom to their populations. We in Saudi Arabia, although not cited, took his call seriously. We noted, however, that he conspicuously failed to demand the same rights to self-determination for Palestinians — despite the occupation of their territory by the region’s strongest military power.

    Soon after, Obama again called into question America’s claim to be a beacon of human rights by allowing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to set the terms of the agenda on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Even more depressing than the sight of Congress applauding the denial of basic human rights to the Palestinian people was America turning its back on its stated ideals.


    Was Turki Just Paying Lip Service OR was he in agreement with Nayef comment before the coup to Erdogan comment that "we are being targeted by the same people".

    Was Turki a different kind of nationalist that Khashoggi - like Trump recent declaration?


    Does Khashoggi have something to do with Gaza + Zohr

    Russian paratrooper sin Sinai, again..

    1. https://canadafreepress.com/article/israels-stake-in-the-egyptian-natural-gas-pipeline-strategic-and-economic-b

      I had to look that up--- zohr/egypt

      The Zohr field will ultimately provide most of the domestic demands, and the projections regarding three different fields (West Nile Delta, Nooros, Atol) are promising.

      As to the security of the pipeline, the Egyptian government increased its efforts to combat groups in Sinai that attacked the army and police forces, as well as assets such as the pipeline. However, renewed sabotage attempts cannot be ruled out.

      Ok I see where the mention of the Russian paratrooper may be factor- though I'm not sure how or why?
      Is Khashoggi connected to all this somehow?
      Not a clue?
      Do you think it's possible?

  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-08/egypt-to-receive-first-israeli-gas-as-early-as-march

    Coincidence. Like the assassination attempt pitting PA via Hamas 200 meters from the Israeli crossing.

    Will another coincidence will be the return of UAE exile.

    Making up for lost ground during Obama,Kerry

    1. Mohammed Dahlan... I'll keep a watch for that name

      I see were back in the Sinai

      ""Egypt, in turn, is interested in restoring stability to the Sinai," he said, referring to the Sinai Peninsula bordering Gaza and Israel, where Egyptian forces are battling hardline fighters, some of whom Cairo has accused Hamas of sheltering.

      By allowing Dahlan to return and take control of the security efforts at Rafah, Cairo would have a partner it trusts."


  11. Hi Penny, just wanted to inform you, in case you haven't heard it, that the Professor Robert Faurrisson died last week. He died of a heart attack when he went back home after his last public appearance in Shepperton (his birth town) in England. He had there a presentation in a Hotel which was again interrupted by the zealots of holocaustianism (it's a religion).

    1. Hi Gallier:
      I hadn't heard that :(
      And he was such an endearing fellow too- still thinking of a couple of videos I'd seen of his.
      Including his interview with Atzmon.

      The zealots of holocaustianism- I like it. It is accurate- It is a religion that binds all the true believers together- not necessarily just the judaics
      good description Gallier!

  12. I was just reading that article in english
    and found it quite good (I have only read 1/3rd yet so caveat empor) and look what word is used there: holocaustianism.
    Funny, I swear I "invented" it yesterday when I wrote my comment.

    1. I'm going to read that one as well
      Also Beulahman had a video up about what went on


      Poor man. Don't the people that act in that manner realize how despicable they are- How hateful and anti freedom they are?
      sickening bunch