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US Want Sochi/Astana Talks Ended: Russian Campaign Against US Plan to Divide Syria

"US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey has called on Russia to exert efforts to convene the Syrian constitutional committee on December 14, proposing to end the Sochi/Astana peace talks if the committee is not put together.
During a press conference Monday at the State Department, Jeffrey noted that Washington is looking forward to UN envoy Staffan de Mistura’s report to the Security Council on December 14, describing it as "the key point where we see whether we are going to have the political process moving forward under the UN.”
🔴 The Special Representative warned that if Damascus is not pressured, the new UN Envoy, Geir Pedersen, and the international community will face a serious issue"
Mentioned the idea that the 'international community' would have to respond in the post: 
  5 Indicators the US Will Escalate Soon in Syria. And Beyond.
 Telling us that the USrael led coalition is still looking to regime change Damascus ie: hold accountable. Fully.
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“We were hoping...that the Russians, the Iranians, and the Turks would be able to finalize the third list of members to this constitutional committee, and that was a primary goal of the Astana meeting last Thursday.”
Syrian chief negotiator Bashar al-Jaafari, and other delegates take part in Syria peace talks in Astana on December 22, 2017

"The Representative went on to say that after the meeting, they issued a statement that examined the Idlib de-escalation area, and stressed the importance of a lasting ceasefire while underlying the necessity to continue the effective fight against terrorism.

However, “they did not take any significant action on the constitutional committee,” but, they stated once again that there is no military solution to the Syrian conflict.

All they did was reaffirm their determination to set up joint efforts to launch the constitutional committee in Geneva, Jeffrey told the press.
He indicated that the officials did not determine a time frame for the committee but rather said it will be set up “the soonest possible time.”
Asked whether there is a possible breakthrough in the political process, Jeffrey noted that the situation had been in a stalemate since Astana/Sochi talks began in December of 2017.
What we’ve seen in the last few months is a ministerial at the small-group level at the UN putting pressure on the UN and on the Astana group to come forth. Then we saw the Istanbul summit where, for the first time, Russia said that they would try to get this thing done by the end of the year,” however, up till now they say there is no deadline point.
He hoped there is a possibility that they will move by December 14th with de Mistura."
The US wants this done under Mistura's tenure in short order. And if this does not occur?
"The agreement on forming the Syrian constitutional committee, which is supposed to include representatives from the Syrian government, the opposition and civil society, was reached at the Sochi talks in January 2018."
The US came out hard with the ridicule of the Astana/Sochi talks this time 'round. The 5 eyes media has mostly ignored them all along. Same for 5 eyes alt. 

Russian Chief of the General Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov (Asharq Al-Awsat)
"Moscow has widened its accusations against Washington in what appeared to be an organized military and diplomatic campaign aimed at countering US moves in the East Euphrates region.

It also tried to convince other countries to support its positions during an event organized by Russia’s Ministry of Defense, which included a review on the developments in Syria and was attended by foreign military attachés and representatives of diplomatic missions.

This came one day after the comments made by Kremlin, in which it condemned plans to establish alternative entities in northern Syria.

Russia’s ministries of defense and foreign affairs joined the campaign by presenting what Moscow described as "facts that reflect the reality of what is happening on Syrian soil," according to Chief of General Staff General of Russia’s Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov.
Meanwhile, Russian’s foreign ministry described the US moves in Syria as “suspicious activities.”
Moscow ignored for the second day in a row US envoy to Syria James Jeffrey’s statements on the move to end the Astana and Sochi’s paths if the efforts to form a constitutional committee failed before mid-December.
He said Washington might use some of the weapons it tried in Iraq, in reference to the possibility of imposing no-fly zones in the north."
 As reported in this post: Senior "Syrian" Kurdish official calls on US to implement no-fly zone to protect Kurds from Turkey
This request for the US to implement a 'no fly' zone coincidentally/conveniently works hand in hand with the US setting up outposts all along the border with Turkey..
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"There was no immediate Russian comment on the US hints, but analysts said increasing Russian accusations were aimed at countering the possibility of Washington resorting to the Security Council and denying Washington international support for its moves.

“The situation is being strained on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, where the United States, relying on the Syrian Kurds, is trying to create an independent quasi-State entity,” Gerasimov noted.

“They are forming a government of the so-called Democratic Federation of the Nothern Syria”
“The Americans, supporting the Kurdish separatist sentiments with armaments supplies, allow them to oppress the Arab tribes,” he added.
He again accused Washington of turning a blind eye on the activities of the terrorists in its areas of influence, aiming at using them to achieve its political objectives.

🔴 “Today, the ISIS militants are present in territories east of the Euphrates, controlled by the USA. The rest of radical armed formations led by the Jabhat al-Nusra are concentrated in the Idlib de-escalation zone and al-Tanf area, controlled by the US-led international coalition,” Gerasimov explained. "

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  1. Well,let us just see where this goes. My cynicism increases daily when I look at the Syrian "theatre" of operations.


    1. ISISAlQaedaAlShaWaddyWaddy are fake -- we know they are mercenaries and special forces working for the "the West".

    2. Syria is now de-facto partitioned.

    3. Experts are declaring that the war is over...

    ...that is -- the war against Western proxies is over. And yet these same proxies, just a different acronym, are now occupying some one third of Syrian territory. We know that the US and the SDF could not have been fighting ISIS because they are all one and the same thing (SyPer and South Front always mention reports about conflict between ISIS vs SDF & US -- but these are phony fights so?).

    So why is Russia suspicious only now? The whole SDF campaign in NE Syria was glaringly suspicious, overly operatic and as fake as any other fictional narrative can be. If Russia continues to sit on a rump of Syria and falsely claiming ignorance of what is going on...then at least my cognitive dissonance over Russia will be at an end *cough*GoodCopZOG*cough*.

    Let us just see where this goes ;)