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Is the Next Phase of the MENA Remake About to Begin? Iraq in NATO.

Yah, I know this blog is one of a very few independent autodidact  (self taught) analyst thinkers that takes the big view in the geographical region known as the Middle East/North Africa. MENA. Brief digression: Autodidacts in history One common feature that autodidacts share is they all read. They learn continuously. And think for themselves. Perhaps they too have a significant other who told them 'you think to much'? Or maybe like me, they all thought and think that life is for learning? Whatever the case may be, I do not consider myself as alternative media, in any way shape or form. I don't want that bogus label.

Some quick info:
Pompeo Says The U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Syria Is Just A 'Tactical Change'

Tactical Change? A "tactic" is an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.
:an action or method that is planned and used to achieve a particular goal

Pompeo is informing us all,  straight out, in plain talk,  that the goal is the same. 

Only the means/method or way to achieve the goal is changing.
NOTHING MORE.   That tells me the regional remake is still on. 
And most probably we've entered a new phase that requires this 'tactical change' 

Mike Pompeo on Saturday described the American exit as a "tactical change" in military strategy
 Let's take a quick read at a link from J
Hi, Penny!
It looks more like a new war:
This is going to disappoint all those people who believe that Iraq is set to be some great ally of Syria. I'm not one of those people. And have made that quite clear.  And Flopot... one more reason why Iraq is not at Astana! Recall my suggesting repeatedly that Iraq was no ally to Syria.  While so many others claimed otherwise. No one should be fooled by the Shia/Sunni meme. It's just not that simple. Recall me suggesting that the claim that Damascus had allowed Baghdad to freely bomb Syria as bogus?  January 03/19 :U.S. Ramps Up Bombings in Eastern Syria Following Trump Withdrawal Announcement

This news is vindication of my theory that the so called Iraqi airstrikes into Syria were taken as part of the coalition strikes. Obfuscated by the big lie, spread all over the place, of an agreement between Damascus and Baghdad. Helping to take the heat off of the US and company. That claim was so absurd it should have been dismissed out of hand. But it wasn't.
Well the information posted directly below makes very clear I was right on the money!

At the end of last year, on December 5, Baghdad was the venue of an intriguing conference when the recently established NATO Mission in Iraq (NMI) conducted an “Introduction Event” at the Iraqi Ministry of Defence. According to the press release issued by the NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command in Naples, the conference was attended by “key leaders from across the Iraqi Security and Defence sector, including the Iraqi Chief of Staff, General Othman Al-Ghanimi” and by representatives coming from various international partner missions, organizations and entities such as the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, the European Union Advise Mission in Iraq, the United Nations Assistance Mission Iraq, and the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq and Diplomatic Missions.
The NMI Commander, Canadian Army Major General Dany Fortin, introduced the mission’s mandate, vision and aim as a "new iteration of a long-standing relationship” between NATO and Iraq, one that will bring together "expertise and best practice in security/defence sector reform, institution building and training and education from the entire Alliance and its partners.”
After a series of presentations and a Q&A session, the Iraqi army chief General Othman Al-Ghanimi concluded with a clear endorsement of NMI and stressed the importance of a long-term cooperation between the Republic of Iraq and the NATO Mission.
That event took place just a fortnight before the US President Donald Trump made his dramatic announcement on the withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Exactly three weeks after the NMI appeared in Baghdad, Trump proceeded to make a “surprise visit” to al-Asad Air Base, situated in western Iraq between Baghdad and the Syrian border, which was also highly symbolic, being his first trip to troops stationed in a combat zone.
Of course, the most important remark made by Trump during the visit was that he has no plans to withdraw American forces from Iraq. He added, “In fact, we could use this (Iraq) as the base if we wanted to do something in Syria.”
That these three developments through December are inter-related is not yet sinking in among analysts who are caught up in the cacophony of Trump’s withdrawal decision from Syria and the subsequent shifting US statements, especially the combustive remark by National Security Advisor John Bolton ostensibly rolling back the POTUS’ decision, which he made while on a visit to Israel.
The NMI is a potent vehicle for the US’ regional strategies. But first and foremost, the NMI is important for transatlantic relations. It addresses one of the main causes of tension between the US and Europe since the very inception of NATO – the alliance’s engagement in the Middle East. Historically, the Alliance’s command structure and military capabilities were developed to ensure effective deterrence of the former Soviet Union. The European states feared that NATO involvement in the Middle East would have negative consequences for security in Europe. This led to the development of flexible mechanisms in the post-Cold War era that support so-called out-of-area operations that rely on European structures, “coalitions of the willing”, and cooperation with partner countries. Yet, the European countries’ efforts were scattered, and were often overlooked by the US, leading to greater pressure on NATO involvement.
The NMI, on the contrary, is a full-bodied mission, similar to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan in some ways but actually much more than that potentially. To an extent, NMI also may lead to a more even distribution of security-related costs between the European members of the alliance and the US. This is indeed a particularly important consideration for Trump. Since 2014, NATO allies are expected to increase their national defence budgets to at least 2% of GDP by 2024 but only half are projected to meet the target. Meanwhile, US has significantly stepped up its spending to strengthen its military presence in Europe – from $1 billion in 2015 to a planned $6.5 billion in 2019. The NMI means more support from the US’ allies to stabilize the situation in the Middle East (which impacts Europe’s security, too.)
Above all, although some NATO members perceive terrorism and uncontrolled migration as major threats, one of the principal objectives of the NMI – from the US perspective, most certainly – will be to provide a platform for building consensus within the western alliance on further adaptation to the foreign and security policy challenges emanating from Russia.
Indeed, from 2014, NATO has set up a hub at its Naples headquarters to coordinate regional activities crucial for maintaining security in its southern operation area (which includes the Mediterranean and the Middle East, although this hub has not been operational for lack of necessary personnel). Prima facie, the NMI may be presented as additional support for the fight against terrorism and uncontrolled migration so as to avoid divergent opinions within the alliance regarding its raison d’etre, and instead to strengthen political cohesion amongst members who would have different threat perceptions.
There is a saying that every US president in modern times has started a war. (Actually, out of 12 Republican presidents in the 20th century, only Warren Harding and Gerald Ford were the only two noble exceptions who managed to stay away from initiating military aggression.) Does the NMI become the harbinger of a war that Trump is starting?
Indeed, this is what makes Trump’s recent visit to Iraq in the backdrop of the NMI rather strange. The Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi said he was informed about Trump’s impending visit in the morning and set out two conditions. "First, he (Trump) shall land on Iraqi land and be given an Iraqi reception like any other foreign official. Second, there shall be an agenda with specific matters and a short meeting." The Americans initially agreed to the terms, but later backed out. Trump arrived at al-Assad air base in the evening and stayed about three and a half hours. He had no face-to-face meeting with Iraqi officials, but held a phone call with Abdul-Mahdi. 
Iran’s top general Maj. Gen. Mohammed Hossein Baqeri wasn’t far off the mark calling it a “humiliating and sneaky” trip. Interestingly, Abdul-Mahdi also corrected reports that implied Trump had visited an American military base. "There are talks about the visit of President Trump to a US base. This is wrong. There is no US base in Iraq. There are only Iraqi bases where some US and non-US soldiers are present,” he said. 
Suffice to say, the current discourses regarding Trump and Syria stem from what one can only call a tunnel vision.
The ‘big picture’ remains elusive unless the ramifications of the NATO Mission in Iraq are properly understood. Reports suggest that the US is stepping up deployments to Iraq. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just made “surprise visits” to Erbil and Baghdad. He was plainly dismissive that "there's no contradiction whatsoever" in the shifting US strategy on Syria. Simply put, Trump hopes to expand the scope of the Syrian war by bringing Iraq into it and drawing the western alliance system into the enterprise.
No doubt, chancelleries as far apart as Paris, Berlin and Moscow – and, most certainly, Ankara, Tel Aviv and Tehran – would be sensing that a paradigm shift is under way.
Additional reading on the NATO/Iraq alliance :

NATO helps Iraq to strengthen its force planning capacity

NATO Mission Iraq conducted introduction at Baghdad

 There has been a whole lot of misinformation around about Iraq being an ally of Damascus at this time. It's not happening presently. It's not going to happen in the near future. Iraq is too compromised at this time. And, are about to become even more embroiled in the regional remake and their own final destruction. The die is cast. It's up to the Astana 3 and Syria to delay or prevent this regional remake from continuing on/concluding (which is years away still) or they may as well write their own nation state obits.


  1. Hi Penny:

    I know that much of the MIC is still in denial about the gradual collapse of USrael power in the ME and elsewhere throughout the world...particularly due to Russia's new class of weaponry which makes everything the US has out classed and obsolete. States, even occupied states like Iraq are finding their voices and are more forceful in speaking up and out against the bankrupt bully on the block. Here is one quote that I found particularly eloquent:

    “...Trump visited Iraq without your [Iraq Prime Minister] knowledge, without giving you attention, and without asking you to give him permission. What sovereignty are you taking after this?” tweeted Muntadhar Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist turned politician who once hurled his shoes at then-President George W. Bush when he was visiting Iraq in 2008.
    “Do you have any respect from the world or your people?” Zaidi tweeted Wednesday. “If we had known he was visiting, then Iraq would have prepared for him 30 million shoes.”

    While I do agree that Trump has no support for his Syrian pull out from the deep state occupiers of the US...and that this exit will be dragged out as long as possible, if the US was going to "put boots on the ground" they would have done it long ago.

    The US MIC needs to step back and re-tool. Interestingly, I read somewhere on the Internet that the Ukraine had just delivered an old S-300 missile defense system to a military base in the US that they had hanging around from their Russian ally days. Guess the Yanks are going to try and reverse-engineer it. That's where we're at.

    1. Greencrow: I do wonder sometimes if the idea of the US being so weak is done to make Russia appear as greater threat. (perception management)

      Reality in my opinion is the US is not weak at this time as many suggest.If the weak presentation is accepted then a larger military spending budget is justified. So the weak meme serves as a great tool for increased militarization.

      How would one quantify the US weakness when they are the biggest military machine on the planet- Even if they were reduced in size by 10 percent how much weaker would they be when compared to the 'strength' of others

      It's a semantics argument

      Reality: everyone is strategizing. Everyone is jockeying for position using the available tools they have.

      This is a long way from being over...


      "...Heading a high-ranking politico-economic delegation, [Iran's] Zarif arrived in Baghdad on Sunday on a four-day visit.
      The visit comes a few days after the Iranian foreign minister traveled to India, where he exchanged views with the country's officials on financial and banking cooperation, energy and transit.
      Back in November, Iraqi President Barham Salih paid a two-day visit to Tehran at the head of a delegation at a sensitive time when the US was pressuring regional countries to go along with Washington in “squeezing” Iran under the sanctions re-imposed on the Islamic Republic.

      Just a few years ago, Iraq officials would not have dared to meet with Iranian officials...what has changed? IMO, it is Iranian ally Russia's military advantage that provides these formerly oppressed countries with the safety to make these initiatives. What ELSE could it be????

    3. Iran is doing the right thing, keeping the doors open.
      That's a given.

      Iraq on the other hand is getting itself deeper into NATO.. this is going to make matters worse between Iraq and Iran despite all these niceties:

      go back to this 2016 post:

      " None of the news contained below will come as a surprise to my readers- All of whom already know the US did not view Iraq’s territorial integrity as sacrosanct (above or beyond criticism, change, or interference). Any more then it views Syria’s or Turkey’s territorial integrity as beyond interference.

      "A stunning surprise is that the US will be allowed to build the fifth military base in Halabja on the border with neighbouring Iran, according to the Fishar News report."

      Stunning because that's PKK turf! Stunning because the US will reprise it's support to the 'beleagured kurds' yet again. Surprise the US has been supporting terrorists. Always

      "Ultimately, the move will put Washington’s mark on the struggle between the KRG and the Baghdad government, and it highlights how Washington is siding with the Kurds in a long-simmering dispute.

      Thus, a primary reason for concern about Washington’s motives behind the deal is its detrimental effect on the central Iraqi government’s authority and the balance of power between Baghdad and Erbil enshrined in the constitution.

      In 2016 the US and Iraq signed a deal for 5 new military bases to be built in Iraq-

  2. When the USGov.mafia leader Drumpf said "withdrawal", I said it wasn't going to happen. It won't. The Fews have the world thinking they are "the chosen" (based on a book of fiction) so it's their 'manifest destiny' to rule the world and the non-Few goy.

  3. Hey Dwayne: As of this moment I agree, wholeheartedly, the US is not withdrawing. They can call it whatever the hell they like as they did in Iraq- where they shuffled the papers and continued on with the status quo.

    1. What will happen is that the USGov.mafia forces will be eventually chased out of the region... along with many other locations around the globe as the US economy hits the skids and fiat currency will no longer be able to sustain the power projection (which only benefits Israel) world wide. The writing is on the wall... the US as a nation is on the edge of the abyss and will collapse. Time is against it. But being chased out by the people does not equate to being "withdrawn".

    2. The forces being chased out is the only way the nations affected can help themselves-- It's been a chipping away for so long now that each nation will have to claw it's way back- little by little

  4. I've added additional information addressing Iraq's NATO commitment.

  5. flopot are you around?
    Canthama has taken a new identity on...check Syper and see if you can identify it?

    1. I;m sure he has more then one. Give us a clue ?

    2. 'Shut up and go away' is the latest

      Pay attention and you'll notice the numerous similarities between the two commenters
      And I mean numerous- syntax, attitude and specific language use- sayings and more on specific one comes to mind that both have used when ridiculing me- It's a saying I'd never heard before until Canthama and then shut up and go away

  6. Hi, Penny!

    Trump wants a "victory".
    But he can't get it in Middle East. Trump's dream of a war against Iran won't come true.
    It would, if Pakistan would join US-Israel. And, yes, Pakistan has strong relations to Saudi Arabia (Pakistanis even fighting against the Yemenites). But as much as Erdogan also Imran Khan will keep up an equilibrium of relation between the US and Russia. Only this pays off well.
    In the case of Pakistan also the relation to China would be endangered if Pakistan would turn aggressive against Iran or meddle with politics in Iraq or Syria. And the relation to China is even more important for Pakistan then her relation to Saudi Arabia - see: .

    So where gets Trump his glorious war to enter the history books with?
    I think Thierry Meyssan once again has a good nose - it could be the Caribbean and/or South America:


    1. Some more ….
      Trump will probably take Venezuela on. Left of Venezuela is Columbia - which is hostile towards Venezuela and is US controlled. To the right is the (English) "Co-operative Republic of Guyana" - also CIA controlled.
      How do I know? Well, just yesterday I watched an already several years old video. and among several topics of this video there was this "Jonestown Massacre" thing. And THAT WAS a CIA 'job'!
      Here the jump-in-position of that video to "Johnstown":

      So Venezuela has to the west - Columbia, to the east - British Guyana (old name) , and to the south - this Brazilian fascist Bolsonaro.


    2. Hi J

      Yes, Venezuela looks to be in imminent danger. And they should be such a wealthy nation- gold and oil- which, sadly, means they are a target.

      Oddly enough I was just talkin' Jim Jones today and yes the whole Jonestown scene, stunk of CIA cult/drug experimentation-

      Columbia has already been playing a role in the troubles in Venezuela- Bolsonaro will do his best (Israel firster that he is)

    3. Right, J and Penny. I also get the impression that Zio-Fascism (i.e. the former trans-Atlantic slave traders/exploiters) has given up on worldwide totalitarianism and is now possibly planning to retreat to the Americas (while sabotaging the rest of the world as much as possible), and that Venezuela (and even Mexico) is therefore in imminent danger.

    4. Hi Laika:
      If you're correct the situation in the America's is set to get soooo much worse and Mexico and Venezuela have trouble galore already

  7. Some thoughts:

    * The Territorially integrity of Iraq is over and only can be regained through a war with the Kurds and the ZioAmericans.

    * The same technique used in Iraq is being used in Syria, basically, the ZioAmericans plant themselves on stolen territory then dare the rightful owner to attack. Hasn't happened in Iraq, wont happen in Syria.

    * The Zios have thoroughly embedded themselves within Iraqi military / political structures. Most likely even the Iraqis will join an attack on Iran.

    * All major Iraqi political figures are controlled opposition, especially Muqtada al-Sadr.

    * Iraq's " friendly " overtures to Iraq and Syria are just a case of a " good cop bad cop " routine to lull, both Syria and Iran, into complacency.

    * Trump's withdrawal announcement serves many psyops purposes, among those is a convenient cover story for major troop / equipment movements, both in / out of Syria and Iraq. A major clue being the dispatch of additional troops to protect the troops that are leaving. This doesn't make sense, as all US troops in Syria were combat forces which wouldn't need protection to withdraw.


  9. Mieszko I:
    lacked time yesterday to respond, but this early freezin' mornin' I can:

    * The Territorially integrity of Iraq is over and only can be regained through a war with the Kurds and the ZioAmericans."

    The territorial integrity of Iraq has been done for a long time now... IMO it's the US and company that maintain the charade until just the right time for it's final dissolution.

    "The same technique used in Iraq is being used in Syria, basically, the ZioAmericans plant themselves on stolen territory then dare the rightful owner to attack. Hasn't happened in Iraq, wont happen in Syria.

    Same technique, but the outcome has already been different- Russia and Turkey aren't going along.. Nor is Iran. In Iraq, the Kurdish region was a powerless landlocked entity- it still relied on the "central government" and couldn't get it's oil to sea
    When the US moved into Syria they were and still are trying to get to the Med. Russia and Turkey have blocked that (which is why you see so much teeth gnashing at Syper's by the remake trolls about Idlib. Turkey's their biggest impediment on multiple levels in Syria. Hard to smash Turkey so it angers them that Turkey played block on their desired but stolen territory.)

    The Zios, including the PKK, are definitely embedded in the military- In fact this was a requirement way back, made by the US, to make the military more 'altruistic'

    "* All major Iraqi political figures are controlled opposition, especially Muqtada al-Sadr. "

    al Sadr is completely owned IMO. Has been for a long time.
    I've previous posts here covering his shenanigans very favourable Usrealkurdish interests- He can be the 'king' of a fiefdom created by the US-

    "* Trump's withdrawal announcement serves many psyops purposes, among those is a convenient cover story for major troop / equipment movements, both in / out of Syria and Iraq. A major clue being the dispatch of additional troops to protect the troops that are leaving. ....

    Yes, it is a psyop and it works on many levels. Cover for troop movement and equipment would be one.

    additional troops into Syria- Yup

    changing tactics- Yup

    and a narrative of blame Turkey as well, probably more still but those are a few

  10. @Penny

    Sound analysis as ever. I've nothing to add; I'm just watching the tragedy unfold now; or should that be "the script playing out"?

    Regarding PsyPer -- I do not understand the self-righteous blatherings of the newly self-appointed champion of "Shills and Trolls" at PsyPer.

    Apparently he took on you, me and Fog of War? Lol. See how he played the same old Zionist trick by painting himself as the besieged victim.

    The real besieged are the three of us and the truth. That site has a squad of attack dogs: I call them Gums 1, 2 and 3 because their bites are feeble -- that's Thylacine, Igor Bundy, CHEVI979 and Maningi, darn it he must be Gums 4. There are so many of them. And let me not leave out the hoary, slimy old Sergeant called A_r, whom I now name Slobbers.

    Is it Canthama? I don't know. I could not stand to read much of the self-absorbed drivel. Actually, now that I come to think about it, the pomposity itself is a sign it could be Canthama.

    I take comfort in the fact that we rattled that psyop site for a time but I see no point in returning to the fray; for those guys it is a full time job. For example, I once did a test by popping into the site over a day and A_r was online all that time. It must have been his shift ;)

    Keep doing what you're doing because the truth always gets out. It is just like you imply -- the "altmedia" is another form of control, all of it, and you're not part of that.

    I'm ignoring PsyPer now; leaving it with its head up its own ass, talking to itself, pretending it is important. It is not anymore. I chuckled to myself when I saw one Senator Black endorse the site -- kiss of death to anyone with a brain, i.e. all US politicians are controlled or complicit. Now posters are pushing Tulsi Gabbard and I shake my head.

    My engagement with PsyPer has taught me a valuable lesson in just how far perception is managed by "the Man" and how far they are prepared to go to snare you with a confidence trick.

    So much out there is disinformation and gate-keeping that I have to assume that "altmedia" is a poisoned well, a deadly Oasis setup to trap the unwary traveler. Thanks to your blog and its readers I've wised up to that now.

    1. Oops...forgot to sign off:

      Yours faithfully


    2. Right. Posted my response to the blatherings from the latest PsyPer attack dog.

    3. Lol. Comment deleted. That's what happens when you challenge Dramathama.

    4. wow, so it is gone!
      I did get to read it, but, didn't think it would be deleted. And of course it has to be Canth-SUGA-Rubin