Tuesday, January 29, 2019

US State Dept.Announces Foreign Ministers Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS


The coalition will absolutely, undoubtedly be attended by the Iraqi foreign minister. Iraq is NOT allied with Syria (no matter what disinfo Canthama @ Syper might claim about Iraq and Syria being allied- they aren't. Same claim disinfo Canthama made about the YPG/PKK being allied with SAA, when they were actually allied with the USrael coalition ethnically cleansing the areas the "took over" from their symbiots ISIS)

Canada will be in attendance, undoubtedly.
As will France. Germany. Britain. Israel (yes, Israel) The US, of course. Iraq. Saudi Arabia. UAE. Egypt. Australia. New Zealand. (off the top of my head that's all I can think of for the moment)
Turkey will not be there- 
Wondering all about the list  of attendees?? 
And Mike Pompouseo... as the master of ceremonies..

US Department of State

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will host a day of meetings with the foreign ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS on February 6 in Washington, D.C.
The full 79-member Coalition will meet for in-depth discussions on the impending territorial defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, which is the result of four years of Coalition and our partners’ efforts, and a significant milestone towards delivering ISIS an enduring defeat.
Ministers will discuss the next phase of the campaign in Iraq and Syria, which will focus on protecting against a resurgence of ISIS through stabilization and security assistance.  (occupation and further annexation... unless?)
Ministers will also discuss important next steps in degrading ISIS’s global networks and affiliates outside Iraq and Syria.
These meetings are taking place at a key moment in our coordinated fight. The United States is determined to prevent a resurgence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria takes place, and remains committed to working with the Global Coalition to continue to destroy ISIS remnants and thwart its global ambitions. As ISIS is defeated on the battlefield, the Coalition will continue its stabilization efforts to facilitate the safe and voluntary return home of those who have been displaced by the violence.
The Global Coalition regularly meets to coordinate and enhance combined efforts to counter ISIS. The last Ministerial took place in Brussels on July 12, 2018, with select members of the Coalition. The last meeting at the Political Director level took place in Rabat, Morocco, on June 26, 2018.

Wondering if this meeting had to take place before Astana talks- Looking like February 12/2019. Two meetings that day. Will Syria be in formal attendance?

Lavrov: Upcoming Astana Talks & the Agenda Includes..... Adana


  1. "...Looking like February 12/2019. Two meetings that day..."

    Like you say, Penny, It's all about perception management.

    1. worried that Venezuela has been a bit of distraction at this time...???
      can't be sure

      the terror attack (so called) in Kingston sure was a distraction for the Trudeau governments dictatorial behavious

    2. I have a post on the Kingston false flag on the backburner. I feel like an air traffic controller at Heathrow, trying to land all these posts about the perps and their criminal activities!

    3. So funny. I feel the same. Haven't heard of the Kingston false flag but there's so many everywhere including in my own country of Australia - in fact, one took place at the very top of the street I was living in for a few months (before I was living there). I only vaguely heard of it at the time but it's just reappeared in the news - an alleged axe attack by a transwoman in a 7-Eleven (some reports say the trigger was her hormone supplements and another said ecstasy - different stories being a hallmark of these events). The hilarious part is that they very obviously used a biological woman to play the role. I do love that.

      How I came to Penny's blog was through an article about Marie Colvin in Off-Guardian. As soon as I saw her last interview was with at-every-false-flag-hoax, Anderson Cooper, I knew she had to be an agent so I googled to see if someone was saying it and found this great blog. I posted a comment with links to Penny's two articles. https://off-guardian.org/2019/01/29/marie-colvin-homs-and-media-falsehoods-about-syria/.

      In the second article Penny expresses incredulity at Colvin's mother's grieving words. I learnt from false-flag analyst, Ole Dammegard, a very counterintuitive aspect of these events, that is, they actually inform us of what they're up to with gratuitous giveaway clues including broad smiling and other ludicrousness from alleged grievers, things that don't add up, contradictions, strange changes in the story, different stories, and a number of other things. I keep trying to get it out that it's all DELIBERATE but people can't seem to get over the counterintuitiveness. However, ultimately, it's not so counterintuitive really. The power elite take us for complete morons and they also feel they are invincibly powerful - about which I wouldn't say they're all that wrong although it seems every power has its day. They also love pushing the envelope and having a great chortle at the ridiculousness they put before us. I can't help laughing at some of it myself.

      Six months ago I discovered the secret to 9/11. More than a decade ago Simon Shack worked out that nobody died and even though I thought he made a good case I couldn't quite come at it but six months ago I realised that what's kept it secret is the truther-targeted propaganda campaign (that I fell for like so many others). So clever. 9/11 was a psyop. Of course, they didn't kill and injure for real. They take pride in their psyops. They only wanted the buildings down so that's what they did for real. Everything else was fake.

      I have a site that uses Occam's Razor to show that many terror events are staged (I now realise there's simply lots of different types of events, not just terror events). I do 10-point Occam's Razor exercises on a few events (favouring the non-mainstream hypothesis) and offer $5,000 to anyone who can come up with an equivalent exercise with favouring reversed. Of course, no one can because the power elite are scrupulous (if that is the correct terminology) in ensuring that none of the believers in their stories can find even a skerrick of evidence that supports the story. Not a skerrick. When you blow away all the magic propaganda dust there's simply not a thing to support the story. No dismembered limb, no seemingly genuinely crying parent. Nothing, nada, niente.

      If you're interested this is my website.

    4. Kingston is here in Ontario, Canada.
      It took the heat off the Trudeau government.
      Highly doubtful there was any credible threat at all
      Except to PM Trudeau's illusion of leadership

      Thanks for sharing the work at the blog with others
      it's appreciated :)
      I will check out your blog
      and btw.. Marie Colvin's family was just awarded multiple millions of dollars in the US.
      How absurd!

    5. "Marie Colvin's family was just awarded multiple millions of dollars in the US."

      Just saw it in our illustrious SMH. LOL. So they say, but I'd say it's all made up. Apart from some generic woman appearing in photos and "a voice", Colvin appears to be a complete fabrication - or is there actually video of her speaking? I cannot find a single photo that clearly places her in Syria. They all look staged or photoshopped.

      What I don't understand is why Assad doesn't call this out. But no state leader, no matter what side they're on, ever calls another state leader out. Ever. I think it's as the historian, Antony C. Sutton says, an Hegelian dialectic, where they're all in it together somehow.

      The Dutch high finance operative turned whistleblower, Ronald Bernard, says that the world is run by about 8,000 super rich and powerful people of all nationalities and religion and among themselves these things don't count. The elite work together fomenting disharmony among the plebs of all countries for ultimately better control. With them, it's the .05% against the the 99.95% and to make it work they pit us all against each other on typical grounds: nationality, religion, gender, sexuality, right/left, etc.

      Colvin is very similar to Maria Butina (she may be a real person but there's no convincing photos of her in Russia) and Marzieh Hashemi of whom all we see on video is a snippet in 2009 where she's interviewing Thomas Naylor, founder of the Vermont Secessionist Group, allegedly on Iranian PressTV and another one in 2016 where she's being interviewed by "vonpress" under the name Mardhiah Hashemi (why the different name?). I did exactly what you did for each of these two women and consulted Wikipedia. What a treasure trove of exposure.


    6. Hi Petra:

      Although there are a great many false flag hoaxes, in addition to False Flags, I believe that people died on 9/11...although there were layers and layers of psyops. What about the people who jumped from the windows of the Trade Towers and then landed on the pavement. I have seen photos of those mangled bodies. One element that I believe about the atrocity that some consider highly controversial is about the use of "directed energy". I believe this was used as well as "suitcase" nuclear bombs in the basements of the twin towers. I also believe agents went around shooting witnesses in the towers and on the streets. I try not to get too "married" to one particular theory though because that's how they distract us from the enormity of the crime...picking through the details. I will copy this post as a response to the e-mail you sent to me on my site.

      Oh, and I don't know who Marie Colvin is so can't comment on that.


    7. the interesting thing with Colvin and wikipedia is her entire story was created on wikipedia the day she died..
      despite this wonderous career...
      I do believe someone known as Colvin did exist
      there are pictures of her with Libyan terrorists
      she cavorted with the KLA
      she existed- but who was she really???
      She was a spook, masquerading as a journalist, that much is obvious.
      Did she die that day?
      We'll never know, but, I highly doubt it.

  2. As you always say Penny...'rebrand'. My crystal ball found ISIS in Venezuaela recently...seems they agree with the chaos and the division of SAm. Funny that. Imagine their main objectives in the lands targeted by DC and their nasal cabal. And like you always say..."It's not over". (not until their own heads are chopped off).

    1. https://english.alahednews.com.lb/46357/519
      Bogota Has No Clue about Bolton’s «5k Troops to Colombia» Note

      ["Colombia dismissed speculation regarding a puzzling memo from John Bolton, which mentioned 5,000 US troops being sent to the Latin American nation, affirming that it will rely on politics and diplomacy in the Venezuela crisis."]

  3. https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-making-of-juan-guaido-how-the-us-regime-change-laboratory-created-venezuelas-coup-leader/5666971

    1. https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-trudeau-pushes-trumps-regime-change-in-venezuela/5666995