Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Mike Pompeo: NATO Style Alliance Against Iran, Aided by Iraq, Of Course.

Pompeo the Pompous
Feb. 06 Interview Excerpts

QUESTION: Do you believe that you can still do a NATO-type alliance against Iran? 

SECRETARY POMPEO: Absolutely. I’m convinced that we can. I think every country understands that it’s in their best interest. Now we’ve got to work through the details to deliver on that.
QUESTION: I recognize the threat of Iran, so tell us where we are in that regard. Because I know that the United States needs a strong player – that player is Saudi Arabia – to partner against Iran. Can you characterize the situation today?
SECRETARY POMPEO: Yeah. The President talked about this last night. We walked into a deal that had allowed Iran to move forward on its nuclear program. We’ve pulled out of that deal and we now have begun a serious campaign to work to make sure that the Iranian people had an opportunity to speak. We know that when they do, we know they don’t want to be fighting in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq and Lebanon. The list is long where Iranian misadventurism is taking place. It’s now coming up on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 40 years yet this week. It has been a tragic failure for the Iranian people and it continues to be the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, and we intend to fix each of those things.
QUESTION: Well, this is very important, and I know that Saudi Arabia was a partner in that. Are they – do you still consider them a partner in the fight against Iran and terrorists?
SECRETARY POMPEO: Oh, of course.
"fat bastard" Austin Powers

QUESTION: Mr. Secretary, let me move on to Syria and the pullout. The President also spoke about that last night. There’s real opposition to the President’s withdrawal plans here. We saw the Congress vote 70-24 to stop it. There seems to be no real coherent message. John Bolton is out saying we’re going to go slow. You delivered a very important message in Brussels about multilateralism. What is the strategy in terms of troop pulling out in Syria and Afghanistan?
SECRETARY POMPEO: Maria, I think the place to start is: I think the American people should know America is fundamentally safer today than it was two years ago when this administration took office, whether that’s what the President spoke about last night in the near-total destruction of the caliphate. You remember people being beheaded, people put in cages from ISIS. It seems like a long time ago, but frankly, it’s just a couple years. We’ve made real progress there.
The threat from radical Islamic terrorism remains. It’s real. And the number of troops is a tactical decision about how it is we’ll achieve this mission that the President has laid out for his national security team defending America from this threat. We’ll put forces – as the President said last night, we’ll put forces where we need to. But when we don’t need them, when we can bring our young men and women home, it’s the right thing to do, and we’ll do that as well.
The troops aren't leaving and they never were!
QUESTION: It seems like ISIS is moving into a different phase of their operation in Syria and Iraq right now. Fifteen assassinations a month which are not really reported; we never hear about it. Still dozens of attacks in northern and central Iraq. The President wants to pull out, obviously. But they’ve marked their territory still. And isn’t it true, Mr. Secretary, that, in fact, the Pentagon inspector general report just out within the last week – even you said unless we keep the pressure on ISIS, they will retake territory within six to twelve months?
SECRETARY POMPEO: Yeah, I’m not sure there’s a timeline, but the President’s been very clear. We have to keep the pressure on. We have to defend the homeland from these threats from radical Islamic terrorism. It’s not just ISIS. There are al-Qaida remnants. There are groups by names that the American people wouldn’t recognize all over the world who are intent on the destruction of the United States and taking down our democracy. President Trump has been unambiguous about his commitment to using American power to protect the American people from these threats, and I am confident that we’ll continue to do so.
The troops aren't leaving- Never were
QUESTION: What about the oil fields? Isn’t it true that just looking at the Syrian oil fields, where right now the Americans and the allies control 60 to 70 percent of those fields – if we pull out, doesn’t that give ISIS the opportunity to once again sell that oil and fund their terrorist operations everywhere – even the airspace, the same thing?
Pay particular attention to Pompeo's spin regarding the Usreal destabilization of Syria with an agenda to remake the region. It's particularly galling.
SECRETARY POMPEO: I don’t think that will happen. Remember the challenge in Syria. We took over from an administration who had refused to act inside of that country to keep America safe. They had put out a redline, and Assad continued to use chemical weapons. That was a mistake. It put us in a very difficult position when we took office. Today, Iran and Russia are important players there, and we have worked diligently to take down the caliphate, to reduce the risk from ISIS, and now have a political process in which we are seeking to find a resolution so that the some six-plus million people who have been displaced from Syria can return home and we can take down the violence level and begin to build back Syria.
QUESTION: So what about those oil fields? If we were to – when we do pull out, where do those oil fields go in terms of ownership?
SECRETARY POMPEO: I am confident we will make sure that ISIS doesn’t have access to those oil fields.
 Those are Syria's oil fields so when Pompeo states "ISIS won't have access to those oil fields" Isn't he really telling us all that Syria, the state of Syria, Will be denied access to their own natural resources? That's exactly what he's stating and that was the plan.

Watch the video below- Mike Pompeo speaks- less then 20 minutes

Secretary Pompeo Remarks at Syria Working Group Ministerial Meeting- Took place today

Link to video at cspan

Pompeo wants Iranian forces out of Syria- The US will make requests to these coalition members, "they are forthcoming" and of course Pompeo wants their compliance. Seriously and rapidly. Strategic border security... Support the government of Iraq
Pompeo warmly greets the Iraqi Foreign Minister @ about 5:50 seconds.

I've discussed on more then one occasion that the US is looking to form an occupying force/no fly zone in Syria with an intention to use Syria as a forward base.

 Iraqi foreign minister speaks to the audience.. 

The US needs Iraq to attack Iran because they cannot count on Turkey any longer.

Why do I keep mentioning Iraq's involvement with the US and NATO?
A short while ago there was disinformation being disseminated far and wide regarding this alleged alliance between Damascus and Baghdad. It was claimed that Damascus had given Baghdad a free pass to bomb Syrian territory- This was a blatant falsehood.
I covered the fact this was fake news here 
"Canthama at Syper Actually calling rumour and wild speculation  "confirmation" (same as Moon of Alabama, btw)

Yours truly pointing out
“Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has allegedly given Iraq approval to conduct attacks inside Syria without his government’s approval, Iraqi News reported on Sunday”
If Assad did that, he just okayed the US targeting Syria via Iraq."
"Canthama" persisted in making this completely and obviously false claim as if it was legit.
Despite the FACT it had no substance at all!   Additional reporting demonstrating quite clearly that Iraq was no ally to Damascus was reported.
  It's best to get that idea out of your mind. It's certainly not one entertained here. And beware of persons making these claims..  Ask, why are they intentionally misleading the internet audience?

Believing Iraq and Damascus had some kind of a deal only served to obfuscate US bombing of Syria. That's it. It gave cover to the fact that the US is creating a big SUNNI Muslim Kurd block between Syria and it's ally in Iran. As it ethnically cleanses the east- de-arabizes in order to kurdify.

Iraq is embedded with NATO- There is no partnership with Syria. The PMF(U) fighting alongside SDF, is  most likely Sadr's militia, as the US bombs eastern Syria to smithereens is all part and parcel of the coalition killing machine. That is the reality.

The subject of a coalition in the making was discussed in 2 previous posts:

Some in the alt media were suggesting this coalition had already failed.. 
That does not appear to be the case. Looks as if the US has their allies on board?

A bit of humour :)

 After looking at too many images of Mike Pompeo today it dawned on me that for whatever reason he made me think of the Austin Power's character "Fat Bastard"?
Perhaps it's the outrageous pomposity of the two characters or the extra chin and excess belly fat? I don't know? What do you think?


  1. Thanks Penny for report...well done!

    I've never watched 'Austen Powers' skit, but to be sure wading through the waves of lies in the espan video highlighted a main feature for me. It was @7:36 Pompeo was stating that all of the coalition members needed to pay up (so the threat of ISIS...). In mafioso talk that means if you don't pay up we will call our friends ISIS to make sure you pay up. And to bring their ISIS friends to justice? Oh Well, isn't that special! All I could do was imagine Putin's face when Pompeo did a self congratulations for what Russia/Hezbollah/SAA has died for...and that was defeating the ISIS friends of US/IS/SA/NATO. Perfectly perfect evil.

    1. That's right wallflower it was Syria, Russia and allies that did the heavy lifting against ISIS... for the most obvious of reasons

      Yah, Pompeo is a real piece of work.. He's Trump's man that's for sure

      charting a path forward through 2019 and beyond is also interesting..
      which is why I relinked the post from November of last year.. using Syria as a forward base to attack Iran

      as for his contribution demand... most probably a volley at Saudi Arabia- UAE

      The Middle East Broadcast Centre
      and the .... Centre- didn't catch that name, but, must be the propaganda outlets relied upon


    MBC is a free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment broadcaster.[2] It was launched in 1991 as the first privately owned and independent Arabic satellite TV station.[3]

    It has remained privately owned, managed by a group of businessmen and shareholders, including chairman and CEO Sheikh Waleed Al Ibrahim. The shareholder list has never been verified

    some academic claims it's owned by the Saudis'
    Maybe? Or not?
    I'd want verification

    "The Arab world’s first exclusive tailored channel for women, MBC 4 broadcasts Western entertainment, airs prime time shows such as Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, The Doctors Show, House, The Office, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance.."

    They sure broadcast garbage-

      (take note they say "the new Arab woman"...)

      ["Saudi Arabia authorities plan to take a majority control of MBC, sources have said, following its founder Waleed al-Ibrahim's release from the Ritz-Carlton jail."]

  3. this is interesting as well about MBC

    "Two and a half months after the start of what the Saudi government has called a crackdown on systematic corruption, the campaign appears to be moving to a new phase. Most of the roughly 350 men detained have been released, after either being cleared or surrendering significant assets to the government. And Crown Prince Mohammed is turning the screws on those who remain, threatening to move them to an actual prison and put them on trial, Saudi officials say.

    But much about the operation remains shrouded in secrecy, including why Mr. Ibrahim and MBC’s other leaders were locked up."

    It also is unclear what sort of accommodation brought about his release"

    Why would the Prince have taken such a drastic measure?
    More to MBC then meets the eye undoubtedly, particularly considering the thumbs up Pompeo gave that specific media outlet

    1. P-r-o-p-a-g-a-n-d-a...

      Saudi authorities plan to take majority control of the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), the region's largest TV network, as part of the assets seized during November's purported anti-corruption probe, Reuters reported.

      Officials plan to take a 60 per cent ownership share of the free-to-air broadcaster, which launched in London in 1991 and is now headquartered in Dubai. The remaining 40 per cent will be owned by MBC's founder Waleed al-Ibrahim.

      Ibrahim was detained in November at the makeshift Ritz-Carlton jail in Riyadh. He was released earlier this month after reaching an undisclosed deal with Saudi authorities.

      Saudi officials denied to Reuters that the government would take any ownership share of the broadcaster.

      MBC declined to comment.

      Sources briefed on the matter told the Financial Times that Ibrahim was reportedly forced to hand over the controlling share to secure his release.

      Two years ago, Saudi officials sought to acquire an ownership share, but no deal was reached after MBC executives considered a government offer too low.

      "Then they got it for free," one source told Reuters.

      Earlier this week, the state-run Saudi Telecom struck a $1.8 billion agreement with MBC for exclusive rights to broadcast professional soccer matches in the kingdom.

      MBC had signed a 10-year 4.1 billion riyal deal in 2014 to obtain the rights.

      Riyadh's top sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment, controls 70 per cent of Saudi Telecom. In addition to broadcast rights, the company will also have exclusive sponsorship rights for the matches.

      MBC has a 50 per cent share in the Saudi broadcast market, and attracts 140 million viewers daily across the region



      ["..."Emotional distress can be detrimental to children's ability to learn, grow and achieve. MBC wants to ensure that Arab children fulfill their hopes and dreams, as we believe that taking care of their hearts and minds is just as important as providing them with food and water," said Mariam Farag, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at MBC Group. "We have partnered with Save the Children for the past two years to address this critical need and we are inviting our audience to join us on this mission through this campaign."...]

      ***I surmise that doesn't apply to Yemeni children***

      Just as in the World...Propaganda Utopia

      Mariam Farag is leading the CSR program at MBC Group, which is responsible for driving its corporate responsibility vision and strategy in the region & globally. Farag brings to MBC Group over 18 years of experience working in the fields of social development, humanitarian relief, communication, corporate & social responsibility in the MENA region. Prior to joining MBC Group, Farag was developing strategic partnerships and community outreach programs at the American University of Sharjah (AUS), aligning with AUS strategic goals in the UAE and the GCC region. In addition, Farag lead the Partnerships & CSR department for the Community Development Authority, Dubai Government, where she focused on building strategic partnerships between the private and public sector to mainstream initiatives, spreading CSR awareness and maximizing impact in Dubai. In 1999, after receiving her master’s degree, Farag started her career with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), where she managed a nationwide campaign focusing on the social and economic empowerment of female heads of households in 22 governorates in Egypt. After the campaign was kicked off and achieved nationwide success, Farag followed her passion for humanitarian relief and joined the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) part of the International Protection Legal team where she was part of various regional and international missions working on refugee status determination, protection issues, advocacy and vulnerable cases.

      Mariam serves on multiple Boards such the regional board of Injaz Al Arab, the UAE Advisory Board of Education for Employment (EFE), the regional board of Marwa Fayed Toy Run Foundation & the SOS Villages Strategic Advisory Network.

      She is active in the entrepreneurial & youth development field volunteering her time as a CSR expert but also in her capacity as a mentor & judge on several regional and global competitions.

      Mariam Farag received her B.A in Political Science specialized in International Relations from The American University in Cairo (AUC) and completed her M.A in International Relations and Political Theory from University of Westminster in London, UK.
      Mariam Farag is a Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at MBC Group. She is a great entrepreneur of Saudi Arabia. Before joining the MBC Group she working for United Nations. She is one of the richest woman of Saudi Arabia.

      Carolyn Miles
      President & CEO, Save the Children USA; Board of Directors, Darden Business School; U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network; InterAction; Board Member since September 2011

      As I keep searching, the word Global is connected all through.
      And the map is telling.

      I find it so interesting that just with the White Helmets...everywhere the US goes to war they have a few humanitarian ngo's to follow.
      Here's what they say about Venezuela: (but first DONATE)
      Here is what they say about Yemen:
      [..."As the war in Yemen enters its fourth year – children in Yemen are facing a massive crisis. The volatile civil war, taking place in the midst of growing poverty, is causing the world’s worst humanitarian emergency. More than 11 million children urgently need lifesaving assistance. Countless more children are at risk of starvation as Yemen edges toward the brink of famine."] CIVIL WAR????

      (with an included propaganda video)
      Syria: By the numbers. It's one thing to see the statistics. After 7 years of war, Syria is now the #1 most dangerous country to be a child. Not only that, but grave child rights violations continue. That means killing, maiming, sexual violence, abduction, recruitment into combat, attacks on schools and hospitals, and denial of humanitarian access. In fact, some 5.3 million Syrian children need our help right now.

      Syria: In their words. It's quite another to hear Syria's children express the realities of war in their own words. "There is no food and we can't go outside. the planes are bombing," says a terrified child. "One of my friends died in front of me - and I saw the blood," cries another. According to a young boy in besieged Eastern Ghouta, "It feels like the end of the world."

      By any account, Syria's 7-year war is re-defining childhood. LEARN MORE

      So the infestation of US war making/invasion/occupying with the incessant fake news/propaganda via MSM/altmedia adding in the fake liberators whilst earnestly demanding DONATE (to the lies they use) all the while stopping freedom of speech and killing the messenger...makes for the reality we are living with today.

  4. Penny I will end it here...
    In 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini sold the Iranian people a prosperous future. 40 years later, Iran’s corrupt regime has delivered nothing but broken promises. #40YearsofFailure #چهل_سال_شکست
    (with propaganda video)

  5. thanks for all that extra information wallflower
    Save the Children (NGO) is undoubtedly intertwined with the global war machine.

    the good cop and the bad cop...
    one hand kills
    one hand saves
    what a psyop on the planet!