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U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution on Geoengineering- Weather Warfare?

 Way back in 2011, it was proposed here that weather warfare was part and parcel of the AGW scam/scheme  Climate "engineering" = Weather Warfare???
"Has the climate change hysteria been fabricated for two reasons.
To justify the carbon market and the subsequent monetary extraction?
Additionally, to justify using climate "engineering" as a cover for weather warfare experimentation?"
UPDATED LINK from 2011 post:  The SPICE Project

The SPICE Project

SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering) is an EPSRC, NERC and STFC co-funded 3½ year collaboration between the University of Bristol, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh which began in October 2010.
Began in October 2010- Nearly nine years ago. Yet, when you read the Scientific America article it's stated and I quote  "Those controversial efforts are still in the planning stage and are not operational."
The SPICE project is investigating the effectiveness of Solar Radiation Management (SRM). SRM involves offsetting the effects of greenhouse gas increases by causing the Earth to absorb less radiation from the Sun.
 Again in 2018: "The CIA Asked Me About Controlling The Climate"- We Should Worry!
"Personally, I believe weather warfare aka geo-engineering aka “climate intervention” is a big part of the AGW psy op. To put it another way the AGW/global warming hoax gives cover to the long desired, likely some what successful attempts at weather warfare.
Oh and the CIA as our only hope spin really annoys me!"
Never mind the global control over every living thing..

Scientific American
The United States joined Saudi Arabia to derail a U.N. resolution that sought to improve the world’s understanding of potential efforts to lace the sky with sunlight-reflecting aerosols or use carbon-catching fans.

The two countries were joined by Brazil in blocking the resolution at the U.N. Environment Assembly conference in Nairobi, Kenya, earlier this week. The measure asked the world’s decision making body on the environment to commission a report outlining research and planning related to carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management. Those controversial efforts are still in the planning stage and are not operational.

Switzerland and nine other nations originally asked the U.N. Environment Programme for guidance on possible future governance options and analysis of the implications of geoengineering, but they agreed to substantially reduce the scope of their resolution in hopes that the United States, Saudi Arabia and Brazil would allow it to move forward. The final version, which failed to gain consensus Wednesday, would have asked UNEP only to provide a compilation by next year of current scientific research on geoengineering and U.N. bodies that have adopted resolutions regarding it.
The proponents wished to see UNEA become the institutional home for geoengineering within the U.N. structure. But sources said the United States in particular insisted that questions about geoengineering be left to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (Why would the US request that geo engineering questions be left to the IPCC?) a scientific body with a narrow focus on global warming. ( Nice to see that is writing! That's all the IPCC is about "global warming" It's "narrow focus")Geoengineering will be a key part of the IPCC’s upcoming Sixth Assessment Report to be published in 2021 and 2022, and sources say the U.S. negotiators refused to agree to any other study or assessment that would be published before it.
The United States’ focus on the IPCC raised eyebrows. Both the United States and Saudi Arabia angered parties at the U.N. climate talks in Katowice, Poland, in December by questioning IPCC’s work. The two countries joined Russia to block a popular proposal to “welcome” last year’s landmark IPCC report that said the world must act aggressively to counteract climate change within 12 years. The special report said that failing to do so would result in catastrophic effects.
Thanks Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia for refusing to endorse a  fear mongering propaganda report. Undoubtedly created by some of the best PR firms on the planet, oh I mean environmentalists.....
Environmentalists expressed disappointment.
‘Environmentalists’- that’s a loosey goosey description
“There’s definitely a lot of frustration on the part of those countries that have fought for the resolution in the last two weeks and have tried to improve it and find consensus,” said Linda Schneider, a senior program officer with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (a political foundation affiliated with the German Green Party.. seemingly linked to Green Youth (Germany)

Which makes me think of James Corbett's latest video:

 Children Make Perfect Propaganda Props 

"Besides Switzerland, the motion was backed by Burkina Faso, Micronesia, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Mali, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Niger and Senegal. Other parties, including some European nations and Bolivia, argued for even stronger language for using caution in approaching geoengineering. None of them opposed the final resolution.

The final version of the measure included a lengthy preamble that expressed concern about the “potential transboundary risks and adverse impacts of carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management on the environment and sustainable development.” It also emphasized the importance of “applying the precautionary principle” when fiddling with the world’s thermostat.
Daniel Bodansky, a professor of law at Arizona State University and an expert on international climate agreements, criticized the resolution for painting direct air capture of carbon dioxide and solar radiation management with the same brush.

“I can understand fears about the latter,” he said. “But I find it much more difficult to understand objections to the former. Lumping them together as ‘geoengineering’ makes no sense to me, since they don’t pose similar risks.”

Some experts suggest that there could be unwanted side effects from infusing the atmosphere with aerosols, like more severe weather.
Last paragraph quoting the "environmentalist" again

But Schneider of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung said the U.N. Environment Assembly’s broad purview made it the ideal forum to oversee future geoengineering experiments or governance issues.


Corbett Report: Green Reaper Demands You Sacrifice The Children To the Cult

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