Friday, September 13, 2019

News Affecting Syria and The Region: Astana Trio Meet Monday, Force Posture Remains the Same?, Anti-Turkey Propaganda Run Amok

1- Iran, Russia and Turkey to Meet in Ankara Monday September 16/19
The leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran will discuss the difficult situation in Syria’s Idlib province when they meet in Ankara early next week for a summit, Yuri Ushakov, a senior Kremlin aide, said on Friday.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are due to hold talks on Syria in Ankara on Monday.
2- To discuss Syria, Idlib and other matters

President Hassan Rouhani will leave for Ankara on Sunday to attend a meeting with Russian and Turkish leaders to exchange views about a range of international and mutual issues, including the Syrian peace process, a senior official at the presidential office announced on Friday.

“President Rouhani will travel to Ankara at the invitation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to address the fifth three-way summit of the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey on Monday as part of continued consultations among the guarantor states of Astana process on the resolution of the Syrian crisis,” Parviz Esmaeili, deputy presidential chief of staff for communications, was quoted as saying by IRNA.

“In addition to consultations between the three sides [on Syria], the presidents will discuss ways of developing trilateral collaborations in various economic fields and hold talks on regional relations,” he added.
3- US force posture in Syria unchanged: Pentagon

So no troop withdrawal... obviously.
The U.S. force posture in Syria remains unchanged, Pentagon spokesman Sean Robertson told Anadolu Agency on Thursday.

"While we are working to implement the President's direction to withdraw troops from Syria in a deliberate an coordinated manner, Force levels will be dictated by conditions on the ground," Robertson said.

Details regarding the numbers or timelines would not be discussed "for security reasons," he said.
4- Though there are reports the US will send an additional 150 troops to Syria. But not to patrol alongside Turkey.

"US to send 150 more troops to NE Syria"

 The increase in troop levels, rather then that claimed decrease, is not occurring as part of the US/Turkish joint patrols
"The U.S. military will not increase troop levels in Syria to carry out joint patrols with Turkish forces, a top general said Friday"

So no reduction in troops. A possible increase of another 150 troops,  but not to enable cooperative patrols with NATO ally (ahem) Turkey. Wonder what the extra personnel will be used for?

5- Meanwhile America’s allies in the SDF aka PKK shelled a school
SNHR: Syrian Democratic forces artillery fired two shells near al Urouba School in the middle of Afrin city in the northern suburbs of Aleppo governorate, partially damaging its building and furniture, on September 13, 2019.
6- The propaganda demonizing Turkey is getting so very obvious- Turkey betrays Idlib and the Opposition AND THE WEST.... Blah, blah, blah...

Kindergarten level imagery
"A year ago Turkey and Russia have entered into an agreement to establish a demilitarized zone in Idlib province, an area considered to be the last bastion of the Syrian opposition. Under the agreement, Ankara and Moscow should seek from their allies (rebels and Bashar al Assad) the withdrawal of heavy weapons, restoring peaceful life, and starting a political process"

That’s the whole issue. The Turkish/Russian agreement/cooperation over Idlib. This is the “betrayal” of the west and the opposition.  Of course there is much more to this meme of betraying the West.  However "western" aka 5 eyes alt and msm doesn't cover the betrayal of Turkey. And the many forms it has taken. Arming the PKK. Financial warfare. Sanctions. And more.  Instead Turkey's turn towards Russia, Iran, Venezuela and a nation acting in it's OWN interests is focused on and demonized. Purchasing the s-400s, pipeline deals, trade deals etc., etc., It’s been  all written about for a long time here. So while ignoring all the spin contained in the article, cause bottom line you can get that spin from so many people, in so many’s a bore. It’s dishonest. It’s manipulative. Go over to any number of alt or msm sites if you want the mind control. We'll focus on just a few paragraphs
"The Turkey’s Euphrates shield and the Olive branch military operations were conducted in the territory historically inhabited by the Kurds and actually eliminated their self-governance”
Yes, the Kurds and many, many others lived in those areas including the many areas that are still and were Arab majority areas. The “PKK   had no right to ‘”self governance”in the annexed Syrian territory. The territory the US assisted them in taking from it’s lawful residents while detaching vast swathes of resources and territory from the central government in Damascus.        
"Thus, the Turks continue to implement their genocide policy oriented towards Syrian refugees and the Kurds. It will result in distancing from the West and betraying the basis of human rights which excludes the possibility of democratic changes in Syria"
Genocidal policy towards the refugees? Laughable. They’ve housed, fed and sheltered them for years now.  Millions and millions of them. And they’ve made efforts alongside Russia and Lebanon for their return to Syria. Which the Syrians have a right to do. They have a right to return.  But the US and Israel do not want this to take place while  absurdly calling a destabilization, ethnic cleansing and balkanization of a nation “democratic changes.                    
“However, Turkish tyrant regime does its best to drive its country back to past and to prevent the Turks’ flourishing.”

Reread : Ally’s Amazing Turkish Adventure

Including the two additional comments Ally left.

Well dressed. Educated.  Vibrant. New construction. Transportation etc.,       

--I came back from Turkey early this morning and all I can say is: wow. Turks are certainly not how they are portrayed at all. I met the loveliest people on holiday and even saw some family and they took drove me to Ankara and we passed by many small towns.

---Transport in Istanbul was very good. They have newly built trains, underground metro, trams, buses and ferry and to use all of those you just have to put some money on 1 card and you can access all transportation with that 1 card

---So travelling through Turkey felt very safe. The people have a very warm and hospitable nature. They are so peaceful. The people also seem to be thriving. Nice luxurious apartments, sooo many BMWs, Mercedes and other fancy cars.

--One girl that I met in Bodrum is studying construction engineering in Ankara and she wants to come to Canada or England for a few months to improve her English. I was sat alone in the hotel bar once and she came over to me and asked me to join her and her bro. Her brother is a petroleum engineer/geophysicist and he is away for five weeks and then comes home for five weeks.

--My cousin will go into her last year of dentistry this yr and she has a younger bro who is studying engineering.....

--I found Turkey to be a very diverse country with a wide range of people. They are all united behind their flag whatever their ethnicity. ....
Last but not least:

7Turkish beekeepers win world's best honey award in Canada
Turkish Producer of Best Honey in the World

I looooove honey on toast and would like to try this best honey in the world!
"Turkish firm was awarded for producing the best honey in the world in an international beekeeping gathering held in Montreal, Canada for its polyflora honey.
The 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress brought together more than 6,000 participants from 80 countries between Sept. 8 and 12.
An award ceremony was held to wrap up the international organization on Thursday.
"Our family's beekeeping tradition dates back to more than 300 years, we work hard to produce fine quality honey," Celal Çay, the owner of Eğriçayır Bal, told Anadolu Agency after receiving the award"


  1. Syria, Russia, Turkey and Iran need to find a way to best the regime change coalition in public relations. It has sadly become a crucial component of warfare. Syria is Obama and Trump's Vietnam.

    1. Hi Martin, agreed on the better public relations, but, if they were able to manage that would it get reported by the 5 eyes?

  2. Penny
    This news might change things in Syria..

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      and thanks.
      I did see that news, but, wondered about it's veracity?
      Russia has it's own interests in the area and it seems to me they'd rather employ diplomacy then shoot planes down.
      Worth keeping an eye on

  3. Kindergarten level imagery ahahah