Wednesday, September 4, 2019

US Agreement With Canada To Accept 100,000 Palestinians?

Jerusalem Post
"The Lebanon-based newspaper Al Akhbar reported that an official source in one of the Palestinian factions revealed that there is an understanding between the United States and Canada for Canada to receive 100,000 Palestinians (40,000 from Lebanon and another 60,000 from Syria).

In addition, there is a further understanding with Spain to receive 16,000 Palestinians from Lebanon, alongside similar agreements with Belgium and France. The understandings would lead to the reduction of the cost of migration from $12,000 to $7,000 per person.
The representative of Hamas in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel-Hadi, told Al Akhbar that part of the Deal of the Century aims to resettle between 75,000 to 100,000 Palestinians in Lebanon and displace the rest to more than one country.

About 40,000 Palestinians have left Lebanon in the last four years through legal immigration. Others have taken illegal routes.

Many Palestinian youth are trying to emigrate from Lebanon at all costs, but many attempts end in tragedy, according to Al Akhbar. Some who try to emigrate die while trying to cross seas or deserts.

Those who have emigrated so far have been the "victims" of humanitarian and life pressures, the shrinking of UNRWA and the fabrication of security events, as well as organized networks that influence young people and families to persuade them to emigrate as American pressure grows to implement the deal of the century, according to Abdel-Hadi.

"Hamas has developed a strategy to counter migration based on an understanding with Lebanon in order to relieve the pressure so that the Palestinians will feel that they are living a dignified life, achieve human rights achievements, pressure UNRWA to improve services and have Palestinian factions contribute to projects that provide jobs for youth," said Abdel-Hadi.

The Trump administration’s "Deal of the Century" peace plan is not expected to be released until after Israel's Sept. 17 elections,as per US special envoy Jason Greenblatt."
If correct... 

So "right of return" doesn't apply to Palestinians?
Did they want to come to Canada or Spain or is this a forced relocation? 
By forced I mean no option to return to their homeland so go elsewhere?

Weaponizing refugees?  Yes, this is a real thing and it's been done for a very long time.
The Weapon of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion & Foreign Policy 

If this report is correct, shouldn't this be something Canadians need to be made aware of ? Informed by our government that "serves us"- LOL

As for coming to Canada... Growing number of newcomers, refugees ending up homeless in Canada: studies
A growing number of newcomers to Canada are ending up in shelters or are finding themselves homeless, newly released government figures show.
In 2016, there were 2,000 refugees sleeping in shelters, not counting those facilities designated specifically for refugees — an increase from 1,000 just two years earlier when the figures first began to be tracked. 
Who benefits from the Palestinian refugee exodus? 
Just a few questions. I'm sure given time more will come to mind.



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