Monday, November 11, 2019

White Helmets Founder/ British Army Intelligence/OBE Recipient James Le Mesurier Found Dead- Timing?

Let me get this straight? 

 Just as President Erdogan is set to visit the US, the British Intelligence Officer  and founder the White Helmets is found dead in Istanbul. What curious timing? It will fit perfectly with  that "blame Erdogan" meme. I can already read the spin that will emerge. It's so easy to envision. Erdogan killed this great charitable (uhum) individual. Blah, blah, blah. 
Not likely. If one was to frame and blame Erdogan and Turkey this is a perfect false flag.

Keeping in mind the Jerusalem Post editorial:

James Le Mesurier received an OBE for his work with White Helmet volunteers in Syria 

A former (???) British Army intelligence officer who was honoured by the Queen for his work with the White Helmets civil defence group in Syria has been found dead near his office in Istanbul.
The body of James Le Mesurier, who received an OBE in 2016, was discovered in the early hours of Monday, White Helmet sources told the BBC.
Le Mesurier set up the Mayday Rescue emergency response group, which helped train White Helmets volunteers.
The cause of death was not immediately clear.
According to White Helmets sources, Le Mesurier's body was found at about 04:30 local time (01:30 GMT) on the street in front of an office building used by Mayday Rescue.

Japan Times

The British founder of a group that helped establish the Syrian White Helmets rescue organization has died in Istanbul, his office said on Monday. Anadolu Agency said James Le Mesurier’s body was found early Monday near his home in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district by worshippers on their way to a mosque to pray. An investigation has been launched into his death, Anadolu said, adding that police believe he may have fallen to his death. Police had established that no one had entered or left his home at the time of his death, Anadolu reported. Reports indicated that his body was found with fractures to his legs and head at the foot of his apartment early on Monday.
Le Mesurier told Al Jazeera in 2015 that he had begun training and supporting the organization in early 2013 alongside Turkish rescue experts, starting with “a single team of 20 people.”

Le Mesurier began training and supporting the organization in 2013 
Reign in Erdogan, Indeed.


  1. there is a headline shrieking that the British Agent was found dead after Russia outed him as a spy-

    Was there anyone that didn't already know this guy was a british spy? Pretty sure we talked this subject on a number of occasions here.

  2. Hi Penny: The injuries to his legs suggest he jumped from his apartment and was not pushed. In a moment of profound regret, perhaps? Or is that giving him too much credit for conscience?

    1. Hi yaya;
      I'm hard pressed to believe this guy had a moment of profound regret... but ya never know?

      It's the timing of his death that I find too convenient..

  3. This POS was also in the Balkans back in the 1990's setting things up for the NATO carpet bombing of Yugoslavia.

    Considering how many people he's helped get murdered, I say good riddance.
    Maybe he finally developed a conscience and decided to redeem himself?

  4. Or, perhaps the perps offed him themselves. It wouldn't be the first time they offed one of their own as a pretext to initiate slander on their target du jour. Remember them killing the Russian politician on the bridge in Moscow? What a way to grab headlines in perpetuity...building on the lies.

    Penny, you were right on when you connected the dots between the "death in Istanbul" and the very dangerous trip Erdogan is making to the US this week. Perhaps it's a warning to him.

    1. GC: I'd say it very possible the perps offed him themselves. In fact that's my working theory at this time- good way to tie up lose ends- bad mouth Turkey- claim Erdogan did it or some other tripe.

  5. The way I feel these days, who really knows if he is truly dead? (Skripals, Epstein, Fagdadi etc). So sick of the games and deception. Given the timing as you've easily pointed out, SOP as usual. Amazing that 'certain' people are readily available to disappear in Kashoggi, Russian Ambassador, this horrid unhuman et al. Timing is everything and I hope that Erdogan cancels his trip Wednesday.

    1. Hi wallflower; wanted you to know I enjoyed your's and Gwen's exchange. I'd say this guy is actually dead.
      No chance of him talkin' in the future and he'd have to know that is part of the job...
      So far it looks as if Erdogan's visit is still a go.
      It's gonna be a shit show- Apparently Trump is going to take him down a notch for buying the S-400's

      "US President Donald Trump will confront Turkey’s leader about his decision to buy a Russian air defense system when they meet this week at the White House amid strained relations between the two NATO allies. "

  6. Oh and marking this date officially here in Southern Ontario we have a heavy snowfall warning. Nov/11/19
    We are well below our seasonal norms for this time of year- that's been the case for a while now. Our average temp is about 10/11 C or 48/50F

    It is minus 2 C or 28 F (lots colder then the average)
    but hey, the house is on fire, right?

    11:24 AM EST Monday 11 November 2019
    Snowfall warning in effect for:

    Niagara Falls - Welland - Southern Niagara Region

    Significant snowfall today into tonight.

    Snow will become heavy at times this afternoon and continue tonight. Snowfall amounts of 15 cm are likely by tonight.

    Travel will be impacted today due to accumulating snow as well as locally reduced visibility in snow.

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    Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #ONStorm.

    11:23 AM EST Monday 11 November 2019
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    North Niagara is supposed to get hit harder then here in the South, but, is a significant snowfall for this early in winter- NO that's wrong- IT'S STILL FALL- Winter kicks in just over 6 weeks from now/ So it's significant amount of FALL Snow for this area

    Plows ready to roll as storm expected to get worse tonight


      We received more then 30 cm's of snow- For the US readers this is over a foot of snow. And it's continuing to snow.

      Environment Canada got this best guess very wrong,claiming we would top out at 15 cms, instead we have more then double that amount of snow- I guess there models failed same as the carbon cults does.
      grrr... I've lots of shoveling to do today

  7. Hi Penny...passing this on (a little late) while the public is distracted.

    :( :( :(

  8. Penny, Scott's mother just passed away. RIP dear mother of Scott.

    1. I left him a message at the blog- sad news, very sad

  9. Hey Penny,
    Hope you are feeling better. I have read about the bad news in your family and I am very sorry.
    About this news; I am never a believer in coincidences, Penny. NATO killed him to blame Turkey but possibly for other reasons as well. It is strange that you are one of the few voices seeing the relationship between ISIS/PKK. I am also afraid of Erdogan going to the US. There will be more trouble. His security forces will be accused of beating up those 'peaceful' PKK protestors again.
    I do in my heart believe that the NATO days are coming to an end. Russia and Iran cannot allow the fall of Turkey. It will inevitably lead to the fall of Russia and Iran. I just don't understand why Russia did not intervene in Iraq and Libya. It would have avoided the bloodshed we are seeing in Syria.
    About the weather in England: it's soo cold here. Absolutely freezing cold and I went to town today to purchase a few jumpers. It is not normally this cold at this time of the year. It's been so rainy as well. And this summer was the worst ever. So cold and rainy. Where is this so-called 'global warming'??

    1. Hi Ally,
      Hoping your relatives in Turkey will be safe as too the rest of Turkish citizens backing Erdogan. I enjoyed your trip sharing and your memoirs educating us about life there. Thank you :)
      May God keep Erdogan home away from here (US).

    2. Hello Wallflower,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope that you are well too. You wrote too about losing some family so hope everything is ok.
      I hope that the people in Turkey will be safe too, especially my family who I love very dearly. I am very happy that I went there and shared my experience because it was very nice and I am happy that you were open-minded enough to appreciate that because there are so many who just love to jump on the bandwagon and ignore the truth these days.
      may God keep Erdogan safe as we need him to defeat NATO NWO-I would never have thought that a few years ago but doing some good research and actually visiting the country has changed my mind.
      Greetings from across the pond in England :)

    3. Hi Ally:

      sigh, it's been a tough go lately- 2 deaths in 2 months- my brother in law's dad (sister's hubby)is in intensive care presently after major surgery. They are besides themselves.

      My own health issues remain ongoing but manageable- it's been a bit overwhelming as of late

      "It is strange that you are one of the few voices seeing the relationship between ISIS/PKK."

      It's more then strange it has to be intentional, that's my view. There has been so much over cooperation between the two groups it can't be ignored unless it's intentionally being ignored- it's too obvious.

      I think Erdogan's visit will be trying that's for sure- the last two visits have been PR wins for the empire as they do everything possible, create every situation, to put Turkey's leadership in difficult spots and then spin them as being "bad Turkey" and the alt media sings from the hymnal

      "Russia and Iran cannot allow the fall of Turkey. It will inevitably lead to the fall of Russia and Iran."

      Yes it will- If Turkey goes then Iran and Russia will follow- Just the denial of access to Mediterranean waters for Russia will impede Russia a great deal- I've talked about this repeatedly here-

      In 2003 (when the US invaded Iraq) Russia was a broken basket case-

      As for Libya? Russia is limited in what it can and can't do. Here in the Med region it's done probably as much as it can alone and needs Turkey's help for anymore. Including Damascus's ability to take back Aleppo. Only the most ignorant out there do not want to understand that or deny that in order to ride the coattails of the Usrael empire

    4. Oh and where is the 'global warming' indeed? It isn't here and it hasn't been for some years now. I know the UK has been cold and it's going to get worse.

    5. Yes I do agree that it is intentional and discovering this blog has helped me to learn just how much our perceptions are managed.

      Yes, it's absolutely freezing and even snowing in some areas! The UK is not normally this cold at this time of the year.

      I wish the best for your family. Your in my thoughts, even if there is nothing I can do to help.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. take 2!

      Hi Ally :)

      Want you and all the other well wisher senders I do appreciate the good thoughts that have been sent my way
      We've just had more bad news- my brother in law is being put on the transplant list for two organs. He called to tell us yesterday.
      My sister says it all unsettling and a lot to process at this time- and that's good language to describe how it feels- worse for her, of course, but my god when I heard the news I was shocked/dismayed. When I told my husband he just had no words..

      As for the weather the snow is still here. And we don't usually have snow on the ground this time of year.

      I see also the UK is having issues with flooding beside the cold.

      Ally everything 'comes out in the wash' in the end. It might take time, but, the collusion/cooperation/symbiosis between ISIS and PKK Kurds will get more attention then it has been given, but, how many people will notice?