Friday, December 13, 2019

Auticulture Interview: Recluse & Jasun @ Auticulture

This interview, done in two segments, covers a lot of territory in a short ride.
 I've listened three times since the interview has been released and every time, there is yet another 'aha" or 'isn't that curious' thought that arises.
Connections and Intersections going back in time coming forward to observations on our modern day societies.  Including zombies, Azov battalion's roots and a whole lot more,
Talkin' Epstein, Crowley,  Peter Levenda's duplicity? Perhaps? ( I did read Levenda's Sinister Forces trilogy and thought it well researched- the set of books still sits on my book shelves)
Additional in depth research can be found at :Recluse’s Blog

Part 1: Spooks, Spies and Social Networks (my title)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:10:14 — 54.1MB)

Return conversation with Recluse of VISUP about extreme right-wing shadow politics on east & west coasts, the hidden ideological template peaking through UFO narratives, occultism, & supposed liberal-progressive values, & the many lies of Peter Levenda & Aleister Crowley.
Part One: Spooky Social Network (0 – 31 mins)
Suspicions about Peter Levenda, disagreements over alien abductions and Crowley, Association of Former Intelligence Officers, To the Stars Academy, David Atley Phillips or Maurice Bishop, the coup d’état in Chile, Operation Condor, Richard Dody, John Alexander & non-lethal weapons, Stillwell & JSOC, Michael Aquino, the Typhonian tradition, demonic space gods, Chris Knowles on Cracker, intelligence social network, plausible deniability, Levenda’s early years, Knights of Malta & the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Charles Willoughby’s G2 & the OSS, Philip Corso & Gladio, The Secret Life of Plants, Stanley & David Ferrie & child abuse, Christian Identity Theology domestic terrorism network.
Part Two: The Evolutionary Drive of Madness (31 mins – end)
Levenda’s game, the rehabilitation of the CIA, a religious end game, Jacques Vallee, Kenneth Grant cosmology, In the Mouth of Madness, Pasulka’s American Cosmic, the transformation of society, Strieber, Castaneda, transhumanism, disembodiment, Jeffrey Epstein & the scientific community, the coming of the Beetles, Nick Land, accelerationism, Puharich & Spectre, genetic tampering, the ideology of sexual abuse, the evolutionary drive of madness, Manson the outsider, dreams of the zombie apocalypse, the pluses of cannibalism, The Necronomicon & The Satanic Bible, Sinister Forces, Levenda’s orientation, MKULTRA & the American Security Council, the right & wrong way of approaching knowledge.

Second Segment: The Crowley Lie

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:15:42 — 58.5MB)

Part Three: Spy Games (0 – 20 mins)
Sinister Forces, the metaphysical & the parapolitical, synchromysticism, the tools of occultism, the perils of Necronomicon, Levenda’s changing position with occultism, propaganda & truth, what the books deliver, the Tom de Longe project, anticipating a Hilary presidency, Annie Jacobson’s Area 51, the UFO red herring, abolishing the line between reality & fantasy, spy games, Russian fake news about psi, targeting the American public.

Part Four: We Need to Talk About Crowley (20 mins – 48 mins)
Let’s talk about Crowley, Cecil family & royal intelligence, hidden power positions, the Society for Psychical Research, the Round Table, Crowley’s high-level endorsement, General Fuller, UK Nazi groups, Scottish League for European Freedom, Neal Billy MacLean, World Anti-Communist League’s occult groups  & Yakuza ties, the Moonies & drug money, the Iron Guard & Julius Evola, Las Tecos, strange ideologies, The Star in the West, the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, Crowley researchers ignoring of Fuller & far-right allegiances, Crowley as a fascist progressive pioneer of liberal values, the enigma of Crowley’s promotion.

Part Five: The Hollywood Connection (48 mins – end)
Rebranding Crowley, the Hollywood connection, Crowley’s dark side, the Moonies & Christian fundamentalism, Stranger in a Strange Land, Heinlein & Hubbard, Charles Manson, drugs, and pedophilia, the Family as a prototype for militia group, ground zero for Christian Identity Theology, Manson’s parole officer, Haight-Ashbury Medical Clinic, Son of Sam, Roy Kohn, New York sex parties, Mindhunter, behavioral science BS, high-level propaganda, reasserting the fiction, Fight Club & solider of the apocalypse archetype, fake blueprints for revolution.


Jasun Horsley & James Corbett: The Robo-Nanny State


  1. Gwen:
    I know you're a listener at Auticulture as well, what did you think of this interview?

  2. LOL! I didn't think you would remember I'm a reader/listener at Auticulture.

    I found it to be a really good conversation as VISUP has done plenty of research. I also thought it was quite an eye opener, and I consider myself to be pretty informed about most of the stuff they talked about. The Crowley/Cecil connection really was a WTH? moment.

    I found VISUP several years ago when I was looking for information on the serpent mounds here in Ohio. I ended up reading quite a lot of his blog. I've also recently received Jasun's two books, Prisoner of Infinity and The Vice of Kings. I'm reading PoI right now and, wow!

    I would encourage anyone here to give this podcast a listen. You have to pay attention, though, because there is a lot of information.

  3. Hi Gwen:
    Easy enough to remember because you were the only one who mentioned being a listener/reader there.

    Of got the Prisoner of Infinity here but haven't read it yet- the Vice of Kings I'd read earlier this year (Feb?) It was good, difficult, but good.

    Don't give anything away on PoI... I'm planning to get to it after Christmas.

    "You have to pay attention, though, because there is a lot of information. "

    Agreed, 100 percent!

    I looked at VISUP's blog and he has lots of info- I'm going to put his place into the sidebar. He does the homework- I like that

  4. oh and ironically the serpent mounds etc., of Ohio, which I'm familiar with were covered in Levenda's trilogy- that was the first time I'd even heard of them!

    At that time I did do more research on them myself... thought provoking stuff, certainly, because it's highly suggestive that people were here before the native populations...

  5. For my fellow Canadians

    there is a serpent mound in Peterborough, Ontario.

    It's on native held land, but, that doesn't mean it's a native mound necessarily- you'd have to dig more into that topic to understand where I'm coming from- there are researchers that speculate the mounds were created by earlier groups of people
    (thinking this was something Levenda addressed?)

    Any input on that Gwen?



  7. Thanks for that link; I have to make time to read that!

    I remember reading about what appears to be trade in copper that pre-dates the conventional timeline of the first "Europeans". I also remember reading about objects found with what appear to be Phoenician writing on them.

    We attended a lecture early last summer regarding the circle earthworks that can be found all throughout Ohio (primarily). Apparently they were more numerous than originally thought. The advantage of seeing the terrain from the air has led to the discovery of remnants of these circles in many places that were unknown before.

    I "hear" you regarding the attribution of these earthen works. If you read about Cahokia you'll see that they denied they were the builders when asked about it by the early explorers. All of these things everywhere are attributed to early inhabitants yet many things are found that don't fit the timeline or the actual known information about these people (hope that's not too cryptic :))