Monday, December 16, 2019

Uber Privileged Greta Thunberg Busted For Lying To Advance An Agenda

And don't tell me Greta isn't extremely privileged while playing up ideas of austerity for everyone else!
 Bottom line which of you are cavorting with the rich and famous? Sailing the globe  on sailing yachts? Riding around in an alleged eco cars (TESLA)? 

Poor Greta ?
   Reality most of us are driving beaters? Previously enjoyed vehicles? Or using public transit? Perhaps riding a bike? My one and only new car cost me under $17,000.00 Canadian. A bare bones 4 cylinder Ford Focus.  Is that austere enough for the haters of life and humanity. Apparently, not! We must all do with less and less so Greta and her ilk can look down upon us from ever higher pulpits and proselytize. Greta Thunberg busted for misleading public about her train voyage 

Greta Thunberg Busted For Misleading Mindless Followers About Her Train Ride
Poor Greta Thunberg. The 16-year-old Swedish climate activist renowned for skipping school and accusing world leaders of “doing nothing,” allegedly had to travel in a little less comfort than what she is used to on her way home from the UN Climate Conference in Madrid and tweeted about it:
“Traveling on overcrowded trains through Germany. And I’m finally on my way home!”
Tweet for twits, complete with image:

Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s state railway company, however, had this to say:
“Dear #Greta, thank you for supporting our railway in the fight against climate change! We are happy that you travelled with us in the ICE 174. And that with 100 percent eco electricity. It would have been even better if you had also mentioned how friendly and competent the team looked after you in your seat in First Class.”  
Greta had a seat in First Class. First Class Yacht Trips. First Class Global Travel all the way...
And you? I can tell you, I'm not that privileged. With that much wealth.  Or that giant "carbon footprint" ! Poor Greta?  Clearly not.

This seems to suggest that Thunberg is willing to bend the truth to suit her agenda, although, the day after—after a backlash on Twitter—she made clear that she had only been on the floor for part of her journey, and that overcrowded trains were in fact a “great sign because that means that the demand for train travel is high!”
Although many wished Greta a good journey home, there was plenty of criticism, too, not just directed towards the activist, but towards Deutsche Bahn for poor service, and for disclosing that she had indeed been travelling with them (even if Greta had tweeted about her journey before DB replied to her on Twitter). 
Yah, she was on the floor long enough to take a picture and send it out to the gullible. Then she headed straight to her first class seat and enjoyed all the perks that went along with first class travel

If one cares to read the entire article you will notice that Jeremy Corbyn pulled a similar stunt on a train. No wonder he lost the election.  

Greencrow has this report as well....


  1. What do you think of Greta Thunberg's plastic garbage filled Tesla?

    While us peasants are condemned to eating bugs, Greta and her ilk will still be enjoying Filet Mignon, Caviar and Lobster.

  2. Hi Greg:

    I hadn't seen that video. And if that's her car...
    Yikes. I have a nice little bag in my car for garbage.

    btw: most cars are plastic- loaded with plastic parts so are the Tesla models

    I know my car has plastic components, but, I'm not pretending to be holier then though

  3. Take a Virtual Tour on Greta's 1st Class Seat Train ICE 174

    This is a sweet ride and NICE.

    1. It is a nice ride!

      She sure wasn't riding the box car with the hobos, eh?

  4. the ghost of anna louise strong lives to train again.



    2. P I believe that it was she who had a lovely first class slow train ride through the Ukraine as everyone was being executed, starved, slaved, tortured and genocided and yet reported that everything in the USSR was kushty and muffty. Same eyes, same stare, same brain washing.

      apologies for the obtuseness of the previous.

    3. Maurice Strong's mom (officially aunt)

    4. Yah, I see those two are related.
      Some say cousin, some say Aunt
      Related in ideology certainly..

      I see Corbett covered these ties- family and oligarchical


    A picture of some children who lost their childhood.

    1. Hi anonymous:
      that certainly gives us some perspective!

      Greta oozes 'white privilege' yet that's never mentioned?
      Doesn't advance the agenda I guess?
      Or are we supposed to believe that white privilege goes hand in hand with western men, misogyny and colonialism rather then elitism and lifestyles of the rich and famous like "dear" Greta.



    Just can't make this stuff up!