Thursday, January 16, 2020

Frigid Weather Gripping Central and Western Canada Inc. Balmy BC Coast

I've been enjoying a milder winter here in southern Ontario after a frigid November/19. (Northern Ontario has been colder) A welcome respite from the last several extremely frigid winters. Those west of me have not been so lucky. Cold, Frigid, Frozen. Undoubtedly cold records are being broken. Electricity use through the roof. With requests to reduce the use of this much needed heat and light source... In other words, FREEZE. In the dark

Frigid weather gripping Prairies, B.C. and territories not letting up anytime soon
"TORONTO -- Western Canada and much of Yukon and the Northwest Territories continue to deal with bone-chilling Arctic cold which is not expected to relent for the next couple days.
Some wind chill values will be as low as – 50 C, as a collection of cold dry air from the northeastern part of Eurasia – known as a Siberian High – has moved south and lingered over Canada.
Extreme cold is hitting much of B.C. along with 10 to 15 centimetres of snow expected for places such as Metro Vancouver, the southern Gulf Island and Vancouver Island, according to Environment Canada."

Recall earlier mentions of how it is coastal BC is pretty much the warmest place in Canada?
With my great lakes region being a little cooler, but, still one of the warmest areas in Canada. 
Wine is produced here and in BC's coastal areas, due to similar regional climates.
"Strong wind gusts have also prompted the weather service to issue wind warnings for Surrey, Langley, Delta and Richmond. The wind is so strong in fact, that Chilliwack city officials told CTV News Vancouver gusts were undoing the work of snowplows.
By Thursday, two or three more snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures are expected in parts of the province. Relief and warmer temperatures should arrive by the weekend, according to the weather agency.
In Alberta, new records were set for peak electricity use from people trying to warm up from the extreme cold snap. Extreme cold warnings issued by Environment Canada for the entire province continued Wednesday.
Most of Saskatchewan is also facing extreme cold warnings including Regina where wind chill values make it feel like -40 to -45 C due to a cold, Arctic air.
Meanwhile, northern and southwestern parts of Manitoba are facing extreme cold warnings, with Environment Canada warning that frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill"
A cyclist is framed among snow-covered trees as he rides his bike through Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C., Monday, January, 13, 2020. Frigid Arctic air has swept across most of Western Canada, delivering bone-chilling cold to much of Saskatchewan, all of Alberta, large sections of Yukon, Northwest Territories and, most uncharacteristically, much of British Columbia.
Cold is the absence of warmth
"It is so cold in Calgary that the zoo’s penguins cannot go outside. It is so cold in Edmonton that an ice castle attraction is closed until at least Saturday. It is so cold in Saskatoon that a local yarn shop reported a 30-per-cent increase in sales as knitters prepared for a long stretch inside. In Vancouver, a city unaccustomed to the worst of winter’s weather, buses are getting stuck in the snow and commuters are pushing them out. The city’s SkyTrain doors are freezing shut.
Alberta is drawing on its power reserves and Saskatchewan cannot export power to help its western neighbour because of its own electricity crunch. In British Columbia, scores of ferry routes have been cancelled because of “forecasted hurricane-force winds,” according to the service.
Environment Canada has issued “extreme cold” warnings for every region of Alberta and Saskatchewan as an extended cold snap hovers over Western Canada. Swaths of British Columbia are facing a more diverse list of warnings, including extreme cold, Arctic outflow, wind and snowfall alerts. The cold is putting pressure on transit networks, power grids and homeless shelters."
"While snow is the main culprit in B.C., the cold temperatures are behind problems in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Power demand across Alberta set a peak consumption record Tuesday, with residents burning through 11,698 megawatts, besting the previous record set in 2018 by one megawatt, the province’s energy authority said in a tweet.
Alberta dipped into its electricity reserves and the Alberta Electric System Operator activated its energy emergency alert protocol, a three-tier system that balances supply and demand, on Monday.
Alberta would usually look east to Saskatchewan to help cover the shortfall, AESO spokesperson Tara de Weerd said. But with the deep freeze in that province also generating near-record power demand, Alberta instead relied on imports from B.C. and Montana.
Saskatchewan was just 70 megawatts shy of a record system load after demand hit 3,722 megawatts late Tuesday afternoon. SaskPower spokesperson Joel Cherry said the Crown corporation was importing power from Manitoba and the United States to help meet provincial needs."
Cold is the absence of warmth  

Finally this extreme cold has been ongoing for the past month now
See below a report from December 11/2019. Today it is January 16/20

Bundle up: Much of Canada will deal with extreme cold this week: December 11/19
TORONTO -- A deep chill is setting in across a large part of Canada, with the wind chill making some parts of the country feel as cold as -50.
In a phone interview with, Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Gerald Cheng said “the only place that is immune to this cold is the B.C. coast.”
Instead of the cold, parts of the coastal province are dealing with snowfall warnings. Environment Canada said drivers travelling along the Coquihalla Highway, which connects Vancouver and Kamloops, should take extra care over the next couple of days due to snow. 
 Cold is the absence of warmth

And if the world, the entire globe was warming... you wouldn't have extreme cold over a vast portion/area of Canada. Here's hoping North and GC are staying warm?



  1. If you want to see a cool-looking Earth weather map, click on this link. It shows the Highs and Lows and how they steer the weather in NA.,20.135

    Greg B

    1. thanks Greg

      interesting map- I do like maps :)

      Another Ontarian Canuck. I follow, also provides great maps etc.,

      and his latest?
      he says we're going to get cold round these parts and sure enough even today has gotten colder-

      and the winds have picked up- so it feels much colder then the hovering around the freezing mark.

      and tonight were dropping down to - 10C
      so our respite was brief

  2. Hi Penny: In SE Ontario, I have to decide whether to walk to the grocery store (15 min.)today: cloudy, -1C (abnormal) 2 to 4 cm of snow ending near noon, wind becoming northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 this morning. Temperature falling to -5C this afternoon; wind chill -14C


    -- Sunny. High -9C. Wind chill -25C in the morning and -12C in the afternoon.

    Not much to choose from, but I gotta eat. ..... Or do I? LOL

    1. hey yaya- yah, you gotta eat.

      I'd have gone today to get groceries, the earlier the better and yes, it's getting cooler and windier here already

  3. Good advice, Penny. I went, I'm back, and I'm well stocked up. I put heating cream on my knees and took a dose of Tylenol so I wouldn't be in too much agony on the way back, and it worked.

    The ploughs were just ahead of me and one of the guys told me they had to scrape real clean because it's going to freeze up tonight.

    But I'm well stocked up now, and can hole up if I want to.

  4. Well it's 44f in my part of Calli and that's cold for us. The snow level is around 2500ft and dropping tonight. The last part of the storm has passed by a few minutes ago so there won't be much snow in the hills around me. The SF Bay Area received snow in the hills around the bay area.
    That's it and it's time to through a few logs on the fire;-)

    1. hi jo!
      that is cold for where you live!
      stay warm- I don't think the people around there are as used to that coolness as here?

  5. and the frigid air arrived yesterday evening in!

    right now it is... now minus 10 C or 13F and we have a 'special weather statment" (not quite 8 am est)

    Significant snowfall amounts expected Saturday and strong winds Saturday night.

    An approaching low pressure system will bring snowfall starting Saturday morning and will continue until Saturday evening. Some locations may transition over to periods of rain late on Saturday. Snowfall amounts near 10 cm are expected along with local blowing snow.

    Additionally, strong winds gusting up to 90 km/h are possible Saturday night along the Lake Erie lakeshore. The precipitation will ease to light flurries overnight Saturday night.

  6. Hi Penny: There was ice on the inside of my windows this morning. That means my windows are air tight, but the cold outside froze the moisture in the air inside my apartment. I chipped it off and wiped away the water, and soon the sun had moved across the sky and was hitting the windows, so it dried up.

    I haven't seen frost on my windows since 1963. Seriously. It could be because by lowering the room temperature I'm not having the dry air experience I was accustomed to with the heat coming on more often.

    If it ain't something, it's something else, eh? ;-)

    1. Hey yaya- I'm glad you got the windows cleared
      It's cold, but, sunny, which is nice so my windows haven't frosted up, but tonight? Who knows?