Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Wearing Gloves In Public-False Security & Spreading Filth: Just Wash Your Hands

Yet more  of that false security with the additional problem of spreading filth from place to place including on that “face mask” you insist on touching with your hands. Gloved or otherwise.
“CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask (sic) to protect themselves from respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19.                                   
While much debate continues to surround the effectiveness of wearing a face mask in public, infectious diseases physician Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti says the answer to whether or not gloves will prevent someone from contracting COVID-19 is much clearer.
There is no debate about wearing masks. Neither the CDC nor WHO recommends the wearing of masks- I've covered this previously. And am reminding readers of this truth yet again.
The post below mentions the problems with mask wearing including previous studies..
 Continuing on with the glove wearing. Gloves are garbage. Filth. I'm wondering where the 'green' crowd is... on the petrochemical gloves and filthy masks being dumped everywhere.
Link "Most masks aren’t much good at filtering COVID-19"
Of course it's all quiet on the phony green front
 “In public, [wearing gloves] is unnecessary,” Chakrabarti told CTVNews.ca on Thursday. “What I find is that when people are wearing gloves in public, they often wear the same set of gloves everywhere.
“By doing this, you actually are paradoxically putting yourself more at risk for infections.”

Touching various surfaces with the same pair of disposable gloves can not only spread harmful germs, but also transmit the virus from one location to another, Chakrabarti explains, which could do more harm than good.
“The use of gloves is just too fraught with problems of cleanliness,” he said. “They act as an extra thing to clean."
 According to Chakrabarti, wearing disposable gloves – whether latex, nitrile or vinyl – can mislead people into thinking this is enough to protect themselves from the virus.

“It can give people a false sense of reassurance,” he said. “People tend to wash their hands less when they’re wearing gloves.”
The WHO says wearing gloves in public is not considered effective in protecting against the spread of COVID-19.
petrochemicals gloves
Regular hand-washing does more to protect against COVID-19 than wearing gloves, say health officials

Instead of wearing gloves, PHAC recommends practising good hand hygiene by frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using either an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60 per cent alcohol or a non-alcohol based hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada.
Stay away from the hand sanitizers as much as possible and just wash your hands. Hot water and soap. You have good bacteria on your skin, including your hands, that will help keep the bad bacteria at bay until you can wash anything nefarious away-Keep your hands off your face until that time.    Friendly bacteria keep your  skin's defences in check
You know all the things your mother said when you were little. Yup, she was right!

Don't rely on hand sanitizers to an excess! They have already led to problems and will lead to still more...

“Fighting” Covid-1984 Could Herald A Rise in Superbugs- The End Will Not Justify The Means

On a personal note:

I've contacted CTV twice about erroneous or misleading reports they have made.
Also, while out today I talked up the problems with excessive use of hand sanitizer.
Problems were already dealing with as a society. I talked about MRSA and C Difficile
Sure hope you are all being proactive as well?!  Taking advantage of the information available here. It really is up to each of us!


  1. When this idiocy began I purchased a box of gloves. 100 of them. There are 98 of them left because I realized how useless they were immediately. Same goes for the fine high quality face masks I was given for Mother's Day. Up on a shelf behind the toilet paper mountain. (well not quite).

    I have not upped the germ war in my home. Always washed my hands and kept them from touching surfaces anyhow. Non compliance is the way to go.

    First world problem. Will probably have to make reservations for swimming at the pool when they open up! Drop in a thing of the past. All I want to do is say, "Do you have any idea how ridiculous this is?". The few times I have, the young thing behind the plastic screen at the register mumbles something mindless about "doing our part" ....

    Why the hell am I bothering? (Stomps foot and goes into pouty pose)

    1. Noor, hiya!

      You are bothering for the same reason I am.
      Because we have to. If we don't who will?
      I'm talking to anyone. Like I said I've contacted CTV for their misleading reports- And told them they are just spreading fear.

      I agree on the non compliance it's the route I've chosen to go..

      The information is here for anyone to print up or share with others- it's no fear, no manipulation- just dealing with reality

      Have you noticed the ahem 'green' crowd is silent on the massive amounts of litter being generated

      There were having hissy fits about plastic bags, but, the ground is littered with gloves- masks etc., and I've yet to read any condemnation of this petrochemical nightmare

      Of course the 'greens' are the biggest hypocrites around..

      Good to see you around Noor. We're like two oldtimers now aren't we? No matter, we'll keep on going.

      Bye for now!

  2. "I'm wondering where the 'green' crowd is"

    I've been wondering that myself, Penny - every time a clerk puts my purchases into plastic bags when I'm carrying perfectly good cloth ones.

  3. Hey Yaya!

    I've less of an issue with the plastic bags, because they are my garbage bags at home- they fit my garbage can perfectly--

    And they aren't littering the ground everywhere

    at least not the grocery bags- however the dog poop bags full of poop are all over the place- I don't get it?
    Yah, they clean up the dog defecation then leave the plastic bag on the ground full of stinking shit
    I shudder at the thinking that justifies that!

    The gloves that I see littering the grounds everywhere are one time use- then tossed-
    Same as the masks- which themselves are likely filled with chemicals through the manufacturing process- used once- then tossed.

    Myself, I've done the same as always- I take my garbage back home with me- I have a bag in my car or I carry my trash to the nearest trash bin- No tossing on the ground save for biodegradables- apple core, banana peels etc.,