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Criminalizing Yellow Vests in France: State Terrorism on the Move?

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Gallier the Elder also provided a translation to english via Yandex.  The link: (in french)

As Gallier the Elder wrote in his email:
"I am enclosing a translation ( from an international network article published on December 2, which clearly demonstrates what I predicted a few months ago. France is now a model totalitarian country (a respectable member of the community of nations with "superior values").

Despite the shortcomings of the translate, it's clear the situation in France, as atrocious as it is for the citizens, is being kept quiet, swept under the rug, from the global audience.

Criminalizing yellow vests in France: state terrorism on the move?
By Jean-Yves Jezéquel

The topicality of the yellow vests forces us to speak of state terrorism, because this one is directly in question since it was revealed brutally by the behavior of Didier Lallement, Prefect of Police of Paris, recently appointed to this position by the tyrants of macronia, since his predecessor resigned by force was too respectful of constitutional law. This high official of the French Republican state has obviously and deliberately confirmed on November 16, Place d'italie, the state terrorism in progress, by responding to a peaceful lady who said she was wearing a yellow vest. This confession of the prefect of police of Paris, returned to the scene of the crime to see its effectiveness, was filmed and broadcast on the Internet: we can therefore not dispute it. Lallement clearly and shamelessly states: "We are not on the same side, Madam! "In theory, however, it represents the 'French Republic' and was therefore bound to a duty of neutrality, even if it is personally opposed to the more than legitimate claims of at least 70% of the population of this country. Of course, it is obvious that Lallement is one of the boo-boo's and haves of the system, paid a high price by the taxes of this people that he places in an " enemy camp "! We can already say that this behaviour is a form of delirium!

Before making a more detailed analysis, let us recall that state terrorism consists in the practice of terror by a state known as the " right ", over its own population, as a method of government. Terror allows the government in power to break down those who resist it by means of extreme, arbitrary, illegal, unconstitutional, violent, and collective sideration. (dis-empowerment, stunned amazement, speechlessness ?) There is no need to stress that the use of terror automatically renders illegitimate any power that thus proves to be inherently perverse and that the duty of citizens is to overthrow such power.

The phenomenon of sideration has the peculiarity of creating in the individual sidéré a fragmentation. This psychological situation is called "psychotic" by psychologists. When the state amazes us with its proven practice of terror, it is mental health that is openly forbidden to us and pathology is at the same time decreed, anachronically and paradoxically, as "normality"!

The criminalisation of a behaviour, that of the yellow vests, arbitrarily and implicitly judged by the Parliament as "unconventional", according to the terms of the Valls law on terrorism, can only aim to establish the "legitimacy" of an "nonsense" and thus, to prolong indefinitely the sideration effect. The senseless spectacle of the police violence organized in the Place of Italy on 16 November, has engraved and left in the " collective conscience ", (obligatorily broken up of the citizens who attended, on this occasion, to an outbidding of the omnipotence granted to a police that it is strictly forbidden to criticise, they being in the "good camp" and the oppressed people in the "bad camp"), an enormous amazement of the citizens petrified before the omnipotence of the police repression, enjoying an absolute impunity!

The parliament has organized the spectacle of the terrorist brutality of the power, in order to give us "to see", what it costs to every citizen not hiding in the silence of the sideration against the omnipotence of the terrorist state! I, the state, have the arbitrary power to mistreat or slaughter anyone without the opinion of a judge who is also in the same "camp" anyway! All the citizens of this country who are protesting are automatically placed in the same situation as that of" terrorists", of "hate mob", of people who " are nothing "or who"threaten the Republic". No proof of the ultra-liberal disaster is necessary; no constitutional legitimacy to protest is necessary: the state is all-powerful and allows itself to suppress, brutalize, intimidate and deter claims. Those who do not submit to the might of the terrorist state are on "another side"!

By observing the odious judicial treatment that is made against the yellow vests, with the complicity of a collabo judiciary, the citizen spectator goes from an image that he sees on his television screens to an image that he does not see, that of the invisibility of the shock of the struggle of the "camp of good" against the " camp of evil ". Then, thanks to the spectacular staging of Lallement on the place D'italie, the evil is identified with the image of the yellow vests. The personification of evil is an extraordinary relief offered by the power to Macronian bobos partisan citizens who can now clearly "choose their side": that of complete complicity with state terrorism or that of the option of terrorism against the state!

It is the usual rhetorical device of the power that manages its "management of terror", in order to provoke a sideration of citizens and to condition them for "the factory of consent". It is the absurdity of the official discourse that makes it unchallengable.

The sideration petrifies. We all see that something is not clear and deeply incoherent in this official discourse of Parliament and those it represents, but this flaw that appears in the discourse is intended to "break us up".

Journalistic psittacism, on the other hand, has an incantatory force and the looping account of the violence of the "thugs" assimilated to the yellow vests, a quasi-jubilant account practiced by the official media, is an exhibition that is imposed on all citizens. In reality, there is no possible representation of the facts; each time it is an exhibition, involving manipulation, and it is by this that the sideration effect is guaranteed. The sideration comes from the impossibility for each of us to decipher the real; it does not come in itself from the violence exhibited itself.

The citizen thus " fragmented "without his knowledge, can regain his" individual unity " only by an outbidding in his words of adhesion to what has been assented to. Then, a fusion of identification takes place with the power that showed, named, declared the facts. "The right camp of state legitimacy", like the merger between the overseers and the overseers, can be set up. The government has free hands to decree a dictatorship that has become perfectly "legitimate" in its speech. Well-intentioned people (the macronians and profiteers from above) will be surprised that the police are not yet firing live ammunition at this people who belong to" another side " incompatible with theirs!

(Cf., the BHL and other Luc Ferry) if someone dares to show the flaws in the discourse of power, then the psychosis appears which has the immediate effect of suppressing any mechanism of Defense. The government can abolish the rule of law, install a genuine dictatorship and declare everything it wants, to the point of rejecting privacy out of fundamental freedoms. The citizen sees the rise of forbidden senses everywhere, he is trapped, nassed; he no longer has the means to defend himself, unless he comes to take up arms! This is how the Civil War is prepared and planned by The charlatans of political irresponsibility, of which Parliament is a brilliant servant.

The dissident yellow vest is indeed a resistance fighter. In the Macronian "camp", it will be heard that this" hateful "class, that of those who" are nothing", cannot be right against the majesty of the sacralized and" innocent " Republic as sacred. The dissenting protester thus becomes the "traitor" or the "complotist", the "recalcitrant", the "enemy of the Republic", the "lazy" who does not want to "cross the street to find a job", the "poor bastard" accused at the same time, in an execrable amalgam, of "anti-Semitism", "homophobia" and other insults... for the average Macronian, it is imperative to silence this divergent by all means. All the" frondeurs "and" résistants " of the history have been persecuted by the powers in place and it is not surprising to this since the power is only concerned about its permanence and its immediate interests never compatible with those of a democracy.

This management of terror, revealed by Lallement and practised by the state, can only lead to civil war! The "people in charge know perfectly well what they are doing", which is why we cannot forgive them!

Lallement chose the place D'italie to allow the demonstration of the first anniversary of the revolt of the yellow vests, on November 16.

This square had the advantage of being surrounded by works, so it was easy to organize the breakage.

The mayor of the 13th arrondissement (a subdivision of a French department, for local government administrative district of certain large French cities) protested vigorously but the almighty state told him to shut it down!

Before 2: 00 pm, the time of the beginning of the authorized demonstration, "police thugs" were already at work since 10: 00 AM to set up barricades in the nose and under the beard of their CRS colleagues.

The police device surrounded the Place of Italy and left it without intervention.

Fires were lit and a truck from the city of Paris ' cleaning services arrived on the square quite naturally and poured wooden pallets in front of the police to fuel the fire in the barricades: this fact was filmed by a witness and broadcast live on the Internet. We were two hours from the start of the protest.

The military monument in the square of Italy was desecrated in front of the police who did not flinch.

The police let the square fill and immediately organized the pass.

Organized violence was taking place and the collabos television stations were at work to show how these yellow vests, celebrating the anniversary of a year of struggle and sacrifice, were rubbish to be mercilessly eliminated.

The gassing was started, then the concert of the GLI F4 grenades, the LBD 40 and all the usual artillery was orchestrated by Lallement from the desk of the prefecture of Paris. Then satisfied with the work accomplished, proud of his transcendent fascism, he would count the many victims of this police violence…

Everyone was massacred: yellow vests and independent journalists, passers-by, tourists and visitors, without distinction…

Lallement hypocritically declared that he had organized an "evacuation channel" before the violent intervention of the" Forces of order " transformed into militias!

At 2 pm he declared "forbidden" a demonstration that was authorized! The people who were there were gassed, and could not have known that suddenly the demonstration was no longer allowed!

They were therefore fined" en veux-tu en voilà": fines of 135 euros, arrested, arrested, handcuffed, nassed, gassed, massacred…

Since the thugs were members of the police, as has been pointed out, they could retreat quietly behind the ranks of their colleagues in uniforms to protect themselves from the anger of those who had spotted them... in Macronian France, we now know the BAC Blocs.

The regulation committed a series of serious offences:

Article 223-1 of the Criminal Code: deliberate endangerment of the life of another person…

Articles 322-1: complicity in intentional damage to public property…

Articles 222-9 to 222-13: intentional violence by public authority…

Article 432-4: violation of liberty by arbitrary confinement carried out by the public authority ... arrests, illegal police custody, violence against people present on the premises in good faith (authorized demonstration) but prohibited without notice without their knowledge!

Article 432-10: offence of concussion.  It is the collection of money that is not due! The people who were fined didn't have to pay these illegal fines.…

Finally, only the Paris public prosecutor can today initiate an investigation and identify criminal and disciplinary responsibilities. But ironically, the new Paris prosecutor is just a friend of Macron's who has been placed in this key position and who has organized the preventive police custody of the yellow vests! "Democracy" is decidedly beautiful and it is beautiful to see in France!

The Paris prosecutor proves to be on "the same side" as Lallement, like the IGPN, like the magistracy, like the Parliament, like the Constitutional Council... etc. Everything is locked and power does not suffer to be shared: no counter-power, no escape, no freedom, no brotherhood, no equality of all before the law; only the absolute power on one side and the absolute submission of the other... a perfect dictatorship.


The Republic finally reveals its true face and its true nature: a "camp of repression" in which the people are adorned not only to be trained to submit but even more, trained to love their submission, thanks to the lie that has lasted long enough. The French people have just discovered that the "camp" of the Republic is not at the service of the interests of the common good of the whole people, but at the service of a privileged caste who organized the training of the people for the exploitation and pillage of the people. The caste of the tyrants of the "camp" specialized in dressage, no longer supposes that this people still has something to claim. She wants to " restore order ": the Masters on one side (the camp of the elites) the slaves on the other (the camp of the maltreated, of " those who are nothing ", of "the hateful mob"). »)…

For the moment, we know the case of this poor lady who closed her shutters in Marseilles, shot in cold blood by a shot from LDB 40, and died as a result of this criminal attack by the French police. Then a yellow vest, filmed raising its arms to the sky, was also shot in cold blood by a police sniper on the Champs Elysées on Saturday, November 24, 2018, which no one has ever heard of again. The scene was captured live by the phone of a "strange witness" recording both the murderous police officers and the victim falling to the ground! For the time being, the mass killing has not yet been ordered, but all indications are that it will be soon, perhaps disguised as an Islamist attack of the " Promenade des Anglais "style. We have been warned for a long time that "our slain jihadist compatriots are back from Syria", as if the ground were already psychologically prepared for a new staging of state terrorism and for the justification of violence by the comfortable opportunity of a scapegoat of service…

I do not know why this story of Prefect Lallement imposes itself on my mind and subtly refers me to that of Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old Norwegian who planned and carried out the carnage of 22 July 2011 in Oslo and on the island of Utoya: 77 shot dead and 151 wounded on his own. He coldly organized this massacre to satisfy his ideological convictions, in the pure tradition of Christian conservatism, illuminated by his spiritual mission as a new Templar, embodying the true values of our "great Judeo-Christian, Pauline culture", exalted and inspiring the indescribable perfection of ultra-liberalism in the service of an elite that firmly believes, just like Prefect Lallement, that it" will be there forever " (Cf., speech of Lallement on Saturday, November 16, 2019). This elite is convinced that they will soon see in France the end of the yellow vests crushed by the power of state terrorism! The war of "Camp Lallement" reminds me of the War Of "Camp Breivik", as if there were a mysterious bond between these people that United them beyond reason and conscience.…

But who ever heard say that a power, a state, an Empire and its mighty legions "would have been there forever" having had the last word on the Peoples?! No, Mr Lallement, this situation does not exist: "you are not there forever", the power "is not there forever", the state "is not there forever", because the lie has only a limited life. On the other hand, the people are surely there as they were there before the state error and as they will still be there after the day of their final downfall, until Mother Earth itself has decided the ultimate end of the human adventure on the planet.…

"What Can We Learn From Escalating Israeli Raids Into Syria ?" Brookings Institute

Looks as if the recent attacks on Syria, (Airstrikes? Russian Jets Intercepting Israel Fighter Jets? Remember When... Russian Sub/British Nuclear Sub Tangle) by Israel, are being confirmed by the authors of this piece from Brookings Institute.


Good reading..

Looks as if the recent attacks on Syria, by Israel, are being confirmed by the authors of this piece from Brookings.

On Wednesday afternoon, an Iranian ammunition depot in Al-Bukamal, Syria was hit by an airstrike. This attack comes after Israel reportedly conducted four air strikes in Syria between November 12 and November 20, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. While Israel has reportedly carried out thousands of strikes in Syria and neighboring Iraq in recent years, the frequency, intensity, and toll of these recent attacks are unprecedented.

The last month marks a peak in Israel’s war against Iran’s presence in Syria. Air strikes have targeted advanced air defense systems, surface-to-air missiles, reconnaissance sites, and warehouses, among other targets. Notably, the attacks carried out late on the night of November 20 hit the “Glass House,” the nickname given to the headquarters of Iran’s Quds Force in Syria at Damascus International Airport. The choice of this target, an important symbol of Iran’s presence and regular stopping point for Iranian VIPs in Syria, highlights this shift in Israel’s security policy.

There are a couple reasons for this shift. First, Israel has come to see that Iran is not forsaking its project in Syria, and further may be pursuing more sophisticated means of threatening Israel’s northern border. This week’s report that Iran is moving missiles into Iraq only reinforces this perception. Beyond this, Iran was bold enough not just to build its forces there but to deploy them by firing four rockets at civilian targets in Israel. For Israel, this crossed a red line.

Israel has been carrying out a campaign-between-the-wars since 2013 to prevent Iran and its proxies, including Hezbollah, from obtaining advanced weapons to use against the Jewish state and from entrenching themselves in Syria. The attacks have three main purposes. The first two are simple, while the final goal requires further examination. They are:
    To diminish Iranian capabilities being shipped to Hezbollah and other Iranian militias working to open a low-intensity military front threatening Israel’s northern border;
    To maintain Israel’s freedom of action and air supremacy in its neighborhood and the Middle East in general by minimizing Syrian military capabilities, more specifically anti-aircraft missile sites and their support systems; and
To send a message of deterrence to three main actors in the region: Assad’s regime, Iran and its emissaries, and Russia.
The Message to Syria

Of the three, the message to Assad is the most consistent and straightforward: The cost of Assad’s relationship with Iran will outweigh the benefits. Since the beginning of the campaign-between-the-wars, Israel has been “punishing” the Syrian regime for allowing Iranian forces and proxies to strengthen their positions in Syria, from which they can strike Israel. The November strikes underlined this message. Israel had previously targeted mostly Syrian military bases and capabilities. In November, the target list was upgraded to also include symbols and assets of the Syrian regime. This way, the threat to Assad was more tangible and direct. The air raids weaken the Syrian army’s capabilities; distract Assad’s capabilities from coping with opposition forces, ISIS, and al-Qaida in the north and east of Syria; and keep this war-ridden country in grave economic instability.
ISIS and Al-Qaida, anywhere,  have no better friend then Israel, save for possibly the US

During the November raids, Israel also reportedly targeted significant air defense capabilities, especially surface-to-air missiles, that threaten Israel’s strategic dominance over Lebanese and Syrian airspace. The destruction of these capabilities, mostly purchased from Russia, weighs heavily on the Syrian budget, weakens Syria’s capability to defend itself, and damages its prestige. Further, any outpost that deployed Iranian militia forces on or near the Israeli border was heavily struck.
The November 12 attack targeted the home of Islamic Jihad’s deputy leader Akram El-Ajouri in the Mezzeh neighborhood of Damascus. ( covered here at the blog) Al-Ajouri, responsible for coordination between Gaza and Syria, was not hurt, while his son and one other person were killed, and another 10 people were wounded. This attack, if it is of Israel’s doing, likely sought to increase the tension between Assad and militant Palestinian opposition groups operating in Syria and Gaza.
The Message to Moscow
Moscow intervened in the Syrian conflict in September 2015 on Assad’s side, and Israel and Russia have coordinated their activities in Syrian air space to avoid any unwanted conflict. Russia has sought to make Syria whole again under Assad’s regime, to stabilize the country, and to root out the remaining opposition forces holding out against Assad’s rule.

The Israeli raids in November sent a clear message to Moscow that unless the Iranian element is taken out of the equation, Syria will remain an unstable battleground. The raids are also a reminder of Russia’s commitment to Israel to keep the Iranian Quds Forces outside of the 50-mile radius from Israel’s border. These raids underscore that, if the Russians cannot uphold their side of this understanding, then Israel will wreak havoc in Syria. Putin seeks a political resolution and stability in Syria, and the Russians understand that Syria has no prospect of recovery from its civil war amid the constant friction between Israel and Iran.
The Message to Iran

The November 20 attack was most intense and meaningful of the four in November. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Israeli air strikes
killed 23 people, likely including 16 Iranians. The strike was carried out in response to four rockets that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said were launched by an Iranian proxy force from Syria toward northern Israel. All four rockets were launched from within 50 miles of Israel’s border and were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, causing no damage or injuries.
That attack sent a clear signal to Qassem Soleimani, head of the Quds Forces, that Israel will not tolerate such a blunt transgression of its sovereignty. It emphasized that Israel will not back down from an all-out campaign, even war, if Iran pursues its strategic goal to threaten Israel’s northern border from Syria and Iraq. While the ongoing tit-for-tat exchanges mostly hit military targets, in this case Israel “took the gloves off.” While previous raids mostly damaged buildings and infrastructure, Israel probably expected this raid to inflict Iranian casualties, thus raising the stakes of the conflict.

The message was also intended to reverberate in the headquarters of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. As Iran faces unrest
at home — and amid major popular demonstrations in Iraq Israel is willing to match or even exceed Iran’s aggressive moves. For Khamenei, the prospect of large investments repeatedly being destroyed in Syria may be a difficult one, politically, as his domestic economy plummets. The contrast between these recent raids, which reportedly killed 16 Iranians, and the relative lack of an Iranian reaction highlights that it is difficult for Iran to respond in kind to Israeli escalations. Taken together, the strikes seek to convince Khamenei and Soleimani, the latter of whom Israeli policymakers judge to be inclined toward a more aggressive interpretation of Tehran’s strategies, of the need to rein in Iran’s ambitions in Syria.
The demonstrations in Iraq and Iran are guided by a western hand...
Potential Gaps in the Strategy
The strategy Israel has pursued toward Iran and its proxies in Syria is likely the best of its available options for opposing Iran’s project in Syria. Still, regarding each of its three targets in Syria, Israel’s strategy contains important gaps.

First, as Israel works to diminish the Syrian state’s military capabilities, it risks merely pushing the Assad regime deeper into its dependency on Iran. Assad has few alternatives to Tehran in seeking outside support for its continued survival. The more Israel strikes Syrian military positions, the greater this dependency becomes. For Israel, degrading Syrian military power in Syria may come at the expense of allowing Iran an even more central role.

Second, the logic underpinning Israel’s messaging to Russia may misread Moscow’s incentives in Syria. By striking Iranian targets in Syria, especially those near its border, Israel hopes to pressure Russia to do more to contain Iran and its proxies in the country. But while Russia has been fast to criticize Israel for its strikes in Syria, it may quietly prefer to see Israel doing the dirty work of lessening Iranian power there. While they are partners in upholding the Assad regime, in some ways the Russians and Iranians are competitors in Syria, especially when looking toward state-rebuilding. Should Israeli strikes push the Iranians to play less of a role, the Russians would be the first to fill the void they would leave. Further, Israeli strikes in Syrian military facilities create business opportunities for the Russian arms industry. The Syrian regime will need to replace its destroyed weapons systems, and Russian manufacturers stand ready to supply new ones. Russia, while publicly opposed to Israeli strikes, might actually benefit from a laissez-faire policy toward these attacks.
Finally, regarding Iran, Israel hopes its strikes will push Tehran to abandon its project in Syria. But Iran has shown no willingness so far to consider this. Instead, it has simply worked to make its arms shipments more difficult to detect. The search-and-destroy campaign demands excellent intelligence capabilities on Israel’s part to uncover clandestine shipments sent by air or land to Syria through Iraq. Fine-grained intelligence is also necessary to allow the air strike to be effective and to minimize collateral damage and casualties. This poses a great challenge to Israel because, in time, Iran and its Syrian counterparts can find new, creative ways to mask their supply chain to Syria and avoid detection. Further, as Israel works to push back Iranian proxies from positions near its northern border, its successes create additional complications. When the fight between Iran and Israel in Syria moves closer to the Iraqi border, Israeli air strikes become riskier, Iranian intelligence capabilities become stronger, and Iran’s ability to deny responsibility for missile launches becomes greater. Finally, Iran cannot really be deterred by threats to the integrity of the Syrian state because it views the Assad regime only as a useful path by which it can increase its regional power.
Meanwhile, the Iranians are likely betting that sooner or later Israel will make a mistake, and one of its strikes will cause Russian casualties or damage to Russian facilities in Syria. The September 2018 downing of a Russian military plane by Syrian air defenses following an Israeli strike is an important reference. That incident, in which Israeli forces did not even directly hit their Russian counterparts, provoked a serious diplomatic response from Moscow. While the de-confliction mechanism in place has avoided conflict since then, it is not foolproof, and a direct Israeli hit on Russian positions or personnel would prove dire for Israeli-Russian coordination in Syria. The Iranians are playing the odds, calculating that sooner or later, such a hit will occur.

Israel’s campaign-between-the-wars sits for now in purgatory. Given the gaps in its strategic messaging, Israeli deterrence, in and of itself, will likely not produce the total Iranian withdrawal for which Israel is hoping. The pressures Iran faces by demonstrations at home and in Iraq are perhaps the likelier trigger for Tehran to reconsider its strategy. The best Israel can do, for now, is purgatory, while hoping that broader developments in the region deliver something more decisive.

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Airstrikes? Russian Jets Intercepting Israel Fighter Jets? Remember When... Russian Sub/British Nuclear Sub Tangle

Below will be a number of articles covering activities that are claimed to have taken place in and around Syria. Don't see how it can be verified. But, what makes this all so curious is these incidents directly preceded the  "Russian Doping Scandal" as Anti Russian Hysteria Continues

Last week I'd noticed there were reports of unknown airstrikes taking place in Syria and mentioned it to my hubby at that time. But didn't give it a second thought afterwards because, quite frankly speaking, there are claims and counter claims- Who can really know?
 Dec. 05/2019: ISRAELI AIRSTRIKE? Iranian Weapons Cache in Syria Attacked by Unidentified Planes
"Reports on Syrian media channels began to surface on Wednesday evening that a weapons depot belonging to Iran was attacked by unidentified planes. The depot was located on the border between Syria and Iraq.
The report aired on a news site belonging to the opposition party in Syrian known as Step.
According to the report, the planes fired several missiles at numerous warehouses that belonged to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps at the al-Hamdan airport which is located near Deir Ezzor. The city is located in the Abulkamal region of Syria and has been targeted by Israeli airstrikes in the past due to the many Iranian owned facilities and storage houses there."
Airstrikes that took place this past weekend were then reported.
"Unidentified aircraft bombed three Iranian-controlled weapons depots on Saturday night, killing several members of Tehran-supported militias, Syrian media reported.
Some news outlets in the country said that four fighters were killed in the strike, while others said five. The Syrian government did not immediately release an official tally.
According to the Syrian Step News agency, the airstrikes occurred around 10 p.m. on Saturday, targeting three munitions storehouses in the Boulkamal region of Syria, near the Iraqi border, an area that has reportedly been hit by many Israeli raids in the past year."
Japan Times
"Airstrikes by unidentified warplanes have killed five pro-Iran fighters in Syria’s eastern province of Deir Ezzor near the Iraqi border, a Britain-based war monitor said on Sunday.
The strikes late Saturday targeted “positions of Iranian forces and allied militias” on the edge of the town of Albukamal, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
“Five non-Syrian fighters were killed,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP, without being able to provide their nationalities."

 Russia warplanes intercept Israeli jets over southern Syria: Report

This interception looks to be connected to or in sync with the Dec. 05/19 airstrikes
"According to Russian publication Avia.Pro, Russia’s warplanes intercepted the Israeli warplanes that had been seeking to attack the T-4 Airbase in Syria's western province of Homs last week.
According to the report, two Russian Su-35 fighters took off from the Hmeimim Airbase in Syria's western coastal province of Latakia to intercept the Israeli warplanes. 
Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria, including in the Golan Heights, most of them against what the Tel Aviv regime claims to be the positions of pro-Syrian forces.
The Syrian military has mostly repelled the Israeli strikes, shooting down most of the incoming rockets.
In early 2018, Syria targeted and shot down at least one Israeli F-16 that had intruded into its airspace.
Syria has called on the United Nations to adopt necessary measures to stop Israel’s repeated acts of military aggression in its territory.
'Unidentified' jets attack Dayr al-Zawr 
Meanwhile, to the east of the country, unidentified warplanes conducted airstrikes on Dayr al-Zawr province, killing five pro-government fighters, a pro-opposition monitoring group said.
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the air raids hit positions on the edge of the town of Albukamal late Saturday.
"Five non-Syrian fighters were killed," Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the observatory, told AFP, without being able to specify their nationalities.
He claimed that Syrian government troops and allied fighters were present in the area on the western banks of the Euphrates River."

Are any of these reports true, accurate or correct ?
I don't know. 
Why do these interest me at all? 
Russia took a hit to it's reputation and prestige in the international sports field with the "doping scandal"  news hitting the media today
So, possibly Russia's annoyed the powers that shouldn't be? 
What do you think?

Another interesting happening from 2018:

 Remember when.....

"Russian diesel subs chased a British nuclear sub off the Syrian coast, according to British media.
The incident reportedly involved one or two Russian Kilo-class diesel-powered submarines, which have been dubbed the "Black Hole" by Western navies because they are remarkably quiet. Their prey was a British Astute-class nuclear attack submarine.
"Two Russian frigates and an anti-submarine aircraft are also thought to have been searching for the British boat as it maneuvered to put its Tomahawk cruise missiles within range of Syrian military targets," according to The Times of London."The Astute-class submarine is believed to have spent several days trying to evade detection in a tense and dangerous contest."
The British sub did not fire its Tomahawks during last week's strike by American, British and French forces against Syrian chemical weapons sites, leading to speculation that the British boat was driven off by the Russian subs. The Kilo-class subs were reportedly based at Russia's naval installation at the Syrian port of Tartus, said The Times, citing anonymous British military sources.
"This piece was originally featured in April 2018 and is being republished due to reader's interest. "
This incident looked to have, allegedly, occurred at the time the US/UK/Israel and France were striking Syria for the "chemical attack" in Douma, which has been shown to be a false flag, but, might just be the reason this old story is being rehashed as part of a demonization campaign against Russia. Speculative, sure. But, possible.

Revisiting the Douma False Flag & Subsequent Attacks- Plus Corbett's Report

"Russian Doping Scandal" as Anti Russian Hysteria Continues

Please don't pay attention to the OPCW report scandal.
Pretend that athletes from other nations, save for Russia, have NO scandalous doping issues with their so called athletes. Just target Russia. (rolls eyes) And go back to sleep.

Most recently a Canadian canoeist
Canoeist Laurence Vincent Lapointe is the latest Canadian Olympic medal hopeful to get caught up in a doping controversy. She has tested positive for the banned substance Ligandrol — which can help build and repair muscles — a year out from the Tokyo Games.
Canada's participation in show jumping at the 2020 Olympic Games is in jeopardy because of a positive drug test at the Pan American Games.
Canadian Nicole Walker has been provisionally suspended by the world governing body of equestrian for testing positive for a cocaine metabolite at the 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru
 Political Machinations are obvious in the move

Medvedev says WADA’s decision is continuation of anti-Russian hysteria

 Today’s decision of the World Anti-Doping Agency to bar Russian athletes from participation in Olympic Games and world championships for four years is a manifestation of the chronic anti-Russian hysteria, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medevedv said on Monday.

"The fact that these decisions keep on repeating and are often applicable to those athletes who have already been punished this or that way, obviously makes one think that it is a continuation of the anti-Russian hysteria that has already grown chronic," he stated.
The prime minister thinks that the country's relevant organizations should appeal the decision of the World Anti-Doping Agency on Russia. "I believe those organizations that are responsible for this, I mean Russian organizations that deal with these issues, should mull over challenging this decision," he told a meeting with deputy prime ministers.
The prime minister has acknowledged that Russian sports has faced some doping problems. "Just recently I said in an interview that in this particular case, on the Russian side, too, I mean in our sports community, there still exist considerable problems with doping. It is impossible to deny this," Medvedev said.
Earlier on Monday, the WADA Executive Committee unanimously accepted the recommendation of the Compliance Review Committee (CRC). This will entail sanctions against Russian sports. Russia will be stripped of the right to host major sports competitions or make bids for hosting them for a period of four years. Russian athletes will be unable to compete at world championships and Olympic Games under the national flag. Apart from that, Russian government officials and senior staff of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) will be banned from attending international tournaments.
The Russian Anti-Doping Agency has the right to appeal WADA’s ruling within 21 days.
The world’s governing football body, FIFA, intends to turn to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to specify the details of the sanctions imposed against Russian sports earlier in the day, a spokesperson for FIFA told TASS in a statement on Monday.
WADA leaves door open for Russia ban to be lifted early ‘if raw lab data is provided’ 

The World Anti-Doping Agency has suggested it could reconsider the four-year ban handed to Russia if full and untampered data is provided from the Moscow laboratory at the heart of the current scandal. 
At a meeting on Monday in Lausanne, Switzerland, WADA’s Executive Committee unanimously voted to declare the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) non-compliant, banning Russia for four years from major sporting events including the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup.
But speaking to the media after the decision was announced, WADA Compliance Committee chair Jonathan Taylor left the door open for early reinstatement for RUSADA.
“If the raw data is produced, there can be a reconsideration of the consequences,” Taylor said.  
Complete data from the laboratory would allow the agency to get an accurate picture of Russian athletes’ testing history, and pursue any sanctions in case of undiscovered doping violations. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

NEWSWEEK Reporter Resigns After Suppression Of Facts Regarding Douma/OPCW report

Yesterday:  Revisiting the Douma False Flag & Subsequent Attacks- Plus Corbett's Report

An honest journalist?
Newsweek reporter resigns after accusing outlet of SUPPRESSING story about OPCW leak that undermines Syria ‘gas attack’ narrative
 A reporter for Newsweek says he has quit his job after his editor allegedly refused to publish an article about an internal email that raises serious questions about the OPCW’s findings on an alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria.

“Yesterday I resigned from Newsweek after my attempts to publish newsworthy revelations about the leaked OPCW letter were refused for no valid reason,” Tareq Haddad tweeted out on Saturday.


The recently-leaked document contradicts key conclusions in a report by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), about the April 2018 chemical weapons attack in Douma. The incident was blamed on Damascus and was used by the US and its allies to justify airstrikes against Syrian military installations.

The email, sent by an OPCW inspector who participated in the Douma probe, outlines several instances in which facts discovered by his team had been distorted or suppressed in the OPCW’s draft report, resulting in “an unintended bias” in the resulting text.

In a series of follow-up tweets, the former Newsweek journalist said that he had “collected evidence of how they suppressed the story,” adding that he also had evidence that the outlet had cut material, in a separate incident, because the information was “inconvenient to the US government” – even though it was factually correct.

Tareq claims that he was threatened with legal action after he’d asked his editor why his story about the damning leak had been refused.

Since making the announcement, the now-unemployed reporter has received accolades for his journalistic integrity. His story has also caught the attention of several prominent journalists, including Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, who has been a fierce critic of western media’s coverage of the Douma attack.
While media outlets rushed last year to blame Damascus for the attack, the leaked email – as well as some troubling revelations from an OPCW whistleblower – have been almost completely ignored by the western press.
They haven't been ignored here. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Revisiting the Douma False Flag & Subsequent Attacks- Plus Corbett's Report

Took the time to travel down memory lane... to the coverage HERE at the blog, when the alleged attacks took place. This was an obvious false flag and it was called just that at the time it occurred.

Syrian rebel group Jaish al-Islam accused government forces on Saturday of dropping a barrel bomb containing poisonous chemicals on civilians in eastern Ghouta, injuring more than 500

Neither the rebel group nor the Observatory mentioned any deaths.

At the time of this alleged incident it struck me as highly odd that no deaths were reported.
Not one death was reported when this incident took place.  How could that have been? 
The Israeli media was pushing and pushing on this story....

And then the boy cried wolf
As chicken little said the sky fell

I'm hoping this big lie will not be used as a pretext, however greatly that pretext is desired- especially by Israel
 No deaths until the State Department started pushing the claim that there were victims even though there had been no reports from Jaish al Islam or SOHR about any deaths in the initial reporting.
 Syrian government has stated the obvious- This never happened.  Ya know why the Syrian government is telling the truth?  Because SAA is winning this battle.  The terrorists have lost territory- Lost their footholds.   There is zero need for Syria to resort to this type of tactic.  Resorting to this will only bring  more Usrael intervention Therefore this is just more lies from the terror crowd Usrael always looking for that desired excuse..

Of course the US did use this false flag as a pretext to bomb Syria. With their partner Israel.
If you've forgotten all this, the reposts will refresh your memory

Sunday, April 8, 2018: False Flag Syrian "Chemical Attack" & Trumps "Big Price to Pay"

As readers here were reminded in real time:

 Keep in mind there is no proof that this incident occurred as claimed..
Keep in mind that it’s always trial by media. In the court of perception management.

April 08/ 18: Multiple Reports of Probable US Attack/s on Syrian Military Site/Syria

 April 09/18 :Israel Strikes Syria. US Decision For Further Strikes in 24-48 Hours

The false flag chemical attack created the smoke screen in advance of the desired Israeli move which the US absolutely knew in advance about. I’ve no doubt about that!
Verification that the US knew came after I'd written the preceding sentence via
Israel looks like they want this one and they want it badly- they didn't want Syria heading in their direction.. to impede Israel's plotting

Liberman says Israel will go it alone- I wouldn't put it past them- and will keep an eye on what's happening tonight.... Just can't put anything past Israel
Blood thirsty Israeli Protestors
"Israel informed the United States of its plans to attack in Syria overnight, two U.S. officials told NBC News on Monday morning. The officials confirmed that it was the Israeli military that carried out the strike on an air base in Syria"
 When did Israel inform the US  of the overnight attack?  A week ago? Three days ago? 

Was this planned attack the impetus for the false flag chemical attack?
 Quoting from a Ynet news article embedded the Israeli strikes post
"This Israeli attack is an indirect response on the success of the Syrian army in the removal of terror organizations from the outskirts of Damascus and from other areas in Syria," the telegram read.
"Israel's continued aggression wouldn't be possible without the US administration's absolute support, and the immunity it gives it to continue its acts of terror and to threaten peace and security in the Middle East and in the entire world."
 Jaish al Islam was Israel's terror crew. And when they were being kicked to the curb Israel responded. The false flag 'chemical attack' was concocted and tag teamers Usrael struck Syria.

In closing- as this occurred it was covered thoroughly and called that which it was- a false flag attack. It was the necessary pretext for Usrael to attack Syria. And prop up their terrorists.

That somehow this bit of truth has finally filtered to the surface... well, it was obvious anyway. 
At least to those of us that were paying attention.

Additional  Douma Related Reading 

 Below is James Corbett's latest:

Anyone who has been a long time reader here won't be the least bit surprised by the information contained in the video.

Friday, December 6, 2019

"No Shit Sherlock"-Warmer Climate and Higher Crop Yields in UK

Admittedly I like the term “no shit sherlock” It’s employed when the obvious is stated.And the article which will be shared after the maps and commentary  is a statement of the most obvious sort. British crops could get an “unexpected boost” if we actually had global warming.
Wow, really?
If more people gardened, grew their own veggies, flowers etc-  were connected with the real world, they would understand that FACT. We've struggled for the past several years to get our garden planted so we can harvest successfully. We've had to cover soil to warm it because spring doesn't show up till summer is close. The first snow has been coming earlier and earlier--  We used to have a longer growing period 20 plus years ago. That I can recall. But, now... spring is always late in one of the warmest parts of Canada.

See the Great Lakes region in the map? Where I reside is usually warmer then the rest of Canada.

Except for pretty much the British Columbia coastal zone..

Therefore it is a quintessential “no shit sherlock” statement, that in a normally coolish climate a bit of warmth would make a big difference in crop yields and extended growing periods.
This would apply to Canada as well. And vast swathes of the US.
Russia. China. You get the idea?

Climate change (warming) could provide an unexpected boost for British crops, a pioneering field trial has shown.

The experiment, carried out by scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norfolk, was set up to investigate the link between warmer Octobers and higher yields of oilseed rape.

In a first of its kind trial, researchers heated small plots of land to mimic the temperatures that Britain may reach in the coming decades under global warming.

The extra heat allowed the crop to flower later, giving weeks of extra growing time which could increase yields by up to 30 per cent.
Professor Steve Penfield who carried out the trials said the findings were also likely to apply to other field vegetables such as lettuce, and soft fruits.

“By establishing the link between autumn temperatures and yield, our study highlights an example of climate change being potentially useful to farmers,” said Prof Penfield.

“Cold Octobers have a negative effect on yield if you are growing oilseed rape, and these are now rarer.

“We found that oilseed rape plants stop growing when they go through the floral transition at the end of October, and that warmer temperatures at this time of year enable the plant to grow for longer, giving more potential for higher yields.”   
Field trials in Norfolk have shown that crops benefit from warmer Octobers
Wow, that will so totally convince me- NOT

England was warmer prior to the little ice age- So much warmer, in fact, that wine grapes were grown, prolifically. Whaddya know!?
“The Romans wrote about growing wine grapes in Britain in the first century,” says Avery, “and then it got too cold during the Dark Ages. Ancient tax records show the Britons grew their own wine grapes in the 11th century, during the Medieval Warming, and then it got too cold during the Little Ice Age. It isn’t yet warm enough for wine grapes in today’s Britain. Wine grapes are among the most accurate and sensitive indicators of temperature and they are telling us about a cycle. They also indicate that today’s warming is not unprecedented.”
I suspect the cold may have been the reason the "dark ages" were so DARK. 

There have been reports that England has wine grapes again, albeit on a very limited scale and largely in Southern England

When the Romans were in England they grew wine grapes in the north of England
Btw: it was likely a warmer climate that allowed the Romans to expand the empire in such a massive fashion - just a thought