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US NATO Rep Kay Bailey Hutchison: US Ready To Help Turkey If They Remove the S-400's?!?!

  Needing a break from the covidsanity.

 Was Kay Bailey Hutchison attempting to be funny? I thought perhaps she was being tongue in cheek? Facetious? Seriously though if the US, was ever going to "help" Turkey they wouldn't have purchased the S-400's.  I expect she was may have been appealing to some deep state minions still embedded in Turkey.  Think of Ergenekon? Gladio and Gulen included.

Turkish Minute 

Kay Bailey Hutchison
The US is ready to help Turkey against the Syrian army if Ankara removes the S-400 air defense system purchased from Russia, Kay Bailey Hutchison, the US permanent representative to NATO, said during a telephone briefing on Wednesday, according to the Bulgarian Military website.

“We hope that Turkey will be able to repulse Syrian aggression, as a result of which many Turkish soldiers were killed. We hope that we can collect a package of assistance to Turkey. We hope that Turkey will not deploy the Russian air defense system in its country – it holds back the potential that we can provide them to counter Syrian aggression,” Hutchinson said.“We hope that the Turks … will remove the air defense system, which is located in the very center of Ankara,” she added.
Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 system has led to a rift with the US, with US and NATO officials repeatedly warning that the Russian-made system could undermine NATO systems by serving as a Trojan horse to gather intelligence for the Russian government.
Turkey went ahead with the purchase despite the warnings and started taking delivery of equipment last July.        
The deliveries were well covered here at the time they took place. Including the FACT that Syria's Ambassador to Russia was unconcerned about the deliveries to Turkey taking place.

July 2019:
"At the present moment, Turkey is playing the role of a guarantor country along with Russia [for the ceasefire in Syria] and is coordinating its steps with the Russian leadership and that is why this is outside our attention," the envoy said.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Ontario Premier Doug Ford Set To Up The Fear & Inevitable Stupidity.Today’s buzzword “Stark”

And the extreme paranoia will kick it up a notch. If one can even imagine that occurring?
"Stark " is looking to be the fear word of the day. (Harsh or Blunt BUT also RIGIDLY CONFORMING) Which is sooo interesting, because, while the masses are going to see this as harsh or blunt- I  understand this  coordinated move as a push for rigid conformity. Because that's the goal rigid conformity!

*Premier to release 'really stark' projections Friday as Ontario confirms 401 new COVID-19 cases While it’s being admitted that yes, obviously,  there are  many different outcomes for this flu.  Ontario is going to get the worse case scenario, via computer modelling,  presented today
because* “You deserve to know”

Ontario health officials will release modelling data that shows the worst-case scenario for the province during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Ford had resisted calls to release that modelling as recently as Wednesday, saying there were many different scenarios, but said medical experts will now provide a public briefing.
Ford resisted calls? I don’t know that he did. Nor do you? It seems to me this unsubstantiated claim of Ford “resisting” is the lead up to us believing a reluctant Premiere, who now has his “back against the wall” was simply forced into this decision! Me, I see It as so much more fear mongering.
The myriad of problems with modelling was addressed in a recent report:
Given that Dougie is a named global warming questioner thanks in part to all those erroneous climate models, it’s alarming to find that he willing to use computer models to spread fear. Same as the AGW crowd Mr Ford claims to question. Just a reminder that  PM Doug appointed a “climate change denier” to oversee Ontario Hydro
 And the "denier" speaks specifically of computer models overestimating warming.
"Predictions have also been wrong, sometimes spectacularly, about temperature increases, endangered polar bears, disappearing polar ice and islands sinking into the sea. As well, computer models consistently overestimate warming," he said.
Clearly models can be wrong. They can be very wrong. And yet, today, Doug Ford's government as well as the Alberta government (also climate change"deniers") are going to spread yet more fear by presenting the worst case model for the flu outbreak, exactly as the fear mongering carbon cult has done.

* Stark Projections show Alberta on track for an overwhelmed healthcare system
And look at that! The buzzword "stark" is in the headline 

Have you noticed the “huge spikes” in covid cases the last week or so? You should have had you paid attention? This was obviously because of the clearing of backlogs and does not represent a real increase in daily cases.

From a National Post article with tips to find useful information. Spikes in cases indicates backlogs being cleared.
Furthermore, beware of misleading spikes in daily case counts. They tend to be due to backlogs being cleared or a change in how tests are processed, not a real daily increase in cases.   
Clearing backlogs and spinning numbers was mentioned in the previous post:
"That’s the image you might have in your head given all the hype. However the increase in numbers came about as the province has massively increased testing. It was inevitable that a whole bunch of new cases would arise and sure enough, they did. Doesn’t mean these people are sick. Or that they require hospitalization. Or that they are contagious. It just means this virus, in their system, was found  due to the massive increase in testing! (I won't even get into the problem with false positives other then to say inform yourself- It's an issue)"
The Public Relations (PR) perception managing  "stark "press release and coordinated 'tell all"is being done for the express reason of spreading yet more fear.

Corona Pandemic Hysteria = Global Psychological Operation??
Don’t Panic It Makes You Stupid 
The amygdala, known as the fear center, one of the most primitive brain regions, overrides the prefrontal cortex, which handles working memory and executive function. "When those deep brain areas are active, they shanghai your cortical neurons," says psychiatrist Edward Hallowell, author of CrazyBusy. "Your IQ plummets. Your creativity, your sense of humor — all of that disappears. You're stupid."
Fear makes people act irrational, and then they are easier controlled, willingly giving up freedom, rights, etc. It activates the reptilian brain of pure physical survival instinct.It’s easier to mind control people when they are in a state of fear. People then also start to police each other and keep each other in check. They can even become afraid of each other because of fear of getting infected. They turn into authoritarian followers to the extreme, following all orders, laws, and rules without questioning driven by fear (most people anyway).                      
This is how the government has  terrorized the citizens into compliance while turning them into snitches and rats.

And Canadian's are snitches and rats- 

They've turned themselves into the worst kind of totalitarian/fascist informants one could have ever imagined. I can literally find thousands of these reports that suggest the snitch lines are well used by virtue signalling Canadians helping to grow the POLICE STATE.

*Toronto COVID-19 snitches are watching

* Municipality opens COVID-19 snitch line 
* Provinces open up COVID-19 snitch lines

the bodies of lost souls neither alive nor dead -
 I've been married for nearly 35 years and still hold my husband's hand to this day. I've no intention of being outdoors and social distancing from him. We've lived together for decades now. We share the same property, house, bathroom and bedroom. The very idea of us "social distancing" while out doors is bizarre. No, it's beyond bizarre!!  And yet some snitch could turn us in to the authority. Think about that?
 We'll happily stay away from other people. Frankly the way most people looks these days with their faces filled with fear is reason enough to want to keep away from them!

I sure as hell don't want to catch stupid and fearful from these zombies.

 Long term the problems that will arise from all these manipulations will manifest in destroyed communities, lacking trust and having no ability, desire or will to cooperate within them. That's a very bad prognosis. For all of us

The  OVERreaction of fearful people is more frightening and dangerous

Thursday, April 2, 2020

3- Temporary Global Government To Tackle Covid Problem? Gordon Brown Makes The Call.

Questions, questions, questions.....
 Temporary Global Government? Oh, really?!
hattip Gwen!
I think they're working like beavers on the next stage:

Ex-UK PM Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus pandemic

Former UK prime minister Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to deal with the coronavirus crisis.  
Brown said the proposed global taskforce should oversee and support the development of a vaccine and the production and distribution of medical equipment, and help to deal with the economic fallout of the crisis. To do the latter, it should coordinate the efforts of central banks; take steps to prevent the flight of capital from emerging market economies; and agree a joint approach to the use of government spending to boost growth.
Brown, who was at the centre of international efforts to lessen the impact of the 2008 financial crash, told The Guardian the taskforce should comprise heads of state, health experts and the heads of international organisations. I would need the executive powers to coordinate the response, he argued.
“This is not something that can be dealt with in one country,” he told the British newspaper. “There has to be a coordinated global response.”
We already have the UN. And don't need more bureaucrats.
On Thursday, G20 leaders agreed during a virtual summit to do “whatever it takes” to minimise the social and economic damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. A statement issued after the meeting said G20 members had undertaken a $5 trillion (€4.5 trillion) stimulus through targeted fiscal policy and insurance schemes, and members would look to increase funding to multilateral bodies as required. Central bank governors were urged to draw up an action plan with finance ministers.
 Can we understand why the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic?
Can we see planning for the future in that move?

Covid "Pandemic" Brought to You by WHO Pandemic Definition Change- Numbers of Dead Too Low?

2- Do We Know Enough To Justify the Extreme Security Measures Taken?

Continuing on with the asking of questions

1-Did Covid 19 Come From the US?

hattip yaya- who had this excellent video posted at her place- 

It's german with english subtitles

heroes in our time


1- Did Covid 19 Come From the US?

hattip majestika

Forgive me if this has already been posted 'the coronavirus conspiracy' by Nathan Rich, interesting watch.

Hope everyone stays safe and well in these troubling times x

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Covid "Pandemic" Brought to You by WHO Pandemic Definition Change- Numbers of Dead Too Low?

 Long time readers here may recall that just prior to the "swine flu pandemic" the World Health Organization changed their definition of pandemic. This change in definition that took place more then a decade ago, made it possible for the WHO to label the Swine Flu of '09 a pandemic. It wasn't. This change also made it possible for them to claim Covid is a pandemic as well. So far it's looking much like the swine flu pandemic, which didn't manifest and might explain why it's being claimed the numbers of dead are too low. We'll get to that in the second part of this report

First the definition change

 However, if you wish to create the illusion of a pandemic, spread fear for political and pharmaceutical profit purposes, the hysteria surrounding H1N1 has been ideal.
Just create the right balance of fear and reassurance. Come up with fancy slogans like "this year it is a different flu season" but also reassure the populace that the vaccine is coming, and most cases are mild.
We've got lots of fancy slogans this time round too! 
  • "We're all in this together"
  • "Flatten the curve"
  • "Clap for healthcare workers"
Of course that's simple reinforcement of propaganda through repetition.
'09- But, how to get all this started? I know, lets start the show with a bang by (LA Times)  changing the very meaning of pandemic, as was done by the WHO, so that you can hype a pandemic out of just about any influenza situation.For visuals, see here (WND)

This is how WHO once defined pandemic:

"The WHO definition for "influenza pandemic" once required "several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness."

Now it requires "sustained chains of human-to-human transmission leading to community-wide outbreaks" in two parts of the world, with this addition: The cause must be an animal or human-animal flu virus; the latter is known as genetic reassortment.
Conveniently Covid-19 is exactly that. A animal or animal human flu virus. Which fits many viruses, really.
What makes this interesting is this-
Under this new definition, "community-wide outbreaks" of swine flu in two South American countries and somewhere in China could qualify as a pandemic. No deaths required.
To claim a pandemic no deaths were required. 

As has so often been written here language creates the reality. A change in definition alters reality by altering perceptions. By changing the definition the WHO changed the reality of what constitutes a pandemic. This is Propaganda. To the core. 

Below is some additional information included at WND from an interview with Der Spiegel
Epidemiologist Tom Jefferson, formerly a general practitioner in the British Army, has worked for the Cochrane Collaboration for 15 years. He evaluates all published flu-related studies.
In a July 21 interview with Der Spiegel magazine, Jefferson asked, "Don't you think there's something noteworthy about the fact that the WHO has changed its definition of pandemic?"
It seemed to me there was something noteworthy about the WHO changing the very definition of a pandemic 11 years ago- Which is why it was written about here!
He continued, "The old definition was a new virus, which went around quickly, for which you didn't have immunity, and which created a high morbidity and mortality rate. Now the last two have been dropped, and that's how swine flu has been categorized as a pandemic."
Jefferson said there's money to be made when a pandemic occurs.
"The WHO and public health officials, virologists and the pharmaceutical companies. They've built this machine around the impending pandemic," he said. "And there's a lot of money involved, and influence, and careers, and entire institutions! And all it took was one of these influenza viruses to mutate to start the machine grinding."
He said he saw no difference in the definition between the swine flu and a normal flu epidemic. Jefferson told the magazine that there are hundreds of other viruses that can be deadly, but researchers aren't as interested in those because the money isn't as readily available.
"With rhinoviruses, RSV and the majority of the other viruses, it's hard to make a lot of money or a career out of it. Against influenza, though, there are vaccines, and there are drugs you can sell," he said. "And that's where the big money from the pharmaceuticals industry is. It makes sure that research on influenza is published in the good journals. And that's why you have more attention being paid there, and the entire research field becomes interesting for ambitious scientists."

 Then the Lives lost figure too low 

That's an odd claim. Lives lost figure too low. Too low, why? Too low for who? 
Or too low for WHO?  And, here I thought we were locked down for the express purpose of saving lives? 
The tone of the CTV article struck me as odd, since, it's asking if we "should be comparing countries?" Isn't that what this has all been about?  No one cared when it came to spreading the fear porn far, wide and liberally if it was right or wrong to compare? 

Sure as hell CTV didn't give a WHOot!
"TORONTO -- In a little more than two months, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, raced around the world and turned a handful of known cases to more than three quarters of a million, with at least 36,000 lives lost - reported figures that the scientific and health communities widely agree are too low.
"with at least 36,000 lives lost - reported figures that the scientific and health communities widely agree are too low."

Why would 36, 000 lives lost globally be considered too low?
How could anyone really ask that?
Isn't it enough that many people lost their family members? 
That vast swathes of the alleged free world are locked down due to this alleged "pandemic"

Or is the question being asked because 36,000 deaths globally isn't really a pandemic when one considers the multi billion population of this planet?

Hell, 36,000 deaths is not even a bad global flu season on an annual basis.

* the article regarding "low death rates" is a few days old. Today's global count is 44,264 as of the time this report is published- Still not into the numbers of a bad global flu season!

Is that the reason CTV is finally questioning the narrative?

Lastly: Since there is always money to be made from pandemics you can of course, purchase a "covid plushy"

Monday, March 30, 2020

Canadian Households Vulnerable to Income Interruption- Two Crisis Unfold: Corona and Consumer Debt Bubble Bursting

Continuing on the financial theme:
This fear is very real as the COVID-19 pandemic has many losing their income overnight. While delinquencies in the past have been low, we know some Canadians are living paycheque-to-paycheque, with little wiggle in household budgets for this sort of major income disruption.
And my fear is it’s only going to get worse.
“Our results underscore how vulnerable Canadian households are to income interruption. Over the next few months we’ll likely see an unfolding of two crises: the global pandemic and the bursting of the Canadian consumer debt bubble,” said MNP President Grant Bazian in a release.
This is a very scary time and sadly there is not a quick fix. If you can avoid it, don't resort to high-cost payday loans or high-interest credit cards.
Instead, consider the following:
  • Pay the minimum for now on outstanding debt
  • Pay the most expensive debt first
  • Cut back on everything but necessities. Don't panic buy.
  • Consolidate your debt. You may even consider financing your mortgage or explore a consolidation loan.
  • Consider speaking with a credit counsellor. There are programs and options available that the government has now put into place to assist you through a challenging financial situation. 
But the most important step is acknowledging you might be in over your head and you can’t do it alone. There’s no shame in that. It takes courage and strength to get through this difficult time.