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Macron Puts the Army in The Streets, Heavily & Lethally Armed- Chemical Weapons Used

Scroll down for an update regarding some type of chemical markers that have been deployed against the French people..

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 Macron calls out the military

This has the potential for disaster. Real ugliness.  I'm very frightened for the French people.

France 24
French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that soldiers will be deployed across the country to help maintain security during Yellow Vest protests planned this weekend. But the move has been met with fierce criticism.

The troops will be redeployed from the "Sentinelle" anti-terror operation during this weekend’s protests to secure government buildings and other sites, and to allow police forces to focus on maintaining public order. 

However these soldiers are armed with automatic weapons, raising concerns about how they will respond if set upon....
“Maintaining order in France should be the police’s and the National Gendarmerie’s business. It is not the army’s job,” Guillaume Larrivé, MP for the centre-right Les Républicains party told Radio Classique.
Larrivé criticised the government’s “improvised” response to the Yellow Vest crisis, and expressed concern the move would “end up weakening civil peace”.
On Wednesday, Bruno Retailleau, leader of Les Républicains Senators, called on Macron to “reverse this disastrous decision”.
The move was met with similar criticism on the Left. “In what European democracy is the army called in to police a social movement?” Raphaël Glucksmann, who will lead the Socialist Party at the EU elections, asked on Twitter.

 This shows the extent of Macron’s failure to reconcile the French and to ease the tensions in our society,” Glucksmann added.
“It’s unheard of,” Benoît Hamon, Socialist Party candidate in the last presidential election, said Thursday, adding that “the government was releasing an arsenal of security and martial measures to mask the Interior Minister Christophe Castaner’s incompetence”.
They are armed with lethal weapons. They have a telescopic baton and a Famas or HK 416, the army's new assault rifle, which must be loaded. "They don’t have a riot shield to protect themselves or an intermediate defence weapon," said Tenebaum. “It is therefore important to provide extremely clear guidelines as to what actions they can take."
About those clear guidelines?
Yah, they can open fire on protestors
The orders of the soldiers are set out extremely strictly… The orders are extremely precise. They have different modes of action to face all threats. It could go as far as opening fire… if their life is threatened or life of those they defend," Leray told Franceinfo broadcaster.
French left-wing politician Jean-Luc Melenchon wrote to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Friday calling Leray's comments "serious" and "feeding deadly escalation."
"In fact, keeping order is not a task attributed to the armed forces. The armed forces are tasked with defending the nation against its enemies. Protesters can under no circumstances be considered internal enemies," Melenchon, the head of La France Insoumise party, said in a letter published on his website.
Update begins:

Got this from Gallier the elder via email- With many thanks :)

 This short story by Stategika51, a blog that has proved to
be more than one time well informed, seems to me to be another revealing
example of the totalitarianism that reigns now within the French government.

UPDATE March 23/19: Yes, it was acknowledged that last week end some sort of 'last resort' chemical weapons were used.

Mr Philippe also admitted that 'inappropriate orders' were handed out to Paris officers on Saturday, and that he was sacking police chief Michel Delpuech, and replacing him with Didier Lallement, from the South West.
 French security forces used a 'last resort' chemical weapon against them for the first time on Saturday.
In a move showing the increasing desperation of Mr Macron's government, gendarmes confirmed that a 'small amount' of the gas was released close to the Arc de Triomphe.

Translated below: France: the government uses chemical markers and nanoparticles on
demonstrators for the first time

Unbeknownst to them, Yellow Vests and passers-by became guinea pigs for the first global experiment on humans with nanoparticles and chemical markers whose effect on biological organisms is still very poorly understood.

For the French government, these are harmless "coded chemical marking products" that impregnate the skin, hair and clothing of the targeted persons for a period ranging from several weeks to decades. Officially this fuzzy technology has never been used against human beings. However, specific information gathered from some security professionals indicates
that in Act XVIII, yellow vests, water cannons and gases containing DNA markers and nano-particles were used against demonstrators without prior warning.
In addition to chemical markers and nanoparticles whose effects on human health are poorly understood, the addition of new psychotropic substances to CS gases is a real large-scale experiment in new social
control techniques similar to those of the worst dystopias in science fiction films and novels. These "DNA weapons" developed in Great Britain and widely used in Israel contain chemical and biological substances whose harmfulness to human health has been deliberately ignored,
particularly in Israel where Palestinian prisoners claim to have contracted various types of cancers as a result of their DNA marking or the use of other control techniques involving nano-particles that may have damaged the genetic material of their cells. The French government
admitted to using chemical markers on demonstrators as an experiment during the demonstrations of May 1, 2018.
However, the populations had to be warned that they would be the subject of prohibited experiments. For advocates of such processes, DNA or RNA marking products do not represent any danger but their purpose is not supported by any scientific evidence. It is known that the impact of most biochemicals used by or on humans can only be detected after years since most non-positive studies are systematically censored by the major chemical companies, and the use of psychotic substances to control demonstrations and urban riots has proved much safer in the field..... In 2014, police forces in Ukraine experimented with LSD-containing gas bombs supplied by an Israeli company on demonstrators in Kiev and the result was catastrophic: the targeted demonstrators became much more agitated and violent and some began to have violent convulsions before throwing themselves at the police vehicles, requiring the use of live ammunition to stop them. In Brazil, the police experimented in 2016 with chemicals to calm rioters, but the experiment went wrong and the police eventually reduced violence through the use of war weapons. In reality, the substance used resembled an extremely dangerous neurotoxic drug that had a direct impact on the nervous system. In Israel, some gases used against demonstrators contain endocrine disrupters, hallucinogens and LSD in addition to endocrine disrupters to make demonstrators more violent for the desired effect in order to justify the use of snipers and very high velocity fire (special alloy bullets with an initial velocity of 1200 m/sec). The gases used in France for law enforcement include CS ((2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile), irritants but recently neurotoxicants that can profoundly alter the capacities of perception and consciousness. Other types of nano-particles are increasingly used in law enforcement, but their use remains secret because even the police officers who use them do not always know the nature of the non-lethalweapon they use... With the chemical markings of individuals, our societies have just taken a further step in the totalitarian control of the individual, down to the roots of his hair and DNA.

And they call this democracy? (by and for the people)
Not for anyone, anywhere. Wake up to that fact.
The first world is the new third world.

Padded with power here they come 
International loan sharks backed by the guns 
Of market hungry military profiteers 
Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared 
With the blood of the poor 
Who rob life of its quality 
Who render rage a necessity
 By turning countries into labour camps 
Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

See the paid off local bottom feeders
Passing themselves off as leaders
Kiss the ladies, shake hands with the fellows
And it's open for business like a cheap bordello
And they call it democracy

Erdogan's Response to the Christchurch Manifesto Message

 Observations--- the media, main stream and the so called "alternative" media is portraying Erdogan talking about the Christchurch incident to the citizens of Turkey as something irrational.  As if it's being discussed for no particular reason at all. 
But that's not really the case
 Of course, it's easy enough to manipulate the masses when you leave out entirely why the Turks are discussing this specific incident.  What is it about this incident that has them concerned.
 Seems to me as the leader of Turkey, Erdogan probably should keep an open dialogue with the citizens of Turkey.  Including talking about what was in the manifesto. 
Since the Christchurch shooter went to what could be characterized as extreme lengths to send a message to Turkey, Turks in general, and to call for the assassination of Erdogan in his manifesto. Erdogan must "bleed his last"
Right after the Christchurch shooter targets Turkey
And MOA writes what is at best a hit piece on Erdogan - And a poor one at that. Laughably describing Turkey as the main sponsor of ISIS. Decrying the arrests of journalists, many of whom were undoubtedly spies- (I'm thinkin' Marie Colvin of Syria, Egypt, Libya, Kosovo)
Yah, "journalists" who probably shouldn't have been in Turkey. 
Venezuela is another nation that target's journalists. Allegedly.
French journalists. Spanish journalists. One connected to the black out.  Univision journalists (creepy) Venezuela is condemned for arresting these alleged journalists. 
Are they really journalists? Or are they simply part and parcel of the CIA/ 5 eyes, journalist/spy racket?

As for the main sponsor of ISIS... I'm thinking the US and Israel fill that bill much better

-Wasn't it the US that dropped tons and tons of weapons to ISIS?  Including in, but not limited to, the Sinjar Mountains (Yes) 
-And wasn't/hasn't it been the US that has flown ISIS out of Syria to Afghanistan. (Yes) 
-And wasn't it the US that gave ISIS free passage out of Raqqa.(Yes) 
-Yah, and wasn't it British special forces driving around Syria dressed as ISIS.. so they could 'fight them" (Yes)
-Israel unconcerned about ISIS being at their border with Syria?

It's interesting that the Christchurch shooter, John Bolton and "alt media" like MOA all target Turkey in the mass consciousness, in the short space of one week? 

The Christchurch shooter was well versed in history for an uneducated nobody. Allegedly
And he advanced this idea that Christians should be at war with Muslims, specifically obsessed with Ottomans. Now the Ottoman empire is long gone. All that remains is Turkey.
But they are not equivalents.  
Just like the USSR does not equal Russia. 
And Italy does not equal the Roman Empire. 
However... when Turkey is demonized the “Ottoman” meme is tossed around. Much like when Russia is demonized then we get "the Soviets." It's tiresome propaganda. Rehashed relentlessly.

I'm thinking Erdogan understood the message that was sent to Turkey via the shooter’s manifesto and his dated gun etc. Recall I speculated there was a message to Turkey in the manifesto? (Christchurch Shooter Manifesto Targets Turks/Assassinate Erdogan?)
Message received and responded to. 
Except this message is not to the shooter. 
It’s to those that have the intention to destroy Turkey.

Focusing on just an excerpt from a Wapo oped

In the wake of the New Zealand attack, Turkish authorities discovered that Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the alleged gunman, had visited Turkey twice in 2016 and spent time in various parts of the country. Moreover, we established that Tarrant traveled to a number of other places — including Morocco, Israel and Croatia.
" American intelligence officers have helped the Arab governments shop for weapons, including a large procurement from Croatia"

Turkish intelligence and law enforcement agencies, in cooperation with New Zealand and others, continue their efforts to shed light on what happened and to prevent future attacks.

The Christchurch massacre’s alleged perpetrator attempted to legitimize his twisted views by distorting world history and the Christian faith. He sought to plant seeds of hate among fellow humans. As a leader who has repeatedly stressed that terrorism has no religion, language or race, I categorically reject any attempt to associate last week’s terrorist attacks with the teachings, morals or maxims of Christianity. If anything, what happened in New Zealand was the toxic product of ignorance and hate.

This is not the first time the Turkish people have witnessed a gross distortion of history in the hands of terrorists. Viewing history through the lens of its radical ideology, the self-proclaimed Islamic State, a terrorist organization that has killed thousands of predominantly Muslim civilians in recent years, called for the “reconquest” of Istanbul — much like the Christchurch attacker, who pledged in his manifesto to make the city “rightfully christian owned once more.” The Islamic State similarly vowed to destroy the Republic of Turkey — one of the reasons Turkish troops cracked down so hard on the terror group in Syria.

It should go without saying that the Turkish people won’t just abandon their centuries-old homeland because the terrorists demand it. Nor will we ever let deranged murderers talk us into targeting any religious community, nation or group.
The Turkish people will not abandon their centuries old homeland because "terrorists" demand it. No matter which terrorists. Or whose terrorists? 
Message received. Response given.

It was covered years ago, that yes,  ISIS declared they would conquer Istanbul
A new video released online called on Muslims to "conquer Istanbul" – one of the Middle East's most popular cities.

And of course ISIS claimed the Istanbul nightclub attack, with references to the attempted coup and killing of Erdogan

There were other ISIS attacks on Turkey as well... 
IS Erdogan using the incident in New Zealand as an election tool? Of course he is. 
But not without reason. 

And finally- Turkey convicted an Australian Born ISIS Militant

I'd saved this one nearly a week ago, an Australian born ISIS militant convicted. 
Meanwhile an Australian born shooter, perpetuates terror acts in New Zealand, delivering a manifesto far and wide featuring a terror filled screed aimed at Turkey.
Australian-born Islamic State (ISIS) militant Neil Prakash 
The 27-year-old former rapper from Melbourne was arrested near the Syrian border in 2016, while he was trying to cross into Turkey with fake documents. According to the Turkish prosecutors, he illegally crossed into Syria from Turkey in 2013 to join ISIS. 

What's with all these ISIS rappers? 
Interesting as well, paying attention to the time line of the Syria conflict the Neil Prakash crossed over into Syria, illegally, in 2103, which as coincidence would have it is the same time as the CIA was at the border arming fighters with arms shipped from Croatia in 2013

Australia has stripped him of his citizenship but want him extradited back to... Australia.
Australia has stripped Prakash, who has Fijian and Cambodian parents, of his citizenship for extremist links, the AP said. It also wants Turkey to extradite Prakash, who faces a potential life sentence in Australia

From earlier

Recognizing Israel’s Right to Stolen Syrian Land = Recognizing Kurdish Right to Same

Recognizing Israel’s Right to Stolen Syrian Land = Recognizing Kurdish Right to Same

Setting the necessary precedent?  I'd say so. 
You can say ‘well it was only a tweet’. But, it was a significant tweet to be sure.
Netanyahu grabbed onto it immediately

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday it was time to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights that Israel seized from Syria in 1967, marking a dramatic shift in U.S. policy and giving a boost to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the middle of his re-election campaign.

The disputed area was captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed in 1981 in a move not recognised internationally. Netanyahu has pressed the United States to recognise its claim and raised that possibility in his first White House meeting with Trump in February 2017.

“After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognise Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!” Trump wrote on Twitter.
ABC News
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is currently in Israel meeting with Netanyahu just weeks before a heated Israeli election and the announcement will be seen as a boost for Netanyahu, who is battling charges of fraud and bribery.
Mike Pompeo says president 'possibly' sent by God to save Jewish people over Golan Heights

 “I am confident that the Lord is at work here,” Mike Pompeo told the Christian Broadcasting Network in Jerusalem, over a decision branded “illegal” by Tehran.

Trump condemned by Iran, Turkey, Russia and Syria over support for Israel's claim to Golan Heights

Iran, Turkey and Russia are among a growing list of nations to have sharply criticised Donald Trump after he said it was time to recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights, as Syria vowed to recover the area using "all available means".

The Kremlin said Russia hoped Mr Trump's call to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights would remain just that, and not be enacted.

"It is just a call for now. Let's hope it will remain a call," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call. He also said such calls risk seriously destabilising the Middle East and harm efforts to find a peace settlement in the region.
An Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said: "This illegal and unacceptable recognition does not change the fact that it belongs to Syria.”

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on March 22 that Trump's move has brought the region to the edge of a new crisis. "We cannot allow the legitimization of the occupation of the Golan Heights," Erdogan told a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
Syria's Foreign Ministry said in a statement carried by state news agency SANA that Damascus "condemns in the strongest terms the irresponsible statements of [Trump] regarding the occupied Syrian Golan."

Trump's remark "affirms the blind bias of the United States to the Zionist occupation entity and its unlimited support for aggressive behavior," SANA added.

Next move for Trump? Recognizing the area the PKK/YPG/SDF declared as there own?
Why not.

SITREP Syria: Kurds Declare Their Region (March 10/19)
     “Syrian Kurds unilaterally declared the creation of a federal region in northeastern Syria on Thursday, raising fears of an accelerating disintegration of Syria along ethnic and sectarian lines and complicating efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.” 
    The recognition “came at the end of a two-day meeting in the northeastern Syrian town of Rmeilan”
Was anyone so naive to think the Kurds made this move without an OK from the US?
As stated at the time that news was covered:
Undoubtedly US representatives were present. It’s absolute nonsense to believe the US does not fully support this move- This has been their goal all along. This is what has been worked towards for 8 years now

Recent related:

Israel Discovers "The Golan File"

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Changes in ocean 'conveyor belt' foretold abrupt climate changes by four centuries

Hattip geofish

The oceans are a huge factor in global climate change. 

 A fact that is always glossed over by the  anti life carbon cult.  
How is that even realistic? Considering the oceans cover more then 70 percent of the planet. While holding 97 percent of earth's water.


The planet Earth is a planet of oceans. Oceans cover about 71 percent of the Earth's surface.
The oceans' tremendous presence causes it to have a huge effect on the planet and our civilization. It is greatly responsible for the climate of the Earth


Simplified diagram of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. It carries warm water from the tropics (red arrows) into the North Atlantic, where the water cools and sinks before flowing back south (yellow arrows). This pattern plays an important role in regulating climate in the North Atlantic as well as the rest of the world

In the Atlantic Ocean, a giant 'conveyor belt' carries warm waters from the tropics into the North Atlantic, where they cool and sink and then return southwards in the deep ocean. This circulation pattern is an important player in the global climate, regulating weather patterns in the Arctic, Europe, and around the world. Evidence increasingly suggests that this system is slowing down, and some scientists fear it could have major effects, such as causing temperatures to dive in Europe and warming the waters off the East coast of the United States, potentially harming fisheries and exacerbating hurricanes.

A new study published in Nature Communications provides insight into how quickly these changes could take effect if the system continues weakening. Led by scientists at Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in collaboration with the Norwegian Research Centre, the study is the first to precisely determine the time lags between past changes to the ocean conveyor belt and major climate changes.

The team studied a key section of the ocean current pattern, known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). They zeroed in on a section where water sinks from the surface to the bottom of the North Atlantic. They confirmed that the AMOC started weakening about 400 years before a major cold snap 13,000 years ago, and began strengthening again about 400 years before an abrupt warming 11,000 years ago.

"Our reconstructions indicate that there are clear climate precursors provided by the ocean state—like warning signs, so to speak," says lead author Francesco Muschitiello, who completed the work as a postdoc at Lamont-Doherty and now works at the University of Cambridge.

Until now, it has been difficult to resolve whether past changes in the ocean conveyor belt occurred before or after the abrupt climate shifts that punctuated the last deglaciation in the Northern Hemisphere. To overcome the usual challenges, the team pieced together data from a sediment core drilled from the bottom of the Norwegian Sea, a lake sediment core from southern Scandinavia, and ice cores from Greenland. 

Readers here may recall my saying I don't long for the 'good old days' of the glaciation period when my 'neck of the woods' was buried under miles and miles of ice. And AGW did not cause that ice to retreat as it melted leaving me with the landscape I love to this day. The lakes. The escarpment. Many waterfalls. Including, but not limited to, Niagara Falls.

The study finds that changes in AMOC strength (blue line) began hundreds of years before the sharp and abrupt temperature changes over Greenland (red line) that mark the beginning and end of the hemispheric cold snap known as the Younger Dryas period

Comparing the data from the three cores revealed that the AMOC weakened in the time leading up to the planet's last major cold snap, called the Younger Dryas, around 13,000 years ago. The ocean circulation began slowing down about 400 years before the cold snap, but once the climate started changing, temperatures over Greenland plunged quickly by about 6 degrees.

Present time the AMOC is weakening- as reported.  How much weakening will bring on a cold snap? Could this be a factor in my noticing the extended cold periods we've been experiencing for years now? 
Considering Hawaii had snow. As did Arizona. Arizona had lots of snow- Very unusual.
A similar pattern emerged near the end of that cold snap; the current started strengthening roughly 400 years before the atmosphere began to heat up dramatically, transitioning out of the ice age. Once the deglaciation started, Greenland warmed up rapidly—its average temperature climbed by about 8 degrees over just a few decades, causing glaciers to melt and sea ice to drop off considerably in the North Atlantic.

"Those [400-year] lags are probably on the long side of what many would have expected," says Anders Svensson, who studies the paleoclimate at the University of Copenhagen, and who was not involved with the current study. "Many previous studies have suggested time lags of various lengths, but few have had the necessary tools to determine the phasing with sufficient accuracy."

Please read the linked information entirely as I've only included excerpts


U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution on Geoengineering- Weather Warfare?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution on Geoengineering- Weather Warfare?

 Way back in 2011, it was proposed here that weather warfare was part and parcel of the AGW scam/scheme  Climate "engineering" = Weather Warfare???
"Has the climate change hysteria been fabricated for two reasons.
To justify the carbon market and the subsequent monetary extraction?
Additionally, to justify using climate "engineering" as a cover for weather warfare experimentation?"
UPDATED LINK from 2011 post:  The SPICE Project

The SPICE Project

SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering) is an EPSRC, NERC and STFC co-funded 3½ year collaboration between the University of Bristol, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh which began in October 2010.
Began in October 2010- Nearly nine years ago. Yet, when you read the Scientific America article it's stated and I quote  "Those controversial efforts are still in the planning stage and are not operational."
The SPICE project is investigating the effectiveness of Solar Radiation Management (SRM). SRM involves offsetting the effects of greenhouse gas increases by causing the Earth to absorb less radiation from the Sun.
 Again in 2018: "The CIA Asked Me About Controlling The Climate"- We Should Worry!
"Personally, I believe weather warfare aka geo-engineering aka “climate intervention” is a big part of the AGW psy op. To put it another way the AGW/global warming hoax gives cover to the long desired, likely some what successful attempts at weather warfare.
Oh and the CIA as our only hope spin really annoys me!"
Never mind the global control over every living thing..

Scientific American
The United States joined Saudi Arabia to derail a U.N. resolution that sought to improve the world’s understanding of potential efforts to lace the sky with sunlight-reflecting aerosols or use carbon-catching fans.

The two countries were joined by Brazil in blocking the resolution at the U.N. Environment Assembly conference in Nairobi, Kenya, earlier this week. The measure asked the world’s decision making body on the environment to commission a report outlining research and planning related to carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management. Those controversial efforts are still in the planning stage and are not operational.

Switzerland and nine other nations originally asked the U.N. Environment Programme for guidance on possible future governance options and analysis of the implications of geoengineering, but they agreed to substantially reduce the scope of their resolution in hopes that the United States, Saudi Arabia and Brazil would allow it to move forward. The final version, which failed to gain consensus Wednesday, would have asked UNEP only to provide a compilation by next year of current scientific research on geoengineering and U.N. bodies that have adopted resolutions regarding it.
The proponents wished to see UNEA become the institutional home for geoengineering within the U.N. structure. But sources said the United States in particular insisted that questions about geoengineering be left to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (Why would the US request that geo engineering questions be left to the IPCC?) a scientific body with a narrow focus on global warming. ( Nice to see that is writing! That's all the IPCC is about "global warming" It's "narrow focus")Geoengineering will be a key part of the IPCC’s upcoming Sixth Assessment Report to be published in 2021 and 2022, and sources say the U.S. negotiators refused to agree to any other study or assessment that would be published before it.
The United States’ focus on the IPCC raised eyebrows. Both the United States and Saudi Arabia angered parties at the U.N. climate talks in Katowice, Poland, in December by questioning IPCC’s work. The two countries joined Russia to block a popular proposal to “welcome” last year’s landmark IPCC report that said the world must act aggressively to counteract climate change within 12 years. The special report said that failing to do so would result in catastrophic effects.
Thanks Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia for refusing to endorse a  fear mongering propaganda report. Undoubtedly created by some of the best PR firms on the planet, oh I mean environmentalists.....
Environmentalists expressed disappointment.
‘Environmentalists’- that’s a loosey goosey description
“There’s definitely a lot of frustration on the part of those countries that have fought for the resolution in the last two weeks and have tried to improve it and find consensus,” said Linda Schneider, a senior program officer with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (a political foundation affiliated with the German Green Party.. seemingly linked to Green Youth (Germany)

Which makes me think of James Corbett's latest video:

 Children Make Perfect Propaganda Props 

"Besides Switzerland, the motion was backed by Burkina Faso, Micronesia, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Mali, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Niger and Senegal. Other parties, including some European nations and Bolivia, argued for even stronger language for using caution in approaching geoengineering. None of them opposed the final resolution.

The final version of the measure included a lengthy preamble that expressed concern about the “potential transboundary risks and adverse impacts of carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation management on the environment and sustainable development.” It also emphasized the importance of “applying the precautionary principle” when fiddling with the world’s thermostat.
Daniel Bodansky, a professor of law at Arizona State University and an expert on international climate agreements, criticized the resolution for painting direct air capture of carbon dioxide and solar radiation management with the same brush.

“I can understand fears about the latter,” he said. “But I find it much more difficult to understand objections to the former. Lumping them together as ‘geoengineering’ makes no sense to me, since they don’t pose similar risks.”

Some experts suggest that there could be unwanted side effects from infusing the atmosphere with aerosols, like more severe weather.
Last paragraph quoting the "environmentalist" again

But Schneider of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung said the U.N. Environment Assembly’s broad purview made it the ideal forum to oversee future geoengineering experiments or governance issues.


Corbett Report: Green Reaper Demands You Sacrifice The Children To the Cult

When 11 Becomes 12

In all the busy-ness of the past couple of weeks- The birth day of the blog was missed by a few days.

Yup- year 11 came and went and now year 12 has begun.

There are almost 4900 published posts here. It's an astonishing number to conceive of. 
All the searching, reading and writing along with the learning over these many years.

Mr Fantasy- Traffic
cause we need a song :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

US Sanctions Venzuelan Gold Mines: Bolton- Regime Change Gaining Momentum

The U.S. on Tuesday blacklisted Venezuela's state-owned gold mining company CVG Compania General de Mineria de Venezuela CA, or Minerven, in its latest effort to clamp down on the country's gold trade.
Minerven President Adrian Antonio Perdomo Mata was also designated in a pair of actions the Treasury Department said are aimed at curtailing Venezuela's "illicit gold operations that have continued to prop up the illegitimate regime of former President Nicolas Maduro".
"We will aggressively pursue those involved with Maduro’s reckless illicit gold trade which is contributing to this financial, humanitarian and environmental crisis," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.
That's a shot at Turkey as well 

Yosemite Bolton: Guns a blazin

"The Treasury Department said the mining and sale of gold has been one of the Venezuelan government's "most lucrative financial schemes in recent years".
Mining in Venezuela of Venezuelan resources is not a 'scheme'. It's an industry. A jobs provided. A way to feed people. It is not a 'scheme'- That's loaded language boys and girls

Minerven is the only state processor of gold in Venezuela, it said.
Any property owned by Minerven or its president is subject to U.S. jurisdiction and U.S. citizens are generally prohibited from doing business with them as a result of Tuesday's blacklistings. 
Turkey, Russia, Iran, Cuba, China and Bolivia have maintained their support for Maduro.
Yikes, it's always looking for a fight, preferably a gun fight, Yosemite Bolton!

Venezuelan Regime Change Gaining Momentum (The agenda is plainly stated) 
White House national security adviser John Bolton said President Trump has been very clear about his message in Venezuela.
“All options are on the table,” Bolton told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday.
“Our objective here is the peaceful transition of power from Maduro to Juan Guaido, the interim president. And I think the momentum is in that direction.”
And, yup, he's still looking for war! 

Bolton Blasts Turkey's Bad Relationship With Our Close Pal Israel

The subject of Venezeula's gold trade, with Turkey and otherwise, to the ire of the US has been mentioned a number of times here...