Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Repost: Mass Marketing Model: ADE's, Leaky Vaccines, Breakthrough cases and the Need for Booster Shots

 Lockdowns Harm and Kill

As breakthrough cases continue to increase including illness and deaths- resulting in calls for boosters-  yup, that's the latest- booster shots for the vulnerable. Hey wait a minute isn't that all of us? wink/wink.

A great business model, doncha think? Seemed plausible at PFYT's nearly two months ago...

Flashback- Called it nearly two months ago.. Mass marketing. Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Covid cases keep breaking through despite or perhaps because of  the “vaccine”There is the ADE possibility?  Or the fact that these are leaky "vaccines" that do nothing to actually impede transmission. We're all aware of this reality. Or we should be? And if you're one of those that isn't? Have you avoided facing the truth?

  What a great way to create a future market for "booster" vaccines and increased PROFITS!

 Create vaccines that are leaky and prone to antibody dependence enhancement. And, boom, you've created demand for future vaccine boosters! 

 Marketing, marketing, marketing. That's what big pharma does!

Mr Bernays would be so very proud.

Ironically, speaking of ADE and leaky vaccines recent, anecdotal, news came to my attention of a fully vaccinated person dying of Covid, after vaccination. It happens. It's a reality. One need only check official stats to see Covid infections are occurring after "vaccination" and the injected are dying.

Not preventing illness:

Doctor infected with Covid despite Vaccinations warns of Breakthrough cases

"A doctor in California who received his Covid-19 vaccine six months ago has tested positive with the coronavirus. Dr. Eugene Choi, a Los Angeles based radiologist, has expressed his concern and warned the public of breakthrough cases.

Choi got his second jab of the Pfizer vaccine six months ago, but the radiologist is currently in quarantine fighting off the virus he assumed he would be protected against. His wife has also tested positive months after she was fully vaccinated.

"It was very surprising that I got it and got sick from it," Choi said. "But on top of that, I gave it to her and she also got sick from it. So this is not a fluke."

Choi’s situation has left him with unanswered questions about the extent of protection the vaccine truly offers"  

 Not preventing illness or saving lives:

Officials: 413 fully vaccinated get covid and 106 of them die. That’s more then 25 percent!
A fairly substantial death rate for the vaccinated, wouldn’t you say?

"According to the latest data from the Illinois Department of Public Health, a total of 413 fully vaccinated individuals have been hospitalized because of COVID so far in 2021. Of those patients, 106 died either of COVID or from complications related to the virus."

 Anti body dependent enhancement causing breakthroughs? 

New Jersey Breakthroughs                            
Of those 4.4 million people, more than 1,300 have tested positive for COVID-19 between mid-December and late-April, or about .06% of the total number of vaccinated.

These are considered to be so-called “breakthrough cases.” State officials say that 92 people were hospitalized and that 14 people died.

 The doctor in the preceding story became infected six months after vaccination- which makes clear there will be many more breakthrough cases.

 🍒- cherry picked data alert

  In a 28 day period, 398 fully jabbed Oregonians contracted Covid and twelve of them died. In 28 days. One wonders if Oregon officials arbitrarily or selectively picked these dates in order to low ball the numbers of breakthrough cases

A total of 398 Oregonians who’d received their full recommended courses of vaccines were infected with the virus from May 3 to May 31, the Oregon Health Authority announced Thursday, in its monthly report. Officials identified them as “breakthrough cases.” Twelve of them died, according to rough numbers provided by the state.     

 Rough numbers? So was it actually 13, 14 or more?

Report indicates more breakthrough COVID-19 cases among vaccinated women in Austin
As vaccine rollout continues in Central Texas, so do new questions about efficacy.

“If you have people showing a COVID infection after those two weeks, then that’s typically defined as a breakthrough infection,” said Dr. Rodney Rohde, Professor and Chair of the Clinical Laboratory Science program at Texas State University.

Austin-Travis County health officials reported that out of over 1 million COVID-19 vaccines administered, they have seen 158 COVID-19 cases in people fully vaccinated, also known as breakthrough cases.

Most of those cases were among females

 Did you notice the intentionally misleading information in the above article? “ over 1 million COVID-19 vaccines administered”  “158 COVID-19 cases in people fully vaccinated”   

How many fully vaccinated? With two jabs? Came down with Covid?  Because some, if not most, of those 1 million jabs are first dose shots? To make a true comparison, we need the numbers of fully vaccinated (2 shots) who then go on to contract the virus to understand how pervasive breakthrough cases may or may not be? Media trickery. Media deception. It sure keeps a person on their toes!

 "It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."

Lockdowns Damage Children's Eyesight: Too Much Screen Time, To Little Outdoors Time

 "Lockdowns” aka Imprisonment: Harmful, Damaging in oh so many ways....

 More Lockdown Harm (Cause that’s the REALITY)

"The researchers also found significant changes” in the children’s lifestyles during Covid restrictions; outdoor time decreased by 68 percent, and screen time increased 2.8-fold.   

“An increase in outdoor time has been consistently shown by multiple studies in different countries to have a protective role against the development of myopia, and is a top priority among international recommendations for myopia control strategies,” Yam said."
Outdoor time excellent for eyes. Lockdown restrictions resulting in increased screen time = eye damage

The Study

An analysis of eye test data from nearly 2,000 Hong Kong school-age children revealed that the rate of nearsightedness that developed during the pandemic (LOCKDOWNS)  more than doubled what was found in a pre-pandemic study of children the same age, according to the report in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

The researchers also looked at how much the axial length — measured from the cornea to the back of the eye — was changing over time. In children with progressive nearsightedness, the axial length increases as children age, so that if the eye could be viewed in profile it would look more oblong than circular. The annual estimated change in axial length among children during the pandemic was 0.45 millimeters
“When people think of consequences that this unprecedented level of quarantine has on physical and mental health, it is not initially obvious that children’s visual development is one of them,” a co-author of the study, Dr. Jason C.S. Yam, an associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said by email.
“Our study showed that less time spent outdoors and more time spent on near work, including screen time, is associated with faster progression in short-sightedness, or myopia," Yam said.
While myopia may seem like an innocuous condition, it can predispose people to other ocular complications and increased risk of vision loss later in life, he said.
Animal studies have suggested that outdoor light helps protect against myopia by sparking “an increase in dopamine release in the retina, which inhibits elongation of the eyeball,” Yam said.


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Vaccine Passport = ID2020 KickOff!

 As has been stated here. More then once. The vaccines are the means to justify the "vaccine passport" And the intentionally misleadingly branded vaccine passport will morph into the long desired global digital ID2020.

 Let's look at their website. And take notice of how it's all in plain sight.

ID2020 Alliance

An approach that is holistic, market-based and addresses the full scope and scale of the challenge

Holistic- there's a word people will misinterpret and misunderstand- most will think it's about "healing" and "healthiness" but that not what it means for this group.

Holistic also means: "characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole."

So it's the entirety of YOU. Your everything. All of you- What you do. Where you go. What you eat. What you buy.  Who you talk to. What you consume. EVERY BIT OF YOU

Market based- that means for profit.


No government, company or agency can solve this challenge alone. Setting the future course of digital ID and navigating the associated risks is a challenge that requires sustained collaboration and global partnership.

ID2020 is building a new global model for the design, funding, and implementation of digital ID solutions and technologies. There is no other multi-stakeholder effort focused on user-managed, privacy-protecting, and portable digital ID.

Ad-hoc investments in single use-case projects (“business as usual”) will be insufficient to bring about transformative impact. Changing the flow of funds is necessary to re-align incentives. That’s why Alliance partners are pooling funds to invest in programs that consider digital ID holistically, as a platform for diverse benefits, services, and use cases throughout an individual’s life.

That is from cradle to grave... tracking, control, denial of services or access to services through out an individuals entire life-  Global Big Brother- And some of you are begging for this! Amazing.

Private sector engagement is critical for solving at scale. Alliance partners include companies with a collective footprint in the billions and a shared commitment to an ethical approach to digital ID. Decisions about how Alliance funds are administered, which programs to fund, and which technical standards to support are made jointly by Alliance partners through a transparent governance process, preventing dominance by any single institution or sector.

So very big business partnered up to share in the spoils of your exploitation- Yeah! 

Check this quote out: "....Everyone with an essential building block to every right and opportunity they DESERVE."

Whose going to decide what right and opportunity is DESERVED?  Think about it?


Resist, resist, resist. Don't comply.