Sunday, April 20, 2008

NAFTA-Not Another F'd-up Trade Agreement !

Business leaders to urge public support of NAFTA

"Top business leaders from Canada, the United States and Mexico will urge their governments to publicize their support of NAFTA, in an effort to counter calls by the Democratic presidential candidates to review the deal."

Business leaders urge governments ? To publicize their support of NAFTA?

A public relations campaign must be imminent. One that will emphasize alleged benefits of this trade agreement, despite the many and obvious drawbacks?

One can see that NAFTA has not been a boondoggle for the average Canadian who is now working harder, for less real wages (salary vs inflation) and are more in debt then ever before.
All the good paying manufacturing jobs are largely gone, relocated to 'lower wage' countries, or as is sometimes more accurate, to slave wage countries, where non-existent environmental and labour standards can be exploited to maximize profits. One need only take a look at the ever shrinking auto industry, or what used to be the textile industry in Canada, as but two examples of good paying job losses.

Perhaps this is why business leaders are urging the governments to publicize their support?
Since business has been the biggest benefactor and governments their enablers.
They can conspire together against the working Canadian.

Beside the wage and job losses, there is nothing in the trade agreements that protect energy and water rights, for Canadians. Never mind the total loss of sovereignty.

But, if through "publicizing" their support, government and business interests can make Canadians believe just the opposite , of what is obvious, well , what a public realtions coup that would be!

Slogans you will not see for this media blitz:

"Give it up , give it all up for free trade."

"Living wage, what for?"

"You don't deserve a break today, a 80 hour work week is coming your way."

if you got one to add, by all means please do!!!

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