Thursday, April 3, 2008

Toronto terror trial-the latest.

The latest news on the terror trial is ,the publication ban stands and applies to the adults as well as the minors.
It was reported April 02/08 that the judge in the trial had ruled on the previous day that a publication ban on the identities of his co-accused , in reference to the minor in the first trial, is necessary to "prevent a real and substantial risk to the fairness of their trial."

The judge went a little further to explain in his ruling:

"It is difficult to conceive of a case in which there is a greater risk of sustained and prejudicial pre-trial publicity," wrote Superior Court Justice John Sproat in a ruling that was delivered in a Brampton court.

"Sustained and inflammatory pre-trial publicity may improperly influence and prejudice the minds of jury members despite their best efforts to set aside any bias and focus solely on the evidence heard in court."

It does leave one wondering if the accused can get a fair trial, anyway.
The atmosphere of prejudice, that abounds towards Muslims, is reminiscent of the hysteria of the witch hunts of old.

You know, witch hunts , state sanctioned or at the very least implicitly condoned by the state, in which panicked , hysterical, fearful people, who somehow believed they were morally superior, went off torturing and killing people whom they had already deemed guilty and worthy of such persecution.

One is very nearly waiting with baited breath to see if some crazy new "test" can be dreamt up or approved of, in which society will be able to decide which muslims are "terrorists".

Back to the trial.
The Crown argued the media should be permitted to report on the proceedings, but should be prohibited from revealing anything that would identify the adults.

Lawyer for media outlets made a different arguement.
Lawyer Paul Schabas, who represented several news agencies including the Star, argued no form of publication ban, however limited, was justified

He argued that with so much information already in the public domain, an observer could try to correlate the public information with the trial evidence and draw inferences as to which accused was being referenced.

The trial resumes on Monday, April 7/08


  1. Wow - WRH is also a fav site of mine.

    Publication ban....hmmm....potential jury pool....hmmm....I wonder why then does the "system" only allow govt. to put on their show and not let the defence also counter that initial spoon-feed to the public.

    But then again - the media pushes a product. Do we really have THAT much confidence in them to report accurately and not sensationally?

    whoa...I think I just heard someone burst into laughter.

    Mubin Shaikh

  2. good-day Mubin:

    I am not quite sure what you are getting at with your comment.

    when you say " I wonder why then does the "system" only allow govt. to put on their show and not let the defence also counter that initial spoon-feed to the public."

    by the govt do you mean the crown?
    what do you feel the crown is "spoon-feeding" to the public that the defence is unable to counter?

    what/who is limiting the defence in this capability, the publication ban?

    wrt: the media
    obviously the media pushes a product. Do we have that much confidence in them to report accurately and not sensationally?.

    The media will sensationalize , as much as is needed, to sell advertising.
    The terror trial however is so sensational all on it's own. I don't think the media will have to do to much to get people to follow it.
    The best any one following the trial can do is , read as much as possible, and decide for oneself, I would suppose.
    What do you think?

    Are you prepared for the trial?

  3. Hey Penny,

    You just posted a comment on my Disobedia site saying that Shaikh also contacted you. But the formatting of the comments section didn't allow for the full URLs to show. I went trolling through your past articles and found one of his posts - with the email.
    Confusing. His grammar does not allow for an easy interpretation of quite what he means. He seems like he's half-agreeing with both of us - but then he seems belligerent too
    I'm tempted to make contact - but then again, knowing he's a CSIS agent does not motivate me to have any more contact with him. I already harbour enough fear that they're going to come for me in the night - lol!

    Excellent blog. There are not enough of us out there! I'm going to link to it from mine. Feel free to link to mine or my articles anytime.