Monday, June 9, 2008

GM Foods the reality, no warm and fuzzy advertising included.

Ok, this is something that just po's me on a regular basis. There are actually people out there, in lala land, that think GM foods are okeydokey? By lala land I mean, a land full of the ignorant and oblivious.

To you people I say, have you just fallin' off the turnip truck?

GM food will not save the world, it will not feed the people, it will not save us from global warming, it won't make our teeth whiter, nor will it reduce wrinkles!!!

In a nutshell , for the oblivious, the entire goal of "creating" new foods, is to put a patent on it and make lots and lots of money from it.

Think of the
patents on prescription medications, to help you get an idea of just how profitable this really is.

There you go, that is all it's about, real simple, isn't it?

Get the industry propaganda out of your head. Oh, it all sounds nice, as if these huge companies such as Monsanto really care (I am all teary eyed) For a better world? To feed the starving?

NO, only to make money!

Do you think Monsanto is going to just come out and tell you that in their ads.

Could you imagine an ad that went like this ,

"Here at Monsanto, we want to patent as much plant and animal life forms as possible so we can make it our own, and charge you exorbitantly, for the privilege of ingesting our monstrous creations. Truth be told (and that ain't happening), we really don't know if our mutations , sorry our food, is safe, because we aren't required to do so"

Now that would be truth in advertising!!!

Instead we get the touchy feely stuff, that people for some unknown reason fall for.

Here is some recent claptrap from the lips of Monsanto "Monsanto – announced a "commitment" to increase food production, partly by developing crops that need less water."

A commitment, well isn't that downright loyal, you can look to Monsanto to stand by you, in sickness and in health, in starvation, oh no, wait a minute, if you can't pay, you can starve, there is no commitment without payment , my friends.

"Together we must meet the needs for increased food, fibre and energy, while preserving the environment,"


Thankfully there is a group in Canada, that has the rose coloured glasses off, and is pointing out the obvious. Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group)

The ETC Group calls this "an opportunistic public relations strategy", adding: "Monsanto's business is selling patented seeds for industrial agriculture – not addressing a humanitarian food crisis."

I like it, call it what it is.

So please people get the idea out of your head that GM foods and their manipulators are going to save the world from starvation, they aren't , cause if you can't pay, you aren't going to eat!!!!

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  1. Hey Penny,

    It's all about the money with these types. Plain and simple.

    What concerns me, outside of the financial consequences for those involved with the biotech giants like Monsanto, is the impact that these crops have on their local ecologies. It's clear that cross breeding occurs with indigenous relatives, as well as with non-GM cultivars on nearby agriculture lands. Once this demon is let out of the bottle it is impossible to to stick it back in. It has also been amply demonstrated that these manipulations involved end up coding for rather unexpected results - such as new protiens, alteration of intentinal flora, and oftentimes - decreased yields. The consequences of all these genetic alterations, both in the food chain and those contaminated in the natural environment, is truly unknown.

    Brave New World - indeed.

    Keep up the good work, Penny.

    Though I haven't been commenting lately, I still drop in and read!