Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dave McGown: Laurel Canyon

Another excellent interview on Meria Heller's show with everyone and no one, or is that 'nobodies' favourite Dave McGowan.
For anyone else who doesn't know the Laurel Canyon series has been quite the eye opener for all the weird goings on there, from CIA movie studios, connections to cults, Charles Manson, the military industrial complex, and more.(both Meria and Dave are linked at the side)

Did you catch the stuff on Jack Nicholson? bizarre.

And nobody he gave us a teaser and I am going to post it for you here:

Dr. Strangelove's Workplace

the focus of the book being on one, Albert Wohlstetter

Abella focuses on Albert Wohlstetter, a mathematical logician turned nuclear strategist who was the dominant figure at RAND starting in the early 1950s and whose influence has extended beyond his death in 1997 into the current Bush administration.
Ultimately, however, it was not so much Wohlstetter himself as his acolytes -- those bright, eager and ambitious young men who had sat cross-legged on the floor with their mentor at his stylish house in Laurel Canyon, or later in his classroom at the University of Chicago -- who had a major impact in Washington. Their number included Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Zalmay Khalilzad, who became three of the brightest stars in the neo-conservative constellation and played a significant role in advocating the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Another was Andrew W. Marshall, formerly a RAND economist, who, as promoter of the high-tech "Revolution in Military Affairs" in Donald Rumsfeld's Defense Department, was dubbed the Pentagon's "Yoda."
where he is going with this bit of information, I don't know, but it is curious?


  1. Aargh. That's the problem with teasers! They drive you nuts! Anyway, good stuff mate. I wait in rapt anticipation.

  2. Ya know one conclusion I am starting to draw, is that Laurel Canyon was some kind of experimental zone.

    Mind control, mkultra, whatever.
    There is way to much military involvement, on so many levels.

  3. Yeah, to be honest I don't know if McGowan will actually be able to tie it up to anyone's complete satisfaction. Not that that'll be his fault. It's just the nature of spooks. You never find out exactly what it was all about.

    But otherwise! A Rockefeller got married to a Paulenka! I just about fell out of my chair. I suspect that there's waaay more to that story too.

    Anyway off to read about Mossad in Colombia. Me, I knew that story had bullshit written all over it as soon as I heard it. Ciao.

  4. I know, I know!!!
    When I read that I was like WHAT!

    You really should read programmed to kill nobody, I am about 12 pages in and already blown away, I can see why him and meria keep saying read this book, to get a comprehension of the laurel canyon happenings.

    Your words for it would be "mind fuck" and it has been thus far.
    When I get a little further along I will write a post here on in so you can get an idea about it.