Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Muslims against Sharia = Neocons are us ?????

Yesterday after I had posted the Omar Khadr CSIS tape, I had a response from "Muslims against Sharia" . It was an unusual response. So I had to check it out!

Now, when I peruse, new and somewhat unfamiliar territory, I use what I call my "bull-shit-meter", it helps me to discern, to the best of my abilities, wether something is questionable or not. My bull-shit-meter was sounding the alarm on that site!!! The loud blaring, red flashing alarm. Something wasn't quite right.

For a site that was decrying the alleged violence of Islam, it seemed to be promoting violence against Muslims as an okay kind of thing? Strange.

Then I saw this name listed , Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose real name is Ayaan Hirsi Magan. She the former controversial Dutch MP who lied about almost everything regarding herself. Her name, her birthdate, her citizenship, in order to get asylum. For all that lying, she gets an appointment as a fellow, to the American Enterprise Institute, a neo-con think tank.

Which really says something about the people involved.

I noticed the lack of some other prominent Islamic people, most notably Tariq Ali.

I was intent on doing some more digging. Muslims against sharia comes from So I checked that out!

Apparently Muslims Against Sharia had made some hits on another blog entitled,
Dunner's and it seems some very distasteful messages were left. I like the fact the blogger chose such a great title, as it was so succinct, "Sinking to a New Low" You can read it for yourself.

A litte more homework brings this up, "The Free Thinker"

"So it was surprising to see, buried away in their Blogger profile, that one of their main “Team Members” was Atlas Shrugs (aka Pamela Geller) - the right-wing, Bushier-than-Bush blogger who only last month was calling for Islam to be banned. Had Pamela “reverted” to the one true religion?

And, sure enough she is there, I had never heard of this gal until now, but a Jewish Neo-Con Bush supporter as a blogger on a Muslim blog?? That just doesn't make sense.

Continuing from the Free thinker:
" The latest member of the team is Ted Belman of Israpundit."
Whatever their true motivations, MASh are laying themselves wide open to accusations of being a “Zionist conspiracy" -

Gee, do you think so?

There is also an interview here with the Khalim Massoud from "Muslims Against Sharia"

That said, this place leaves me with a bad impression.


  1. Hey Penny!

    Well great minds do think alike eh? When I clicked on their link and went to the site I had the exact same impression.

    I am currently repairing my BS meter as it imploded and took out my filing cabinet at the same time! What a mess!


    Yours in shining light into dark corners,


  2. Just read through that stuff!

    Ya gotta go with the gut feeling and it never seems to let you down.

    The more I looked, the worse it got.

    No wonder I had the reaction I initially had, which was deep suspicion.

    I do hope you get your filing cabinet in order, lol!!!

    It is truly amazing what goes on in this little old world.

  3. We are sorry we do not conform to your Muslim stereotypes. Starting tomorrow, we'll institute daily beheadings to combat the Neocon designation.

    And for the record, Penny, you must be a real dumb biatch to assume that Muslim and Neocon are mutually exclusive. Happy Dhimmitutude, you morons.

  4. Hey Pen,

    Cracking stuff, mate. I'm definitely grooving on it.

    And hey, Pretend Muslim, between you and your buddy Adam Pearlman we got your number. Self-impressed git - you imagine we'll think the universe is whatever you say it us. Get fucked and take your bullshit dog and pony show and stick it up your arse.

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  6. Every time you open your mouth you give away how Jewish you are. If you weren't here you'd be on some settlement in Palestine, wearing a mask and beating up old women.

    And of course, you being so uber-Jewish, you'll have to get the last word in. Off you go...

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  8. Oh my goodness! :O

    Well Penny, with that kind of response I think we can be quite sure that our instincts were BANG ON!

    Typical, name calling and smearing - no substance! Just uber whining!! oy!

    Doesn't this person know that stooping to swearing and name calling only serves to make them look bad?

    You'd be best to ban this person's IP since they are obviouly not interested in adult debate and discourse. (Typical of all the fundies! No matter their 'relgious' alignment).

    Hey MASharia, I think you owe the fine Penny a big apology for defiling her blog with your disgusting filthy mouth!

    Oy Vey!


  9. I am not impressed with the level of discourse such an esteemed visitor stooped too.

    I will be looking into doing just that. (blocking ip)

  10. Good!!

    But do leave her posts up for ALL to see what this human garbage really is!!

    It's so easy when 'they' behave in the way she did! You didn't have to even make an effort to expose this filth!

    Thanks MASh for outing yourself! Well done!


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  12. I had to delete the posts b.
    they were just far to unacceptable.

    I left 'nobody's' because, I don't think it is a bad statement at all.

    It is in fact a reasonable assumption, that indeed these comments are being left by a Jewish person masquerading as a Muslim.

    I after reading who some of the bloggers on this site, I have my doubts wether there are really ANY Muslims associated with this site at all. Particularily Muslims who renounce violence and sharia law.

    ,Violence is perpetuated in abusive language also.

    I have had quite enough of that violence & abuse already.

  13. Hey Penny,

    No problem, the person is clearly unhinged.

    Block their IP and report them to their provider for abusive behaviour.


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  15. Sorry Pen,

    I promise to keep my swearing to a minimum.


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  17. I know this is an old post but it popped up on a Google search. I just had a nice visit from your 'nice' subject of the article. They're not slowing down but their reputation is getting known. I think I might do an article of my own. I'm glad your BS meter was on, mine also screamed months ago when I first saw their site.


  18. Dee is a dumb Islamonazi cunt who is too fucking stupid to understand that Palestinians need to be liberated from Hamas.

  19. From our mash buddies:
    Dee is a dumb Islamonazi cunt who is too fucking stupid to understand that Palestinians need to be liberated from Hamas.


    OMFG!! do these forms of life (as yet unclassified) really understand how counter they are?

    I say keep it coming - they are only shooting themselves in the foot, knee, shoulder and given enough time - their heart (if they can find it).

    Thanks Pen, for keeping this active.

    ~ Buffy the Bruiser

    PS I've typed the letters right, I am alread logged in and f***N blogger still won't post this - try4.

  20. Thanks Penny and yes I'll be writing a blog about them. I alerted friends of mine who weren't yet aware of this poser/hate site.

    They left some choice messages on my blog but I deleted them then blocked their IP. I didn't think to copy them first. Their site stands as evidence of their ignorance.

    As for Hamas. This isn't the place or post for that discussion.

    God bless you all! Even the haters. Maybe you'll find his love and forgiveness. InshaAllah


  21. You're seem to be so sorry to have deleted our message, so here it is.

    Dee, you're a dumb Islamonazi cunt supporting terrorist scumbags who target civilians while hiding behind women and children. This blog is populated by degenerate cocksuckers who are offended by words but don't mind support for murder. Hence, retarded cunts is a mere description and is not meant as an insult.

  22. You twisted little teenage git.

    "terrorist scumbags who target civilians" eh?

    Who are you talking about? The Palestinians who've killed maybe ten people with their rockets in the last three years, or the Israeli army who've killed 900 in the last ten days?

    How many goyim is one Jewish life worth? A thousand? Ten thousand? A million? How many goyim do you think you can kill before those who are left decide that enough's enough and sort your shit out for good? Mate, Frank Zappa was right - If it's you against the world, bet on the world.

    On the other hand you could always try not being such an arsehole and live and let live. But somehow I don't think you're capable of it

  23. "The Palestinians who've killed maybe ten people with their rockets in the last three years"

    Don't confuse Hamas with the Palestinians, you stupid cunt. Hamas murdered more than 3000 Palestinians in the last three years. But nobody gives a shit about dead Palestinians, unless they are killed by the Jews.

  24. Mate, what you fail to understand is how obvious a liar you are. Clearly you think that you can spout whatever idiotic shit pops into your head because you're so clever and everyone else is so stupid. But your understanding of yourself in relation to those not you is so spectacularly and obviously wrong that any ordinary person would have to wonder at your sanity.

    I expect that not a single word I wrote above got through to you because it was drowned out by the mad voice in your head that constantly hums 'I am great, I am great, I am great, I am great, I am great, I am great, I am great...' ad infinitum. But I'll say it one more time - your lies are really pathetic. I've known five year olds who lie better than you. Seriously!

    Persist with this sick charade if you like but we on the other end know with a cold hard certainty that you're not only incapable of telling the truth but also stupid enough to think you'll be believed. And this portrait of yourself was all your own work. Bravo.

    Why don't you go google the phrase 'falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus' and then wonder at the pointlessness of you giving us 'facts' about Hamas killing 3000 Palestinians. Put your hand on your heart and swear 'Yes, but THIS is true' if you like but we're never going to believe a single fucking word you say. Zero, zip, nada. The more you persist the more convinced we become that you have mental problems. This is ALL you will achieve.

    Otherwise, imagine being in your head. The horror...

  25. Liar? Give me a single example, you retarded nazi cunt.

  26. Look, It is the 'mash'
    It is the bullshit 'mash'
    The bullshit 'mash'
    It is the deceptive 'mash'
    It's the 'mash'
    It is the losers 'mash'
    It's the 'mash'
    It's is the deceitful 'mash'

    The zionists bloggers were having fun
    The think the party has just begun
    With the help of the neo-con henchman
    And other useful fools

    Oh, they do the 'mash'
    they do the bullshit 'mash'
    the bullshit 'mash'
    It ain't a smash

    they are the bullshit 'mash'

    a bunch of losers
    who pretend their muslims
    what are they really?
    It's zionist bloggers?
    Using the neo-con language
    Hitting all the buzzwords


    why do they do this?

    What else do they have?

    I mean look at them!
    they lack vocabulary,
    skills of communication.

    but they have foul language skills that are superior.
    what does that say about them?
    Masters of the gutter?
    and nothing else!

  27. And who says that retarded cunts don't know how to obsess? I love you too, penny.

  28. Oh for Pete's sake. You're not a Muslim, git! You're a self-impressed idiot Jewish boy. And a really obviously one!

    Pity is the absolute best you can hope for mate, but frankly you don't deserve it. You'll get none from me, sure enough. I'd offer you contempt but you're beneath it.

  29. A Jew-hating dumb nazi fuck who can't wrap its lonely brain cell around the fact that not all Muslims hate Jews could not possibly come up with anything else.

  30. Hey penny,

    How does it feel to be a hostess for nazi shit? Your parents should be so proud.

  31. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You crack me up mate!

  32. nobody:

    did you notice the comment about obsession?
    this from the group of posers (zionists pretending to be muslims)
    who have been stalking my blog for six months now?
    what is up with that?
    wanna talk obsessing?

    hey my word is flogist?

    interesting cause some posers can't accept when they have already had a good public flogging.
    Done, whipped.

  33. penny, you retarded little cunt, if you look at our comments, they are responses to your (and your nazi comrades') bullshit. And if you think that those responses qualify as obsession while your little ode about us does not, you must be more of a retarded cunt than you look.

  34. I don't know Pen, I'm half wondering if it wouldn't be a neat idea to put this comments section up as a permanent link on your front page. At the moment I'm really enjoying popping in each morning and laughing my head off at the mad antics of this daft little Jewish boy.

    Really the whole thing is brilliant. We have a Jewish boy who pretends to be a Muslim, and he does this by endlessly heaping shit on Muslims, defending all things Jewish, and perpetually calling everyone a Nazi Cunt. It'd make a brilliant recurring character on a weekly comedy sketch show, wouldn't it?

    Hey Jewish boy! Keep up the good work! You make my day!

  35. "endlessly heaping shit on Muslims"

    Care to provide a single example, you dumb nazi cunt? The difference between me and nazi cunts like you as that I do not consider al Qaeda, Hamas and other Islamonazis Muslim.

  36. Hee Hee! More evidence straight from the horse's mouth. The only people on the planet who use the term 'islamofascists' or 'islamonazis' are Jewish. Every time! Actually you're not David Horowitz are you?

    And otherwise you'd know all about al queda. You and your mate Adam Pearlman, ha ha ha ha!

    Anyway mate, that was excellent. Keep up the good work.

    Honestly Pen, this is so much fun!

  37. "The only people on the planet who use the term 'islamofascists' or 'islamonazis' are Jewish."

    Really? What an ignorant fuck! No wonder, you're a fucking nobody. If you weren't such an ignorant cunt, you'd know that term "Islamofascist" was originally widely used by Algerian Muslims to describe Islamic fundamentalists, who slaughtered over 150,000 moderate Muslims. But being a dumb nazi fuck you wouldn't know that.

  38. As they say, best to leave 'em laughing. Sure enough, Jewish people always have to have the last word. And as this article slides off Pen's front page, and back into oblivion I'll leave it to you mate. Not that I'm going to read it but I demand that in having the last word, you stay true to form and include at least three of the following words or phrases - cunt, nazi cunt, dumb nazi cunt, retarded little cunt, islamofascist, stupid, fucking stupid, biatch (whatever that means), and the ever reliable cocksucker. Your expansive vocabulary leaves us all in awe.

    Anyway, it's been terrific mate. The best laugh I've had for a long time. You are without doubt the funniest Jew pretending to be a Muslim I've ever encountered. Bravo.

  39. Your claim that MASH are Jews (not that there is anything wrong with being a Jew) because we called you a retarded nazi cunt proves only one thing: you are a retarded nazi cunt.

  40. OMG!
    I have been absolutely dying laughing at this exchange!!
    I mean I am wiping tears from my eyes for god sakes.

    And the David Horowitz mention?
    Nod to ya nobody!

    I was thinking that myself, how much the posers use the language of the master himself!
    "Islamofasicist jihad"
    and how hard was it really for frontpage to interview the non-existent Khalim Massoud???

    holy mackeral!

    and would any self-respecting serious muslim, wanting to present a positive image, and promote change use the language these tools do??


    but, when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.

    Hey maybe it really is David Horowitz?
    with campus watch being such a bomb?
    He's got nothing better to do!

  41. penny, your retarded nazu puss just keeps oozing from your retarded nazi cunt.

  42. nobody:

    what was that you were saying about the loser/posers always having to have the last word, even when no one is talking to these poser/losers at all??????

    and yeah, I am noticing the regurgitation of..., what would one call it, high school naughty boy locker talk?

    Do you suppose David Horowitz pays juvenile persons to post this garbage?

    Judging by every response.. juvenile, comes to mind.

    If it is an adult, it is one of infantile intelligence. (no offence to beautiful newborn babies)

    Or maybe it is part of the brainwashing program that budding zionists engage in ???

    Ya know, spread hate, engage in hateful acts, use hateful language, the whole ME is ours, "all arabs are bad" blah blah blah...

    They gotta learn that crap somewhere?

    And they gotta spread that crap far and wide.

    let's wait for it nobody,
    watch they can't let it go,
    Hmmm I wonder what words they will use this time?
    Oh that is sooo tough, NOT

  43. Okay - that was the funniest thing I've read in a long time, and after the week I've had I needed it.

    I would like to thank Penny, Nobody and last but certianly not least, without whose help and kind assistance none of this would be possible:

    Muslims Against Sharia!!

    Stand up now and take a bow!

    (clapping allround!! cheers!)

    I'm still giggling like a little girl.


    Thanks again one and all!

    Buffy the bellylaugher

  44. Penny, I loved your Monster Mash parody, that was awesome, as I read it, the tune was bouncing around my brain!

    As for this jokester, well, the more he/she writes, the more it's proven just what an idiot he/she is. It's true, stupid people really can't hide their stupidity for long!

  45. hey skye:
    well I am glad you enjoyed it all.
    entertaining indeed.

  46. I see that somethings never change.

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