Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unencumbered by wars, Russia has been busy.....

As soon as I read the headline, it was clear. This is an obvious response to the "defensive" missiles the US wants in Europe, I mean"new Europe" as Donald Rumsfeld called it.

‘Russia may base planes in Cuba’
July 21: Russian nuclear weapons-armed strategic bombers could return to Cuba in response to the US plans to deploy its national missile defence shield (NMD) in Central and Eastern Europe, a media report said on Monday.

"While they are deploying the missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, our strategic bombers will be landing in Cuba," a highly placed Russian Air Force source was quoted as saying by Izvestia daily.

The US Response: US general warns Russia on nuclear bombers in Cuba

Now come on here, what did the US really expect? Increased Vodka drinking? This ain't the Yeltsin government!

The arms producers world wide, must be postively giddy at the thought of the taxpayer funded orgy of profits. Oh baby!

Now what else is going on?

Russia and Venezuela. Oh yeah!

I liked this headline: Russia and Venezuela forge ties and poke a finger in US eye

Russia and Venezuela reinforced their relationship yesterday as Hugo Chávez, the president, arrived in Moscow to sign arms and energy deals and establish a binational bank.

"I have great hopes we will be able to continue building our strategic alliance," Mr Chávez said after landing in Moscow, emphasising co-operation on oil and gas and military technology. "The deals will guarantee the sovereignty of Venezuela, which is being threatened by the United States."

See, this is what happens when countries (US) try to overthrow democratically elected leaders (Chavez) through trumped up coups, that play out so fancifully in western media, well to the gullible anyway. Think : enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Is that all the news with Russia?

Well the whole Georgia/Abkhazia issue is ongoing.
Germany is now involved in that one. I don't get the impression Georgia is liking the proposals. Interesting take on that situation here

Georgia has to keep in mind that Germany gets it's gas from Russia. Oh, that can be a problem.

The "special relationship" between Russia and Germany over energy supplies is both a challenge to European Union integration and an invitation to get serious about it, says Dieter Helm.

"Russia is the key to energy security. The dash-for-gas as the preferred fuel for electricity generation makes gas, rather than oil, the priority; and gas is cheaper through pipelines than shipped around the world in tankers for LNG. Russia has the pipeline gas that Europe needs. It is not just that Europe has a growing dependency on Russian gas supplies; but also that Russia has a powerful hand in influencing and controlling some of the major pipeline supply options - in particular, in the Caspian and the Caucasus. The other sources for European gas - Algeria and Libya - can watch the Russian moves and benefit from the higher prices and insecurity that result, and Norway, with its small population and more money than it can possibly spend, can husband its resources and enjoy the price level"
The US is, I am certain painfully aware of this.

There is just one more news item to go, one that may concern Canadians in particular.
Flashback: Mr Harper had already told Canadians that the Artic was the priority.
That was in October/2007 Read that here.

One of the concerns cited was : "to take action to vigorously protect our Arctic sovereignty as international interest in the region increases"

Then while perusing through the news, as I do, this just jumps out at me!
Russian navy boosts combat presence in Arctic


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