Thursday, July 31, 2008

Western hypocrisy on China's Internet censorship

Well China is at it again, yes they are, they are in fact so evil they are blocking/censoring the internet!

Can you imagine that?
Every other country is lashing out at China via their alleged "free" media.
All singing from the same song book, at the same time.

The hypocrisy of it all is just so blatant, but how many people even realize that?
I'll give you one example: US says China has 'nothing to fear' from Internet
The United States on Wednesday ramped up pressure on China to live up to Olympic ideals by ending human rights abuses, as President George W. Bush promised "nothing to fear" from Internet freedom.

I love when the US government spouts this claptrap. Does it fill the hearts of the "true patriots" with pride? True patriots are just willfully blind and dumb persons, but I digress..............
Back to the nonsense.

The US says China has nothing to fear from the Internet, and there is no need to censor it, because freedom is good, the more freedom the better.

See there it is right there in black and white:

"President Bush has long said that China has nothing to fear from greater access to the Internet or to the press or from more religious freedom and human freedom and human rights," press secretary Dana Perino said.

This from the Bush regime?
Human freedoms, Religious freedom and human rights???
One word: Guantanamo, Rendition flights, Maher Arar, Torture. Oh sorry, I know I said one word. But they just kept coming and I just couldn't stop, but I am certain you get the drift.

China, there is nothing to fear from the Internet, as the US claims, freedom is good and yet, remember this one?

Internet snoops wanted. Apply US Army.
Do you have what it takes to snoop around web pages, chat rooms, blogs and other Internet areas? Great, the United States Army has just the job for you...
"The purpose of the services will be to identify and assess stated and implied threat, antipathy, unrest, and other contextual data relating to selected internet domains. The contractor will prioritize foreign language domains that relate to specific areas of concern."
Looks like the US is afraid. Of "antipathy" and "unrest", can't have the natives getting too restless I guess? Especially when the financial times are really tough, what with so many people losing their homes, their jobs, their pensions, can't afford food etc.,

Or how about all the recent news on the internet blocking and strangling as a means of censorship in the West.

Comcast has been blocking sites and strangling traffic to the point that Vonage made a collaborative deal with them.

Comcast Again Chided For Allegedly Blocking Internet Traffic

"Comcast's announcement that it has a collaborative agreement with Vonage to help ensure it can deliver itsVoIP services smoothly has drawn criticism.
Comcast has been criticized for slowing or blocking network traffic, but the company claims it has done so only to alleviate network congestion, without regard to the source of the content.

That's a lot of baloney, clearly Comcast knows what it is blocking, and it appears Vonage was but one of their targets.

In Canada, Bell has also been throttling Internet Service and on top of that claiming it is good for innovation?

Throttling Is Good for Innovation, Claims Canadian Telco

Therefore in summary, China censoring, throttling or blocking the Internet, is bad, very bad, it is infact so evil the "free" West must shout it from the rooftops.

But, from the West, throttling , censoring and spying is good, acceptable and innovative.
It is most certainly NOT evil.

Double Standards as usual.


  1. Indeed Double Standards!!

    Par for the course these days!! It's GOOD when WE do it - BAD when others do!!

    LOL - it'd be funny if it weren't so darn tragic.


  2. Do you notice how little attention the western media pays to the strangling, spying etc.,

    They report on it, BRIEFLY, but there is no where near the hysteria and abudant coverage playing out on the evening news or on-line wrt China's actions.

  3. Gosh Pen, that's cuz when those sorts of things happen here it's just some non-aligned nutbar. When it happens there - it's the entire society's fault!!

    I'm sure you know that already though... like all Muslims are terrorists, all Chinese are commies, all Russians are mobsters - just like those darn Italians!! Oh and don't forget - all Germans are still Nazis under the skin!



  4. Spot on. As ever the hypocrisy runs rampant.

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