Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bill C-51 aside, fire the whistleblower who is actually concerned for food safety

Now this is interesting, anyone who recalls Bill-C 51, and how that was goint to make us all 'safer', will surely be interested in this. I would love to see a copy of this document that resulted in such a drastic over reaction- the firing of a 20 yr employee.

Sensitive plans to turn over food inspections and labelling to industry and also led to the firing of the scientist who stumbled upon them.

Luc Pomerleau, a biologist with a 20-year "unblemished record" in government, said he was fired last week for "gross misconduct' and breaching security because he sent the documents to his union. Pomerleau, who is a union steward, also was deemed "unreliable," which means he no longer has the security clearance to do his job or to work again in the public service.

The documents appear to involve a re-organizing of food inspection that will shift more of the onus for food safety to the suppliers that manufacture and distribute food and other products. It's a direction in which the agency has been heading for years and the union has long voiced concerns about the impact of such a shift on jobs and the food safety of Canadians.

The changes are part of the government's strategic review, which requires departments to find savings worth five per cent of their operating budgets to be reallocated to priorities of the Harper government. The document, marked confidential, is a letter from Treasury Board Secretary Wayne Wouters to CFIA President Carole Swan, explaining that the government approved the proposed cuts, but warned some have "communication risks," so will have to be deferred until a communication plan is ready.

Now, come one, we all know what that highlighted section really means, and if we don't where have we been and what the hell is wrong with us?

What this REALLY means: Some of these proposed changes are going to make the people, the voters, the taxpayers very unhappy, especially after we spouted off on how safe we wanted the food/drug supply to be , a la Bill C-51. (but then , that had nothing to do with safety) So keep this quiet, until we put together a 'communication plan' that means a pr or propaganda campaign to convince Canadians how good this really is for them, NOT!

Food Inspector Canned for Spilling the Beans
Scientist fired after circulating confidential government documents


  1. Well Penny, even though I am a small government kinda gal, ie the least amount of gov. interference in the lives of folks, food inspection is one area that needs strict oversight by neutral parties - ie NOT those who make the products! Not those who stand to gain profits through those products! A truly unbiased regulatory department whose sole purpose is to maintain the highest possible standards for the foods we as Canadians consume.

    If it's really a question of $$$ then scrap our stupid WAR ON (some) DRUGS and shift the bloody $$ to ensuring our food and water supply stays SAFE.

    If it were up the the Food Corporations and Agri-business we would have had BST in our milk, far more GMOs than we already have, increased additives - what flavour/colour is that? - oh it's E012!! yummy! *sheesh*


    BTW - didn't the whistleblowers in the case of the BST also loose their jobs at Hellth Canada?

    Thank goodness that we had the sense to not allow it into our dairy industry here - but keep in mind if one buys processed foods or ready made items containing milk and or milk products from the US - you can bet your bottom dollar that it's BST ridden!! mmmmm puss!! delicious!


  2. Penny, you might find this interesting:

    While the attention of the world is focused on genetically modified (GM) crops, GM microbes have been released for at least six years with little or no public awareness or debate. Prof. Joe Cummins reports.


    Brave new world indeed...


  3. GM microbes? thanks.
    I'll check it out.