Saturday, October 4, 2008

For the Progressive Canadians, and yes you are, so act like it !

Are Canadians mostly progressive or conservative?

watch the video, read the transcript.

Murray Dobbin: The Right has convinced Canadians that their values will never become public policy

oh, and btw Harper has been caught plagiarizing another speech. This time from Mike Harris.I am left wondering what does he even have people to write speeches on staff for??? But then, if the manner of manipulation vis a vis speech writing is all the same, what does it matter? Regurgitating sound bites, specific talking points and certain words, only help reinforce the big lie method, no matter who is spouting the rhetoric.

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  1. When plagerizing it is best to find an obscure piece, at the back of the stacks.

    That way, it is more diffcult for folk to dig it out of the memory hole.

    I knew a chick in Uni who did this often. She would go to the thesis section of the stacks and pretty much copy what she found there. She would also steal lab reports and use other's data. When confronted, she said: "That's how the game is played. I want my A's and I'll bloody well do whatever it takes to get them". A group of us did report her.

    Guess what? Her family had close ties with the elites of the uni, and nothing happened.

    No wonder I'm cynical. Oh and some of the lab reports she used were mine. They were good, through my own sweat and hard work.

    She went on to study in the states. I have no idea what happened to her there.

    Not much will happen to Harper.. as he has 'close ties' to the elites in this country.

    Same old same old. Bernays would be proud.