Monday, October 13, 2008

Tim Mcleans Mom backs off on death penalty call, and trial questions

Beheading victim's mom backs off execution call

Carol deDelley doesn't want to see her son's killer executed. But she plans to fight all the way to Ottawa to ensure he never tastes freedom again.

On Friday, deDelley clarified those comments, saying she was speaking out of anger, not lobbying to bring back capital punishment as part of her proposed law.

Mom backs away from death penalty- Says earlier comments were made in anger

About the trial:

It has been clearly stated that the only issue at the trial of Vince Li will be , wether he can be held criminally responsible for his crime.
The fact that he carried out the crime is a forgone conclusion. Other circumstances or questions surrounding this crime had fallen immediately to the wayside! (questions I had posed numerous times here, so I won't rehash them)

There appears to be two possible outcomes to the trial:

If he is found to be responsible, Li would be given an automatic life sentence, with no chance of parole for at least 10 years.

If he's not, he would be sent to a mental health facility for an indeterminate period, but subject to yearly reviews. He would be released only if doctors deem him no longer a risk to society.

He will be found not responsible, and will be sent to a mental health facility for the rest of his life,

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  1. Re: BEHEADER GRANTED UNSUPERVISED VISITS (Pg A8, Toronto Star, Sunday, Mar 1, 2015)
    If Vince Li had any comensurate capacity for cognition of his heinous crime, he would not allow himself any form of release. In society, he would be useless to himself or anyone else. In custody only, he may have a chance at Life by in depth self-analysis, growth in Character Substance thereby, and help other incarcerated souls to wholesomely become whole Aware Human BEings!!! There is no other way in which This man can ever find authentic peace critically important to the BEingness of His Own Selfhood. Vince Li is in Mindless Denial. That he, himself, would ever, especially in this short duration of 7 Yrs., even slightly consider release is Utter INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME!! SHAME!!! SHAME !!!!!!!! on the Unaware, Unprofessional systematized beurocrats who may perpetrate such release of Vince Li at this or any other time!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the thought of such release at this time is a horrendous harm and disrespect of Our Precious, Unsuspecting Innocent Members of Our Democatic Human Society. Don't let our Canadian Social Systems rot like this Beheader's release suggests !!!!!!!!!!!!