Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ellen Brown- Web of Deceit , excellent interview, article and more

I heard a fabulous interview on Global Research News Hour. (RBN)

Ellen Brown,Hour 2, is a civil litigation attorney, author and analyst of the Us monetary system. Her latest book is titled "Web of Debt" in which she analyzed the Federal Reserve and "the money trust." How this private cartel usurped money creation power. To print and control its supply, price, and to charge government interest on its own money. Ellen Brown's writings on the current financial crisis and the Bush administration's "bailout" of Wall Street are published by Global Research. That topic will be discussed on the program.
The way she explained the banking system, the federal reserve, private central banks etc., plain and simple. Easily understandable. Click the link (hour 2) to listen.

This gal also has a new article on Global Research called:

Here website is Web of Debt
She has a book of the same name, which you can read excerpts at that site.


  1. Aargh! I'd so like to hear this. Never mind. And it was on PBS? Wow. Wonders will never cease.

  2. Oh and I'm working on those passive solar panels Penny. I had to download a cad program to draw them up, problem is I don't know how the hell to use a cad program. So it's a learning thing at this end. All those commands and icons, oh my shattered nerves.

  3. Now is the time to talk monetary reform Send them over to Google to watch "Money As Debt"

    I hope we are not playing into the hands of the carbon tax folk with all this talk about reform of banking. Why not a fart based monetary system ?

  4. hey doug: I think possibly nobody has seen that movie, I know I have.
    I am unsure about silverfish?
    did you listen to the ellen brown interview, I have listened twice now.

    really informative.

    She noted that the system (banking) had mathematically run out of debtors to support it and that is why (partly) this is happening.
    but there was more, that was but one sentence.

  5. hey nobody:

    no not on PBS.
    That was from RBN

    that is an internet talk/radio type thing? , they have lots of different people with lots of different shows.

    That is where you listen (if you could) to Global Research News Hour.
    here is the link:

    that is all their programs and hosts.
    The only one I always listen to is Global Research news hour.
    check them out, cause they have had a number of great interview, IMO,
    Michel Chossudovsky is from Canada, Montreal to be exact.
    His site is Global Research.
    I know you have seen that one!

  6. CAD program

    supposed to be good, hubby knows of it.

    you will get a hang of it, silverfish, I know you will.

    I am patient, though looking forward to seeing them


  7. Sorry, my mistake. I blinked and got it wrong. PBS would never have a show like this. Natch!

    And Silv, I'm a ten year veteran of Alias/Maya 3D. Talk about horrific learning curve. Rather you than me! I'd run screaming!

  8. Thanks Pen, I'll check it out. I must buy some new speakers though - it's at the point now that if I'm not in the same room I can't hear a bloody thing. (No, I'm not going deaf!!)

    Silverfish - just play and play the CAD I used back in my uni days was pretty logical in it's design, once you see the 'pattern' of how they want you to do things it gets easier. Enjoy it - the possibilities are endless! (But yeah - the first part of the learning curve is rather steep!) Or, you could just get out the old drafting table and geometry set ;) ).