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The "Canadians" who assassinated for Israel

Seems the Toronto Star decided it was not 'anti-semetic' to post an article about a new book coming out. And of course it wasn't, it's just the facts of the matter. Actually it was two articles!
In one paper! Will wonders never cease?

I am sure some Canadians remember when Israel/Mossad used counterfeit Canadian passports to assassinate a person associated with Hamas? If you don't know this story read and learn. It involves Israels use of WMD's. Specifically, nerve gas! Remember Saddam had to be overthrown for that? Then their is targetted assasination of political leaders. Sounds rather like terrorism, does it not. And of course not to be forgotten counterfeit Canadian Passports. Yup, Mossad posing as Canadians! By Way of Deception eh? Let us take a walk down memory lane......

How 'Canadians' almost ignited a war
Book sheds new light on Israeli spy service's attempt to assassinate middling Hamas operative

The audacious Israeli plan was to spray deadly nerve gas into the ear of the then-middling Hamas operative. This, they managed – but as the stricken Mishal took ill in the Jordanian capital of Amman, the "Canadians" were captured. And that is when all hell broke loose.

McGeough's gripping account spares no detail, providing a fly-on-the-wall vantage of the rising diplomatic panic that sent shudders through world capitals.

In a span of hours, the story went from empathy – one Canadian diplomat went so far as to fetch one of her husband's shirts for the battered "tourists" – to outright fury, as Jordan's King Hussein ordered his troops to rotate the guns defending the Israeli embassy, putting the Israelis in the crosshairs.

Kill Khalid also provides startling new detail on the anxieties in Jean Chr├ętien's Ottawa, where government mandarins were in a frenzy to get their hands on the forged passports. McGeough takes us inside the king's palace for the clandestine handover of the crucial documents to Canadian officials – and how Canadian intelligence officials mounted a near-military operation to get them home to Ottawa, braced for counterattack at every stage of the journey.

Mishal's arch-nemesis, Benjamin Netanyahu, is about to again become Israel's leader.

The hawkish Netanyahu was a largely unrepentant prime minister after Mossad blew the killing in Jordan 12 years ago. Only once since then has he stood in proximity to Mishal – the two men both attended King Hussein's funeral in what McGeough calls "a significant accomplishment on the part of Jordanian security to keep them apart."

"The thought that Israel could just manufacture Canadian passports and use them in the most horrendous of circumstances was bizarre. But the limp-wristed Canadian response was equally bizarre.

Kill Khalid: The Failed Mossad Assassination of Khalid Mishal and the Rise of Hamas is the unsurpassed story of how Israeli spies masquerading as Canadian tourists all but ignited a new Mideast war in the peace-seeking days of 1997.

Only later, when all assembled in one of their rooms, did they abandon the pretense. These "Canadian tourists" were agents for Mossad, the fabled Israeli intelligence service. Their mission in this quiet, U.S.-friendly Arab city was state-sanctioned assassination – in the name of Israel.

Their orders were to kill Khalid Mishal. The 41-year-old Palestinian activist had been overlooked by the legion of foreign intelligence agents operating in Amman. But at the Mossad bunker near Tel Aviv, Mishal was seen as the worst of a dangerous new breed of fundamentalist leaders. He was hard-line, but he did not wear a scraggy beard or wrap himself in robes. Mishal wore a suit and, as the man accused by Israel of orchestrating a new rash of suicide bombs, he was, by regional standards, coherent in his television appearances. From the Israeli perspective Khalid Mishal was too credible as an emerging leader of Hamas, persuasive even. He had to be taken out.

More than a week after Israel's bid to kill Khalid Mishal, Canadian prime minister Jean Chr├ętien was still fending off strident charges at home that his government had been complicit in the bungled Mossad mission. And the stakes were higher than they might ordinarily have been because this was yet another episode in an embarrassing history of Israeli killers abroad taking cover as Canadian citizens.

In 1973, a woman member of a Mossad team that was systematically shooting its way through a list of Palestinians held responsible for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games carried a Canadian passport.

In 1974, about 50 blank Canadian passports disappeared from a vault at the Canadian Embassy in Vienna. In Nicosia a year later, Cypriot authorities seized the kit of a Mossad team after a hotel bombing in which a Palestinian guerrilla leader was killed. The passport used by one of the Israeli hitmen bore a number that revealed it to be from among the 50 stolen in Vienna.

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  1. There was a time due to my work that I traveled a great deal internationally and no matter where I went my Canadian passport was like gold, as a matter of fact it was worth a lot more than it's weight in gold.

    It seemed that a holder of a Canadian passport was simply incapable of doing any wrong, and so without exception in places like Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, some countries in Africa and even at the time some Soviet controlled eastern block countries. After a cursory glance at my Canadian passport I was greeted with a smile and sent on my way. Never once was my luggage bearing a Canadian flag searched. NOT ONCE.

    At that time during the late 70’s and early 80”s the going price for a Canadian passport was 10,000 pound sterling, no questions asked, well there would have been questions at the Canadian consulate as to how one lost it but still.

    Those days are over, thanks in part to our governments incessant pandering to the Jews and our meddling in affairs not our own.

    Now my passport is nothing more than a goddamn piece of paper worth little more than the ink it’s printed with. Sad really.

  2. Exactly. And are you guys familiar with that Mossad passport scam in NZ a couple of years ago? That was a cracker. Helen Hunt, the NZ PM kicked out the Israeli ambassador over it. Of the four guys charged, two were Israelis and two were local sayanim. Mind you, the word 'sayanim' completely failed to appear in the press. Sure enough.

  3. Nobody I thought it was Helen Clark who was NZ PM but I might be wrong on that. No matter.

    And Penn the biggest problem with the passport scam in Canada only one of many I might add was that royal court kisser of asses Lloyd Axworthy.
    I remember years ago when he was campaigning for Manitoba MP, Winnipeg Fort Rouge he showed up at my apartment and wanted to shake my hand, I said no thanks as I wasn't wearing rubber gloves and that I didn't touch Jew loving shit without them. he was NOT amused. Sad .

  4. What were the Mossad with fraudulent New Zealand Passports doing in Iraq?
    Jerry Mazza
    Online Journal

    In a July 16, 2004 article, Mossad spies’ jailed over New Zealand passport fraud, David Fickling of the Guardian reported, “The prime minister of New Zealand angrily denounced Israel and imposed diplomatic sanctions on it after two suspected Mossad agents were jailed for six months for trying on false grounds to obtain a New Zealand passport. The plot, which involved obtaining a passport in the name of a tetraplegic man who had not spoken in years, provoked a furious reaction yesterday.”

    Peace Researcher editor Murray Horton in a March 2006 article, Israel Apologizes to NZ For Bungled Mossad Passports, noted what he had reported in his March 2005 2005 article, Mossad Spies Imprisoned In New Zealand: Our Passports Valued For Use By Israeli Covert Killers, that “in 2004, New Zealand authorities became aware of a covert operation mounted by Israel’s external intelligence agency, Mossad, to secure NZ passports (which are keenly sought after by those who seek hassle free entry to most countries. Mossad has a long track record of using fraudulently obtained passports of friendly counties, such as Canada, for its agents to commit crimes, including several murders, in countries throughout the world).

    ”The spy ring consisted of at least three Mossad agents working from Australia (it later emerged that Australia secretly expelled an Israeli diplomat as a result of this scandal in NZ) and one New Zealand Jew. The ringleader, a Mossad agent, and the New Zealander got away to Israel. The two other Mossad agents, Eli Cara and Uriel Kelman, were arrested in the act of accepting delivery of a fraudulently obtained NZ passport.

    “They duly pleaded guilty to a single charge and served three months of a six month sentence before being deported back to Israel. They were also each ordered to make a $50,000 payment to the Cerebral Palsy Association, as they had sought the passport in the name of an NZ cerebral palsy sufferer.”

    'Deep Throat' in Iraq

    According to a reliable source, these Mossad agents fraudulently obtained New Zealand Passports then showed up in Iraq. That source’s source is inside the G2 Intelligence section of one of the commanding armies in Baghdad. Some of the solders caught these Mossad agents with the New Zealand Passports on them. The Mossad agents were subsequently ordered to be let go.

    Our source talked with members of the 3rd Infantry Division and 4th Infantry Division who nailed the Mossad agents and ordered they be let go. As a result, when these US Army personnel returned to the US, they left their army careers and refused to serve the likes of George Bush and Israel. What could their deeper reasons possibly be?

    Could it be that in fact the Mossad agents were caught with high-powered sniper rifles, killing American soldiers to ‘aid and abet’ the illusion that America was fighting a legitimate war in Iraq.

    These Mossad agents were caught with IEDs (Improvised explosive devices), according to our source, and very sophisticated detonation devices to kill American soldiers and otherwise launch “terrorist attacks” wherever they wanted those bombs to go off.

    Some of these “terrorist bombers” did not even know they had a bomb in their cars. It was planted by Mossad and then detonated when and where they wanted it go off to kill as many as they could. Some Iraqis noticed their cars were not handling right and stopped to find out what the problem was.

    The problem was they were driving a bomb, not just a car, but they were not terrorists. They had been set up to be terrorists when the Mossad had the vehicle where they wanted it to be.

    Additionally, some of these Mossad agents were at Abu Ghraib prison, torturing Iraqis right along with US soldiers who had crossed that line under orders from Bush and Rumsfeld. Some of those held at Abu Ghraib, later released, had their cars rigged to go off wherever, whenever the Mossad wanted them to go off. In short, the Mossad was invited in to show American soldiers how to torture Arabs. (See Paul Craig Roberts Are You Ready to Face the Facts About Israel?)

    But these Mossad agents were caught red-handed by US solders, just as the British SAS soldiers were caught with a carload of IEDs and detonation devices doing the same awful thing in the Basra area. Both sets of events were hushed up by the corporate media.

    Bottom line, resign

    Career US soldiers, the source reports, came home after these events and resigned, refused to reenlist or extend enlistments to serve in the US Army, given the above events they witnessed. What they saw obviously sickened their stomachs and souls, especially that a purported ally of the US would send in their Mossad assassins to kill US soldiers. This was done solely to perpetuate the illusion that George W. Bush and his Zionist pals were conducting more than an obscene scam with the Iraq war.

    Our source would take solace, great solace, if those men and women who witnessed any of these events would step forward and blow the whistle, especially on the cabal of ruthless Mossad aggents who killed American soldiers.

    And still the masses are silent.Again and again I ask a simple question, "How is it possible not to hate this vermin"?

  5. Thanks Matey,

    I get the details wrong sure enough. And yeah, Helen Hunt was just a possible for the role of Helen Clark in the film of the whole episode that I'm going to make. It seems it's either her or Dustin Hoffman. And I only get the funding if I cast Hoffman.

    And change the villains from Mossad to Al Qaeda, ha ha.

  6. Wow, so new zealand actually acted on this illegal act by mossad, where as Canada?
    What exactly did Canada do about this?
    I remember it, remember being annoyed over it, but, I don't recall the outcome.
    "royal court ass kisser axworthy"
    I have got to go off and find out what came of that.

    not surprised about mossad being in Iraq. In fact I have read about that previously.

    I'll be back

  7. oh I forgot, I figured the only reason torstar published the excerpts of this book is because it is another book about Hamas, the Israeli terrorism, targetted assassination, use of wmd's and forged Canadian passports (or not) merely incidental.