Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Czech government falls!

I was surprised by this news, for two reasons.

The first reason has to do with the missiles the US wanted to put there. The very same missiles that were wildly unpopular with the Czech population.

The Czech government had infact pulled back missile treaties to be voted on by Parliament when they realized they could not win the vote. Czechs delay action on missile treaties
The Czech government said Tuesday that it was temporarily pulling back treaties on the installation of a U.S. missile defense radar system because of a threat by the opposition to vote them down in Parliament.

"This does not mean we would give up on the ratification process," Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said in a live television address. "We will return to this issue after talks with the U.S. administration and after the NATO summit in Strasbourg and Kehl."

The summit meeting takes place on April 3 to 4
How will the government falling effect the NATO summit and the missile vote?

The second surprise was the Czech President, who is also head of the EU government saying this:

The Czech President, EU leader has dismissed the US economic rescue plans as "a way to hell".

”All of these steps, these combinations and permanency is the way to hell,” he told Euro-MPs in Strasbourg"

If he is speaking on behalf of the European union it is a sign of division between Europe and the US. Obama has been openly critical of some of the European countries , not servile Britian, of course.

"Writing in newspaper articles published across Europe on Wednesday, Mr Obama implicitly criticised countries, such as Germany, France and the Czech Republic, that are opposed to further stimulus measures".

Now if I am not mistaken, this Czech President has been very pro-American, he had agreed to the missiles despite the population not wanting them in their country.

How to take all of this?


  1. Sooo would that be like a Canceled Czech? Just wondering.

  2. Silverfish! Groan! That was dreadful.

    Seriously though, this sounds like a reality Czech.

    Boom tish!

  3. I know it was dreadful but I was just asking.
    Now what’s even more dreadful is a Republic based on Czechs, my God man that’s even worse than fiat currency. And now I'm wondering in light of what’s happened if Canadian and Oz immigration will still be excepting personal Czechs.

    A lesson to governments everywhere, Don't write Czechs that Your ass can't pay for, an if Yuh don't balance Your Czech book sooner or later you'll find yourself in financial Czech mate.

  4. what a bunch of comediens hanging about, lol.

  5. oh yeah and off topic, of th czech government falling which despite the puns is interesting.
    Thought I would mention, still lurking about very quietly is the mash imposters.

    Seriously, they need to get a life or something?