Monday, July 13, 2009

Deal signed to construct Nabucco pipeline

The US backed Nabucco pipeline is being built to cut Russia out of the European market.

However Russia is looking to construct two new pipelines. The North Stream and the South Stream. See map below:

The Turkish government wants Iranian gas to be transported through the Nabucco pipeline.
The US however, has different ideas. They do not want Iranian gas to flow through until relations between the US and Iran have been "normalized"

U.S. special energy envoy Richard Morningstar on Sunday reiterated Washington's opposition to possible use of Iranian gas in Nabucco until Washington normalizes relations with Tehran.

Normalizing, as in attack and get the puppet goverment in place??

Turkey would also like to see Russia's oil transported through Nabucco

Erdogan also said he believed Russian gas could be transported to the European markets via Nabucco.
A little more on Russian and Iran being involved as per Turkey's wishes

Why would he suggest that? Is he playing politics? Would this oil be coming from a future balkanized Russia? Or is Turkey keeping all options on the table?

Interstingly, while the Nabucco pipeline can bypass Russian supplies, the Nabucco pipeline has no firm suppliers to fill it with gas.

Nabucco transit deal nice, but where's the gas?

It seems Russia has a firm, committed supplier for it's pipeline. It's Azerbaijan.

"Russia on the other hand clinched a major natural gas deal with Azerbaijan to buy 500 million cubic meters of gas annually starting next year just two weeks ago"

Azerbaijan is Indicating they could supply to more then one gas pipeline project

The head of Azerbaijan's State Oil and Gas Company on Friday said his country's gas reserves are rich enough to supply more than one gas pipeline project

"Azerbaijan's gas reserves are very rich, we can supply gas to each project separately,"

Covering all the bases, I guess?

And then their is Georgia, a vital hub in the pipeline politics game.
The US puppet of Georgia, sorry, I mean the President of Georgia (the country, not the state) is in Ankara for the Nabucco talks

“The project of such scale among so many players has not been implemented in this region yet and this is a very interesting step forward,” President Saakashvili told the summit in the Turkish capital

Wondering if the signing of the gas agreement between Russia and Azerbaijan hastened the signing of the Nabucco deal. Not to say the deal wasn't coming anyway, just, that it had to be signed onto a little quicker then was practical?


  1. It's often about the oil - it is a vehicle to power over others. Just as control of the food supply is.

    A grand Chessboard indeed!

  2. Great minds think alike!

    - Aangirfan

  3. Its really about commerce and debt and I have recently found a great source that explains this much more eloquently than the others I have often referenced.


    There is a free audio series on banking and law. This should put a smile on your face.

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