Monday, July 6, 2009

Robert McNamara has died

Robert McNamara, secretary of defense during the Vietnam War, whose later public expressions of regret for the role he played came too late for many veterans and critics, died today at his home. He was 93.

I best remember him for the movie- The Fog of War
I haven't seen it for some time. If you have never seen it, it is worth watching.


  1. I saw this, but McNamara was still part of the new world order. Part of the NWO conspiracy is to create war and thus the need for peace. Peace brings the need for world government. Talk to anyone in favour of world government and they will cite war as the reason.

    Another reason to be suspicious of McNamara is that his documentary was in every sense a mainstream documentary. Anything you can rent at Blockbuster or watch on public TV is something to be suspicious of.

    This is just one more reason for people to read The Report From Iron Mountain. This report explains that the war model is bad because they lose people with the best genetics and that the world must fall under a new form of rule.

  2. Not forgetting that the USS Liberty was McNamara's gig. Sure enough, he absolutely refused to talk about it for Morris' doco. Morris by the way is a rather unappealing character. I liked his Thin Blue Line so much I tracked down its subject, Randall Adams' autobiography, and he painted a less than flattering portrait of Morris. So no surprises Morris gave McNamara a pass on the Liberty

    The key thing with the Liberty is that skyhawks were launched from the carrier with nukes strapped on board. This is made perfectly clear in that BBC documentary Dead In The Water. Not forgetting that at that time (theoretically) no one knew who'd attacked the Liberty, the whole subject of nukes being launched can point to only two people. LBJ and McNamara. Never mind Vietnam, McNamara launched nukes. As far as Cairo is concerned, it's sheer dumb luck that the Liberty didn't sink, and thus the nukes were recalled.

  3. The reasons I liked this movie, all critics aside, not saying they aren't valid just saying....

    What knocked my socks off about this movie, was the fire bombing of Japan, my god, I had no idea it had been that extensive, that brutal.

    After I saw the movie, I thought for days about all those families burnt alive, burning in the safety of their homes, burining in their sleep, the wanton targetting of civilians. What a revelation. I wondered if people who saw this movie realized how horrific of an attrocity this was? For the US only to add insult to injury afterwards and drop, not one but two nukes on the civilian population.
    OMG. And you always hear the apologists, well the nukes ended the war, and some such nonsense.
    But, that isn't true, Japan was down and out, the embargo, and the whole sale slaughter of it's civilians via the extensive firebombings had demoralized that country.

    I also like where McNamara acknowledges the war crimianl status of the US.

    If there is a hell, may he go straight there and his torment be to relive his firebombings through all eternity.

  4. The really interesting thing about our fedgov aparatchiks is just how fricken long they live. Reagan into his 90s, Ford, Carter and Bush Mk.I well on their way. At least Carter has personal integrity unlike everyone since JFK. None of these people are part of the solution, although they've apparently discovered the fountain of youth.

  5. Sorry meant "apparatchik"

  6. hey anonymous:
    I know where your coming from, did George Bush senior just skydive for his birthday, which was what age again, quite up there if I can recall, yes these creeps, who send other peoples kids to die, certainly live long.

  7. Pen you didn't know about the fire bombing of Tokyo? It may have been the single greatest act of mass murder in history. Certainly more died in one night in Tokyo than in the Hiroshima bombing. As McNamara said, if it saved a single bomber crew it was worth it to burn women and children by the tens of thousands.

    Otherwise, as per anon's point, just lately I prevailed upon the old man to buy a water distiller. I reckon it's the best money we ever spent and I'd recommend it to anyone. Anyway, if you read the blurb the simple trick to long life is to drink distilled water. You know those places where everyone lives until they're a hundred etc? Is it in the Ukraine? And somewhere in the Himalayas? Anyway what they have in common is the fact that they drink glacial water. Glacial water is the closest thing to distilled water. But who knows? All I know is that I drink it and I think it's brilliant.

    Otherwise, if we apply the absentometer™, what are we to make of the complete absence of distilled water anywhere in the media? Or anywhere at all? How come you can buy all manner of mineral waters but there's no such thing as distilled water? Why is that? It's easily the cleanest and healthiest water there is. So why can't we buy it? It's a niche in the market. How come no one's filling it? Remember we have every type of water except that one. How is that possible?

  8. nope, nobody, not really a clue, knew about the nukes, but not the firebombing, and how massive it was.
    Like I said, for days after that, I thought about how horrific it was.

    In the safety of your home, sleeping.
    God, for people to do that to other people......
    It is sick

  9. You're sentimentalizing the Japanese ? HA ! Can you say Naking ? Errol Morris as difficult character. Probably true. Yea but flyboy nobody couldn't touch the guy's docu-making capacity to save his life ! "One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic." (Stalin) So Pen is a Palestinian, it looks like.... Errol makes fun of dumbass rednecks, for the most part. So he gets a bad rap. Nothing that South Park hasn't been saying.....It's just much cuter when they say it.

  10. evian:
    sentimentalizing the japanese, nope.
    but the fact is the US wholesale slaughtered people in their homes and in their beds, by the millions.

    And yes, I have heard of Nanking.

    But let me guess in your world, that is bad,and firebombing millions of people is good.

    Even though their both bad, you wish to pretend one situation only is bad.

  11., Penny...wrong again. ZZZZzzzz....We're quietly waiting for you to realize that no one is really more innocent or guilty than anyone else in the long run, especially if you're going to honestly tally ALL of humanity's TRUE history and behavior.

  12. "We're quietly waiting for you"
    is the we in your head?
    whatever your issue is, keep it to yourself,ok? After all it is YOUR issue, not mine.

    The next time you come here to ask me if I have ever heard of "naking"
    make sure you know what it is you speak.
    So in summary "you, yourself and I" are welcome here if you have something productive to say about the topic, but other then that, they are other places for multiple persons such as yourself, who really have nothing to say.....
    but sadly it isn't here.