Monday, September 21, 2009

Guns and Butter- Anthrax Wars

Very good show to give a listen to! Listen here
The archive will be available until Sept 23/09

"Anthrax Wars" with investigative journalist, author and filmmaker, Eric Nadler, on the anthrax attacks of September 2001; the Ames Strain of anthrax; dead microbiologists Bruce Ivins and David Kelly; Bioport and the anthrax vaccine; the new vaccine growth industry; private bio labs and the new bio/military industrial complex.

Especially good for anyone interested in the anthrax attacks after 9/11.
Talking on Bruce Ivins and David Kelley and recalling all the deaths of micro-biologists??????

Having listened to this interview this investigative journalist makes it clear that the official conspiracy theory put forth by the FBI regarding Ivins cannot be true or believed.
Same for David Kelley, the official narrative of his death, not true.
But then, who with a working brain didn't know that?


  1. Hi Penny,

    I think this documentary is by the same chap and covers the same subject.

    Excellent viewing in my opinion.

  2. Hi edo.

    I will check that out, thanks!

    And if you do listen to the interview, let me know, I would be interested in your thoughts.

  3. Hi penny;

    Do you follow CBC radio? The program "The Current" is doing a 3 part special on the job situation here in Welland. It will be continuing tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. It was on this morning; they interviewed Rick Alakas a union rep with the CAW.They also interviewed the mayor. I'm pretty sure there will be a podcast available soon for you to catch the show this morning if you missed it.

  4. Hey Jim, no I don't follow the CBC radio much, but I will check that out, they probably will have a podcast, I will listen to.

    As interesting aside, one of the first things I put on this blog was a very interesting CBC radio podcast.
    I wonder if it still working.

    I will check it out, thanks Jim.

  5. Hey Penny.

    Yes, it's definitely the same guy talking about the same thing.

    My view - anyone meddling in Anthrax, be it for defence or offence, needs to stick their head in, take a deep breath, and crawl into a cave.

  6. Hi Penny,

    Thanks for thinking of me and dropping by my poor forgotten blog to say hello. I've been a bit distracted lately. Hope to get back to normal soon. (But what's normal?)

  7. hey qotn
    what is normal?
    I ask myself that all the time.