Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are Westerners Broken People? Why do we tolerate our own forces of oppression ?

One last post, think of this as your heavy duty thought for 2010.
The actual article in entitled "Are Americans a Broken People".
However....the question asked "Why We've Stopped Fighting Back Against the Forces of Oppression" does not apply only to Americans.
The questions applies equally to people that would be characterized as "westerners".
That is, Americans, Canadians, Brits, Aussies, Italians, Scottish, German etc., etc., most everyone understands or should understand the term 'western'.
This fellow asks a lot of good questions.

A psychologist asks: Have consumerism, suburbanization and a malevolent corporate-government partnership so beaten us down that we no longer have the will to save ourselves?

Can people become so broken that truths of how they are being screwed do not "set them free" but instead further demoralize them? Has such a demoralization happened in the United States?

Do some totalitarians actually want us to hear how we have been screwed because they know that humiliating passivity in the face of obvious oppression will demoralize us even further?

What forces have created a demoralized, passive, dis-couraged Western/U.S. population?

Can anything be done to turn this around?

Read the article at the link, share your thoughts and most of all......
Best wishes for as much good in 2010 as is possible, for everyone!


  1. I've spent the last many years trying to figure this out. I think that there is an incredibly wide range of symptoms of this problem and that people constantly want to treat the symptoms rather than the disease itself. The disease itself can be described as having some basic characteristics.

    (1) Human beings are not reasonable, in fact, the whole idea of reason is entirely new for most of the population. The elites have been using reason but preventing us access to it, which requires great understanding and the willingness to achieve understanding rather than wisdom or knowledge. Most are too busy and too stressed to look at this in full and achieve understanding. We must strive for real understanding of underlying natures of ourselves and the system.

    (2) Fundamentally, the problem is that our oppressors are economically empowered to enslave us. They print the money, we earn it. Without our willingness to earn it, it is worthless. In reality, all of the money is ours, but in the fictional world we owe it all to the banks. The banks print the money, we add the value, then they take it back - every dollar exists because it was loaned. We must apply reason, see this and act accordingly. Its your money, it isn't the banks. Its your fellow man that is willing to work for it and give it value.

    (3) Some institutions are corrupt, and they exist to serve the printers of money and to maintain the illusion. This is primarily the BAR (British Association Registry), CFR, Privy Council, Club of Rome, and various other more local political-secret societies. They exist in secret for a reason, they can be compartmentalized, corrupted and their members can get away with almost anything. Their members can be bribed, their power sits on the money illusion. We must stop electing these people, tell them what we know and avoid empowering them.

    We can take the system back and kill off this disease by not falling for the illusion. In reality we live in a beautiful world of plenty. We shouldn't have to work all the time.

    We can learn about the money and its illusion and our real social contract with government. Once we learn this, we see how we can escape the illusion with the use of our pens. With our pens we can re-shape the social contract.

    Once people achieve understanding, then they see that it is possible to escape this tyranny. The only thing that has demoralized me is my fellow man and his willingness to accept the illusion and allow it to destroy him. Collectively, we have been turned against one-another.

  2. We must also recognise that most of our decisions and the way we act is the result of propaganda. We see things, hear things and think things the way we do because of propaganda. We must look inside ourselves, see who we are and what we wishto stand for. We must align ourselves with truth - at any and all cost. The pen and the word are mightier than the gun.

  3. Happy New Year Sweetie!!!!


  4. Holy mackeral doug

    some good thoughts there!

    human beings may not always be reasonable, but, we can be.

    We are not encouraged to be reasonable or thoughtful.

    Only to react. It is the way of our world.

    I too thought of social conditioning, from the time we are born.

    I was thinking of the recent news in Canada, as an example, a democratic elected government who is supposed to be beholden to the people, just shuts the government down. No one reacts?

    And then their is the economic disempowerment of the society as a whole, also the dependance western society has.
    Dependance on large monolithic institutions. Big business.

    I agree there is an incredibly wide range of problems.

    Lack of knowledge, restricted parameters of thought..

  5. Maggie, thanks and right back atcha!!!

    Doug, same to you! Hopin it will be a good new year for all

  6. Ya know Pen, this article was THE VERY FIRST post I threw up on my blog.
    Great stuff!

  7. Good find, Penny. And good article. The author says the needed solution is a shot of morale. I think a better, or perhaps more meaningful, word would be dignity. This is what abusers take away from their victims usually bit by bit.

    Something the author didn't cover is that the relationship between abuser and victim is almost always symbiotic. In other words, the abuser is, in fact, equally dependent on the victim. This means that the abuser is equally vulnerable. Can you dig it (as we aging hippies are want to say!)

    A return of some measure of dignity is what is needed first for the victim to effect an escape. As it was taken away bit by bit, it can be restored bit by bit, too. Throwing the teevee out of the house is a bloody good place to start. In a hundred ways every night it tells you that you are powerless and ineffectual. (Which is a lie, of course, otherwise they wouldn't be telling us that all the time.)

    Without that affecting and infecting the victim's mind constantly people will be able to stop participating in other denigrating thinking and behaviour.

    So if someone wants to give the finger to the elite and have only good consequences come from it, there's no better thing to do. And a victim needs to do things to start regaining their dignity. Then they can tell others of the experience. Imagine no one watching teevee and what that would mean.

  8. I don't believe that the people are necessarily broken but rather they have been domesticated much like a herd of cattle or in this case sheep.

    The people have been lied to for so long they not only don't know the truth from fiction but they no longer seem to care. Their lives are centered around that Fat Pig Oprah and "Dr Phil"? just chewing Cheeto's and wondering which team will win the pennant, yuh know important shit.

  9. james, I think you make an excellent point. The loss of dignity is the affect of this loss of morality. People have been taught to think that morality is like a ball and chain attached to us, really its what makes us free.

    The loss of morality causes unspeakable acts which result in the loss of dignity which is the damage done. This is what characterizes rape, and our minds are being raped.

  10. I often think of all the electronics that surround are lives, including the PC.

    With the brain virtually the same as long ago, perhaps exactly identical what effect does all the electronics useage have on us.

    One thing that has entered my mind repeatedly, and it is an extension of the problems with tv.

    The electronics has a dehumanizing effect on us.
    I have said before, we need to reclaim our humanity.
    Our humanity is not tied to electronic devices, ipods and the ability to text message.
    Our humanity is in our community.
    Because, I believe by our very nature we are communal, hence community oriented.

    The laptop and the blackberry have actually given people the ability to go out into the world and not mingle with the world around them at all.

    It reinforces the (in home) tv effect.

  11. Pretty good article, but just like the Huffington post that Levine writes for, it's a limited hangout contention.

    He writes about the abused without mentioning the abusers . . . except maybe Cheney-Bush. He talks about the evil of tv, advertising and commercialism . . . but he doesn't mention the slavery of the monetary system, or anyone involved. He again reiterates the contention that the 2000 elections were rigged, but fails to mention they all are, with two candidates that support the same agenda.

    In short, there is no talk of a long standing conspiracy of powerful folk and who they are. The government and corpocracy are referred to as faceless entities . . .

    . . . how does one break free from a prison if you don't know what imprisons you and who your captor is?

    He does make salient points on our learning instititutions, mental health institutions, and commercialism . . . but it's all limited hangout.

    Anyone who reads you Pen knows what he wrote about AND MORE, as you mention points that this guy would never touch on: banking and the creation of money, the co-opting of any movement against corporate control, min control programs, specific cabals of controllers, the pedophile blackmail system, the imperialistic US military system that has never listened to the people, the fallacy of democracy, the insiduous control mechanisms to create fear and obedience (vaccine programs, terrorist alerts,etc), false flags, etc etc etc.

    Sorry, I don't even like giving limited hangout guys one thumb up.

    Write him an email on 9/11, bogus terrorism and the vaccine programs to promote fear, and you'd get called a conspiracy nutter.

  12. some good points slozo, and I would agree he offered alot of limited hang-out kind of thoughts mixed in with some good points.

    But, I look at this as a start, and everyone has to start somewhere.

    Like I did and you did once, some time in the past.

    and I thank you for what I consider a really nice compliment!

  13. The more I thought about this article, the more uncomfortable I became about it.
    Doug wrote- "james, I think you make an excellent point. The loss of dignity is the affect of this loss of morality."
    I did not say that, Doug, nor did I mean to imply it. The author, Bruce Levine, used the word "morale" and I said, "I think a better, or perhaps more meaningful, word would be dignity." I see now I should have added "because morale implies morality i.e. the victims are to blame for their condition because they exhibit a lack of morality. They are bad, in other words.

    To say, " The loss of dignity is the affect of this loss of morality." is like saying "the bleeding is the result of the wounds". When it would be more meaningful to say "the bleeding is the result of the attack from the attacker". The wounds and the bleeding are both effects not causes.

    People who are being controlled by abusers through having had their dignity taken away from them through a deliberate campaign against them are more accurately described as victims of mind control. And this is what we are collectively in the West.

    The initial damage to the victim on which subsequent abuse is built on is able to be perpetrated because the victim initially trusts the abuser and this cannot be characterized as a lack of morals. To describe a victim of deliberate and sophisticated mind control as lacking in morality and that this has caused this sorry state is clearly wrong. And this is the great reservation I have with Levine and his article.

    If I were to be kind towards Levine, I would say that he has never experienced up close anything like what he is talking about. If I were to be less generous, I would say he is a disinformation agent as Slozo suggests. With the way he has written his article together with the fact that he is regularly published on Huffington Post, I would say this is more than possible.

    If we were to step back and assess his article from the perspective of his own analytical questions and answers, we would see that it is a parody of itself. He asks, "Does knowing the truth of their abuse set people free when they are deep in these abuse syndromes?

    is his answer yet he goes on to list quite a few of these truths.

    "Do some totalitarians actually want us to hear how we have been screwed because they know that humiliating passivity in the face of obvious oppression will demoralize us even further?

    Then why is he doing it?

    "Can anything be done to turn this around?" Ah, we get to the solution; the chance to even up the scales and perhaps put us in front; the antidote to the list of abuses he has been "rubbing our nose in". He has already told us that not only won't this list help us but will further "de-moralize" us.

    And here it is in it's entirety, "Encouragement. Small victories. Models of courageous behaviors Pretty pathetic, no? That's like stealing a million and giving back a ten spot. Not a good deal.

    After listing the problems of television and who have warned us about it over the decades, he can't even suggest something concrete to do about it, like, throw the damned thing out!

    The article gets initial nodding ascent, I dare say, from most readers because of the words "morale" and demoralizing". But Levine uses them cleverly both in their common usage initially (downtrodden, broken) and then with their more correct or technical usage implied (lack of morals or character).

    Levine's article alerts us to a real problem but the affect is to de-rail any real solutions. It pulled me in

  14. I had to edit this bit out as I was over the word limit so here 'tis-

    I think it is cleverly done and I was not alive to it all at first though I had reservations that were confirmed by Doug picking up on the author's implication of "morality" i.e. he was taken in much like I was. Slozo's comments then galvanised me into analysing it properly.

  15. James: when slozo brought up his very good points, and I had realized the limited hang outs in the article.

    Nonetheless (is that one word?)
    I posted it because it enouraged some thinking on the part of the reader, thinking is sorely lacking in society today.
    Acceptance is all I see.
    So, I am always happy to postulate questions and get people thinking.

    And slozo's response had me thinking last night...!!!!

    And there you are today James!

    By posting it and asking others to share there thoughts, you guys went above and beyond the limited hang out of the article.

    You pointed out the numerous shortcomings of the article, the limited hang-outs, the lack of concrete suggestions etc.,


    The question why do we tolerate our own oppression is really because we don't think outside of our conditioning.
    The writer made some half-hearted comments, nothing to challenging or strident, but you and slozo went above and beyond.

    So if in posting the article, others get to read the excellent responses, I think it is all good.
    Do you know what I mean?

  16. boy is my tiredness showing!
    I will let it stand and hope it is understood.

  17. Well, I think I understand you, Penny (Smiley thingy!)

    I meant no criticism of you, Penny. I didn't even think of it otherwise I would have said something. I meant no criticism of Doug either as i hope I made clear. I think it has been a valuable exercise. It has been for me.

    The "Left" (and "Right", for that matter) is jam packed, chock a block full of this sort of thing; writers and others of major and minor influence who repeat concepts and talking points, either wittingly or unwittingly, paid or unpaid, that have been fed to them .
    It's the Hegelian Dialectic at work.

    Levine parodying his own propositions is either beautiful irony or a very cynical ploy depending on his awareness of what he is doing. Either way it has proved a great example of how the 'fifth column' among us work and has left us considering something very important.

    I think Alternet 'outed' itself recently by attacking the hackers of the Climate Research Institute and supporting the Copenhagen Conference where the world dodged a rather large bullet.

    You said, "The question why do we tolerate our own oppression is really because we don't think outside of our conditioning."
    It's a hallmark of mind control. Victims of it often still think the implanted concepts and thinking are their own even after being shown conclusively that they were brainwashed into thinking this way. It's hard work recovering from it. Think of some of the erroneous ideas you picked up (often about yourself) as a child from your parents and how hard they are to shift.
    Have you read any of Alice Miller's books? She has a wealth of information and wisdom on that last point and how it affects the politics of the world.

  18. hey james, It didn't even cross my mind that you were criticizing me.
    It is kind that you consider my feelings.

    I think you do understand the somewhat disjointed point I was attempting to make when you said

    'I think it has been a valuable exercise. It has been for me.'

    One thought I had about this article:
    Within all propaganda there is a nugget of truth, necessary to keep the vast amount of lies believable.

    Though this article was written in the msm`s usual sort of- controlled dissent- mannerism, it still contained some salient points as you and slozo acknowledge.

    But, by discussing it`s short comings it has become a valuable exercise in thinking outside of the box.

    Which is good, definitely good!

    btw controlled dissent always makes me think of chomsky.

    ah, copenhagen and global warming, I am hoping the world dodged a bullet, but, I am not so sure....
    I think the US government may slip a fast one on us- watch out for what Obama does.....the leader of the world, beloved by all (thinking of all the fawning hope and change stuff)

    Alice Miller?
    I have to be honest, it does not ring a bell.

    one more thing, I look at my blog as a learning experience, amongst other things, sharing knowledge and learning from others.

    All points of view give me food for thought.

    As yours has today :)

  19. Great discussion all around, Penny and James. I always enjoy the late comments like this, it's like a private conversation almost . . . or at least, it feels like it (I know it isn't). Still, it gives one the effect of private conversation, which is, it mentally allows us to relax.

    I abhor Chomsky, Pen.

    Chomsky, who the author mentions in a tone which suggests he should be both revered and followed, is the king of 9/11 limited hangout. If ever there was a guy supposed to steer us away from looking at the money masters and the sept. 11 conspiracy, it's him. In typical fashion, he re-directs any direct argument by trying to put you on the back foot, like a stiff jab to prevent a boxer's advance.

    It's all about gaining the trust of the reader or listener first, by confirming all of the fears and suspicions they have and directing them slowly away from the biggies: creation of money, grand conspiracies, and the powerful cabals who control them.

    I am really glad you brought forth this article, Pen . . . a good exercise in propaganda dissemination.

    Let's continue to not drink the fluoride ;)

  20. There's a movement to radically change California government, by getting rid of career politicians and chopping their salaries in half. A group known as Citizens for California Reform wants to make the California legislature a part time time job, just like it was until 1966.