Wednesday, December 9, 2009

John Lennon Remembered

Yesterday, 29 years had passed since the assassination of John Lennon.

All you need is love!


  1. We can still hear that beautiful, otherworldly voice, forever young, eternally irreverent. John Lennon left an indelible mark on our culture that cannot be denied. He is still a very real part of our lives, almost as much as he was all those years ago when he walked among us. Thanks to the miracle of recorded sound, the voice of John Lennon can still be heard, a lingering ghost from our past that refuses to fade into the void. At least we have that to be grateful for. Dr. Winston won't be going away any time soon.

    When a celebrated person passes on, we may pause and reflect for a moment on his or her life and career, but then we move on. We may watch with appreciation the brilliant performance of a long dead James Dean in the film Giant and think not a thing about his absence from our lives. That's not the case in this instance.

    I sure do miss John Lennon.

    Before you cross the street
    Take my hand
    Life is what happens to you
    While you're busy making other plans

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  2. This link below, is for a Lennon song done with a bit more panache than usual.
    I know you have readers Ms Penny who like their music. Hopefully ya'll will enjoy. :)

    Dear Prudence

  3. Hey aangirfan, if you are out there lurking about.
    As I planned on linking that Lennon song, Dear Prudence, in the previous comment, I wasn't sure if Lennon wrote it. Consequently, I wiki pediad(sp?) the song and it turns out Prudence is none other then Mia Farrow's sister serendipity
    Syncronicities abound. The wiki article also mentions Mike Love of the Beach Boys, all these folk are Linked. Mia farrow with Roman Polanski and the Mansons's. Mike Love and Dennis Wilson with the Manson's. Man, what a small world.
    Sorry Pen, this should al go under McGowan and LC. Oh well.

  4. And how singular was John Lennon? There's been no one like him since. All we have is pretenders. (Um... not The Pretenders, who were brilliant) Did someone mention Laurel Canyon just now? Oh, it was Peter. Was there ever anyone who was more emphatically un-Laurel Canyon than Lennon?

    Has anyone seen The US Versus John Lennon? It's actually a bit of a Jewish lovefest but in it you can see where CIA mockingbird bullshit artist Abbie Hoffman tries to ride Lennon's coat-tails but Lennon smells a rat and ditches him. Not that the Jewish producers of it all put that spin on it. That's just me.

    Imagine if he was around today? Actually I expect that the death cult did precisely that and that's why he got whacked by a mind control zombie.

  5. Hello Tom Degan! So nice of you to drop bye....
    Yup, I too miss John Lennon

    Peter, I actually recall that from somewhere that the song was written for Mia Farrow's sister.

    Was John having an affair with her?
    Not sure.

    Thanks for the alternate version of Dear Prudence, it was pretty good.

    Nobody: Yup I have seen the movie the US vs John Lennon.
    I was surprised by how much he was involved with the Black Panthers.
    If his pleas for peace and no war weren't challenging enough for the status quo. His involvement with the Panthers must have put the PTB over the edge.

  6. Well nobody, I gotta disagree with ya on Lennon being "un"-LC.
    First and foremost, the nature of his grisly murder has glaring similarities to all the grisly murders that take place throughout McGowan's LC series. I cite the most obvious circumstance, being the murder happened outside the famous Dakota apartment complex on Manhattan's west side. The same apartment complex that Roman Polanski's decidedly occultic film, Rosemary's Baby,was filmed, starring none other then John Lennon's "friend" Mia Farrow.( Mia was very good friends with Sharon Tate) Mia Farrow and her sister Prudence Farrow (Dear Prudence)alongwith another LC luminary, Mike Love of the Beach Boys(remember Dennis Wilson's relationship with the Manson family) all stayed at the famous compound in India where they all immersed themselves with greatmedia fanfare into TM.

    PTM indeed

  7. hey peter did you check out gnostic media, I thought that would definitly interest you.

    Check it out, let me know?

  8. Yes Penny, I am listening to the Tsarion (#55) interview. It is most fascinating. I will look further into his writings. TY

  9. No, what I meant was think of the mad gun-loving, satanist, draft-dodger hating, not-actually-anti-war-at-all nature of so many of the LC people.

    Also let's exclude his time during the beatles. It's possible the Beatles were some kind of Tavistock gig. When we talk of Lennon on his own in this fashion I always take it as post-Beatles. The post-Beatles Lennon was really something. Something NOT under control. When Lennon plastered NY with 'war is over if you want it' billboards he was his own psy-op. That was un-LC, hell, the very antithesis of it.

    And that Lennon was gunned down by an mkultra zombie says less about Lennon than it does about his enemies. Otherwise the fact that he knew lots of the LC crowd isn't so surprising is it? He could hardly not know them could he? He was a pop music artist in a biz in which LC comprised gee, I don't know... a majority? What's a bloke to do?

    Frankly with links like 'knowing Mia Farrow', I'm thinking everyone in entertainment would be categorise-able as LC. Even Van Morrison, perish the thought!

  10. Wow Nobody, I am impressed with that spin. I see what you are saying and it rings true. I guess I was just focusing on Lennon's Beatles era with it's enoromus media blitzing. What is a bloke to do?..indeed.

  11. Nobody,
    the Van Morrison remark left be confused.
    What little I know about Van Morison is that he is from Northern Ireland,is that factoid correct?
    Also, he was on the televison here not too long ago. He was being interviewed by Regis Philbin a local New York City celebrity who I identify as being Irish Catholic(he boasts of his affliliation with Notre Dame University).Philbin was either ignorant of Van Morrison's most famous song Brown Eyed Girl (Philibin said Blue Eyed Girl) or he intentionally, passively, insulted Van.
    Maybe , Nobody, you'd throw some light onto your Van Morrison allusion?