Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Swin(e)dle Flu- Vaccine recall, Tamiflu useless, Numbers infected -false!

Vaccine recall

More then 800,000 doses of vaccines have been recalled, but, it is no big deal!
Though the doses allegedly had a potency that was too low, you will not need to have your tots revaccinated. Does that make sense? After all the swine flu fear mongering?

Despite the nature of the recall, children who were vaccinated with the weakened doses should not be revaccinated because the antigen content "is only slightly below the 'specified' range," according to the CDC
This raises some interesting questions-
1. If the level of antigen was satisfactory to do the job, why recall the vaccinations?
2. If the level of antigen was to low to do the job in the recalled vaccines, do vaccines not recalled, have levels of antigen that were to high? Could this be a problem?
3. Is the vaccine manufacturer going to return the tax dollars paid for these useless vaccines?
4. If weakened doses of vaccine will suffice and revaccination is not necessary what does this say about all the fear mongering.


The British Medical Journal has concluded that Tamiflu and other drugs of it's ilk are useless.

A team from the prestigious Cochrane Review says that its analysis of published data about clinical trials of the drug, known generically as oseltamivir, shows that the drug is able to reduce the course of an influenza infection by a day but that they are unable to conclude that the drug is effective at reducing complications and hospitalizations caused by flu
Apparently Roche is not allowing access to key data? Do read the entire article as it is quite interesting.

80% percent of people who were told they had swine flu, DIDN'T!

But it was good for the Tamiflu makers, one million doses have been given out.

"It has led to allegations that millions of pounds has been wasted"

It wasn't a waste for big pharmaceutical, no indeed, it was all very profitable.
For taxpayers, whose money was foolishly spent, millions has been wasted.


  1. I would like to know which areas in the country this batch of vaccine was used. My guess is that it was an experiment, it is completed and so they stop it by recalling the unused batch, as a meand of covering themselves. Humans refused to observe and learn from past experience. they trust their goverment, their doctors and their preachers so much. they are such obedient sheep they will do what they are told, without question. it is unbelievable how trusting humans are of those who do not care about the planet.

  2. Al Gore has been built as an honest man by the media, He lost the election opps it was stolen right from under him and infull view of the public. This country has gone through a coupe de ta, treason, stollen election, all done right in front of the public, and they did not even know or realized what happened, so it is no surprise to me that this hype of global warming is aother way for the rulling class to make money. the next big thing among many big things to happen this year. people! always remember when they say run walk if they say walk run like hell. case and point world trade center. people heard a loud noise they came out of their cubicle rightly so they were told to go back to work everything was ok and like sheep they obeyed those who knew they say they were getting the hell out of the building. the rest is his-story. for the truth about 911 has yet to be told. My the victims rest in peace.