Sunday, December 13, 2009

Warming the environmentalists heart -Nuclear Power and Frankenfoods

Since becoming a questioner of the man made global warming orthodoxy I have been accused of being an anti-environmentalist. And, who knows maybe I am a "right-wing" think tank devotee, or possibly a blogger for big oil.

None of that is true, but, it is a shoot the messenger tactic, engaged in when the message is one that is not favoured. Silly, really...but what can I say?

"We can afford to ignore neither the carbon-free electricity supplied by nuclear energy nor the transformational potential of genetic engineering."

No, I didn't regurgitate that nonsense.. That quote came from an article linked in a previous post , which discussed how the fight against carbon, or humanity, as it should be called had some very strange beneficiaries. Strange particularly for environmentalists.

One of those was the GMO food manipulators. Strange to see environmentalists wanting something that Monsanto is clearly yearning for. But, if you think that is strange, wait till you get a load of Nuclear Power as a "carbon free" source of electricity. Because mining uranium is a carbon free process, I guess? Sure, cause it is mined on another planet.

But lets take a look at this "carbon free" nuclear industry.
Some recent news out of India.
In order for India to get in on the 'carbon free' nuclear industry they have to make some huge concessions to the US's private sector energy players...

"But private sector players like GE and Toshiba Westinghouse say they will not invest until India ratifies the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSCNL) and installs a domestic civilian nuclear liability regime.

Like his predecessor, President Obama is pushing India to guarantee that the Union Carbides of the nuclear world suffer no losses regardless of the role that may have been played by their equipment or technology in causing the disaster.

“What this will do is indemnify American companies so that they don’t have to go through another Union Carbide in Bhopal,” he said. Local operators, on the other hand, will have to raise $450 million up-front to cover post-disaster compensation costs. Additional costs will have to be borne by Indian taxpayers"

How do Bhopal Activists feel about this?

BHOPAL ACTIVISTS are “disgusted” by the attitudes of the Indian and US Governments. “A nuclear disaster will have far greater impact than Bhopal had. Environmental contamination will spread farther. Bhopal has taught us that $450 million is woefully inadequate to deal with a disaster’s fallouts,” said Rachna Dhingra of The Bhopal Group for Information and Action.

Yah, that "carbon free" nuclear power is looking good....
And still, what to do with the spent fuel? OH yeah, tip some more bombs and spread the radiation, cause that is not bad for the environment.


  1. You wanna talk about being in bad company?

    Tony Blair-wants a deal at Compenhagen.

    If that doesn't get one really really wondering what the hell is really, really going on.....

    I don't know what to say.

    "Tony Blair urges leaders to secure deal in Copenhagen as time runs short"

    Oh and did anyone see the news of Berlusconi getting his teeth knocked out?
    I chuckled.


  2. Yeah, it always struck me as odd that SO many politicians WANT this.

    That should tell one a lot right there.

    When will the brain washed hippies wake the hell up???

    Useful idiots indeed.

  3. "Yeah, it always struck me as odd that SO many politicians WANT this."

    Thats the key. When public officials want something, you know its bad. Everything is opposite to what they say.