Friday, January 15, 2010

More 2010 Olympic terror news maybe potential provocateurs

Maggie had posted this bit earlier today from a Canadian news source CTV
Here it comes... False Flag Olympics

I got this from Meria Heller today... so the Canadian and American public is being subjected to more fear inducing news stories, with a twist.
Source says terrorist threat extends beyond aviation 

So if an attack happens, potentially a false flag attack, it will not come via aviation.

Olympic concerns
 The U.S. Government remains concerned about the sustained international terrorists threats directed against U.S. citizens and interests abroad.
While there have been no specific, credible terrorist threats to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, the threat from terrorist groups at major public events is always a principal concern.
Officials are concerned that, as security increases around Olympic venues, terrorists could shift their focus to more unprotected Olympic venues, such as hotels, public transportation systems, churches, restaurants, etc.

This got me thinking, something I do alot. The Vancouver Olympics have been protested by many. And the protestors have been harassed by the RCMP.
CSIS has been in on the action too. CSIS watching "extremist" Olympic protesters
Note: propaganda against the anti-2010 resistance.
Canada's spy agency has been monitoring anti-Olympic activities for more than a year and found the strongest opposition to the athletic event to be among "the more extreme elements" of First Nations groups, particularly in alliance with anti-poverty groups.

You can't make better stuff up then that now can ya? Native and anti-poverty groups as extremists!
Sort of brings the point home that the terrorist, in the eyes of the government, is the citizen who opposes, who stands up, who protests.

Makes you wonder, the "terrorists' being referred to as Alquaeda, are they really the citizens who oppose, who protest and who stand up?
Are we looking at provocateurs, agent provocateurs? Secret agent or agents who incite suspected or targetted persons to commit illegal acts, in amongst the protestors?
Then I recalled a video, I had seen earlier that contained an interesting bit of info from an acitivist on the use of provocateurs. Find that video here


  1. You know Pen, I was thinking the same thing. Whenever the Winter Olympics has been in the news here it's been in connection with some terrorist angle. I don't know about anyone else but the first thought that occurs to me is that we're being prepped for an attack. We'll wait and see...

  2. ahhh... the smell of homegrown terrorists!!

    Let's all give up what few rights we have left now, come on, you'll feel good about it - dammit!

  3. kind of related, i think -- the recent warnings about terrorist attacks in malaysia, esp on tourists. and then all of a sudden the all clear, here:

    with picture of gun toting swat teams on boats in the beautiful waters of malaysia, keeping everyone safe. another crisis narrowly averted...

    so it seems like just more conditioning to accept and prefer the military presence.

  4. nobody, we shall indeed all wait and see and meanwhile, just thought I would mention, the rcmp seems quite interested in the discussion, making repeated visits to a previous post on this same subject.

    Silly really, just talking news and current events.

    hey maggie, could be, perhaps the toronto 18 didn't pan out as well as the rcmp and csis had hoped in creating the fear.
    Maybe now they can use the natives?
    Who knows?

    A peasant, will check that out ty

  5. And don't forget CTV's run up to the Olympics "Believe" campaign....

  6. Hey peeps. I'm pretty sure there won't be an actual terrorist attack at the games. Just the threat of one, or as A. Peasant says, the story of a narrowly averted attack (as in the underpants bomber) is all they need to keep the threat alive.
    Since 9/11, the world's internet investigators are on red alert 24/7. The perps know that any false flag plans would instantly be seized upon, and in all probability, exposed.
    The point here is to hype the threat, and I think to that end, the game theory experts in the background must be laughing their tits off at how we're all helping in that regard. They totally expected people to pre-empt a false flag, so what do they do? hype that threat up. Keep the fear alive. So long as people think there could be an attack, whether it's a homegrown terrorist, a foreign one, or, an orchestrated false flag by security services.... the ends justifies the means.

    Do you think I'm off the mark?

  7. Hey edo!

    the threat of a terrorist attack or news of a narrowly averted attack either/or the end result is the same, more fear, more justification to control, more loss of freedom.

    I worried about posting some of this type of news, because I don't want to feed the fear monster on one hand, and then on the other hand.. I feel like if I don't mention the possibility that the ptb could take the opportunity presented people will not be aware of what could happen, and who could be behind it and what could be gained in doing so.
    Ya know what I mean?

    Either way it is a tough call.
    But, I still think awareness is key, not necessarily getting all caught up in fear, just being aware.

  8. anonymous:

    went and checked out the 'believe' campaign.

    kind of creepy, actualy really creepy.

    can you see the automaton's
    chanting believe, believe, believe.

    The olympics are a sham and nothing but, they mean nothing, they are so commercialized and sold-out, the holy grail of athletecism, not any more.