Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turkey and Israel: An acrimonious end.

Two interesting perspectives on the same issue, the cooling of the relationship between Turkey and Israel.
Note how each nation put their own unique twist on the situation.
From Turkey: So who is Israel's one true friend? Clue: it isn't the US

Friends don't let friends drive drunk, an old American slogan says. By that measure the US has hardly been a real friend to Israel over the past decade. It has enabled a pattern of Israeli behaviour so reckless as to endanger Israel's prospects of ever achieving peaceful coexistence with the states and peoples around it.

An aggressive drunk often reserves his most toxic invective for those of his friends who tell him the truth: that his behaviour is intolerable, is dangerous to himself and others, and can't be allowed to continue.

So it should come as no surprise that the most belligerent of Israel's leaders are shaking their fists at Turkey......
Getting to the last sentence:

It is better for Israel – and the US too, frankly – if Turkey takes the lead in saying things that western powers are no longer willing to say. Because the essence of Turkey's message is simple: Israel needs to sober up.

Love the analogy Israel as the wreckless drunkard, stumbling along on a drunken and destructive path, emboldened by an unhealthy relationship with an equally sick enabler, the US.

Now, the take by Israel: I find it quite typically Israeli. But, I don't want to ruin it.
Let's just say, it is the same old, same old.

The rift in Israeli-Turkish relations is the result of Ankara turning away from secularism and toward more radical Islam, Israel's military intelligence chief said on Tuesday.

For Israel there is one narrative, one myth, the powerful story, radical muslims.
Cripes, at least the writer from Turkey was more creative. With Israel, it's the same old, same old.

What is really going on between these two, is anyones guess.
Definitely the relationship has soured.
Turkey expressed, and rightly so, disgust over the brutal attack on Gaza.
Israel  most recently retaliated with a childish chastising of the Turkish ambassador on Israeli television.
(Acknowledged in the article from Haaretz.)
While that kind of foolishness may play out well to an Israeli audience, it looks petty and vindictive internationally.
Just kiss and say goodbye, when it is over, it is over.


  1. One of the biggest flaws in the Israeli character is the fact they can never, ever, ever admit to doing something wrong.

    They twist with the best contortionists in an array of mindboggling gymnastics illuding logic and reality just to spin their tales of victimhood.

    It's beyond chutzpah!!!

  2. You know it is just amazing, I was thinking that, gee did you think the chastizing on national television was going to help things?
    I mean really?

    Of course they fall back on their regular mantra...

  3. Israel is an nation of narcissists.
    It is all classic narcissistic behaviour. It's become a national characteristic.

    Narcissists (and psychopaths) exhibit a certain 'tone deafness' when it comes to social relations. There's a whole chunk of human awareness that they are missing from their consciousness. They are like bad tempered young adolescents who have no regard for anyone else and yet think they are adults.

    Narcissists are always destructive for everybody around them and for themselves in the end.

  4. Thought-provoking review of the movie "300" by David Duke starts here:

  5. Didn't the fact that Israel tried to assassinate Erdogan have something to do with it? I find that one can never view friends the same after they try to assassinate you.

  6. You sound like you are one of those people with a hard heart, Nobby. Why can't you forgive and forget? Psychopaths and narcissists are people with feelings, too, you know. Well, near enough, anyway.

  7. Yeah nobody, what is with you!
    Whatever, they tried to kill him.
    Like James said, psychopaths and narcissists have feelings too.
    Never mind that they only feel for themselves all the time.
    Cut them some slack ;)

    Oh that hurt to type :(