Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arrests in Iran linked to US funded Radio Farda

Iran has arrested seven persons, accusing some of them (possibly all of them) of being spies.

All seven persons are linked to the US funded, Farsi language radio station, Radio Farda

The U.S.-sponsored Radio Farda, meaning "Radio Tomorrow," is Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Farsi-language service. The station, which has bases in Prague, Czech Republic, and Washington, D.C., has been broadcasting since 2003.

RFE/RL's spokesman in Prague, Julian Knapp, expressed concern over the arrests, but said the station has no independent confirmation of them.

No independent confirmation of the arrests? Odd.

But then Knapp goes on to say, and I quote-
"These arrests seem to be the latest evidence of this increasing pressure on media and the freedom of expression."

Julian Knapp contradicts himself.
First statement- The station had no independent confirmation of any arrests.

Second statement-
the arrests, we can't confirm even took place, are evidence of restrictions of free press.

In this article it is reported that "attempts to get comment from the station were unsuccessful."

If there were arrests why doesn't the radio station confirm them? Then the claim of evidence of suppression of free press would be credible.

Here are my thoughts..there were indeed arrests.
The station is US funded and is in my opinion involved in attempts to destabilize Iran. The arrests have nothing to do with freedom of the press and everything to do with covert ops in Iran. A move carried forward from the Bush administration.

Which is why the station is not verifying or really even commenting on the arrests.

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  1. As usual Penny I think you've nailed it.

    It's utterly astounding how many articles have appeared lately wrt Iran (and how 'horrible' they are). War drums are beating - pounded by who?