Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Israel set to export natural gas, but, is it theirs to export ?

Or is this more exploitation of Palestinian resources?

Just noticed this bit of breaking news: Israel could soon export natural gas

Noble Energy chief executive Charles D. Davidson said in Tel Aviv on Tuesday that two undersea gas fields his company is developing off Israel's coast are set to become operational in 2012.

He says he expects the fields to produce enough gas for Israel's needs, and potentially enough for export. The possibility of exporting fuel would mark a dramatic turnaround for Israel, which is notoriously empty of natural resources.

Israel, a country that is notoriously empty of natural resources.
Set to become an exporter of natural gas?
Two undersea gas fields? Belonging to a country notoriously empty of natural resources?
This doesn't make any sense. Unless you realize that the natural gas, is also off the coast of Gaza.

"But can we say with great confidence that the Mari B natural gas field and the adjacent Noa fields are totally owned by Israel? Do they finish on the border as shown on this Noble Energy Map? Do the disputed borders comply with normal United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea (UNCLOS) protocol? Do the Israelis ever accept or comply with the International Maritime Law? Surprisingly the answer to all of the above is most definitely no!

My next question would be why would the Israeli Government and Noble Energy select to drill right on the Gaza (Palestinian) border?"

I would think the answer to that is the natural gas is Gaza's gas, not Israel's

And there is a whole history of Israel coveting Gaza's natural gas resources.
It was reported as far back as 10 years ago, that there were large natural gas reserves of the shore of Gaza.

Interesting little video noting Israels covert negotiations just prior to Operation Cast Lead.

Very good background:

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  1. Since when has Israel given a shit whether what they're exploiting is theirs or not??

    I mean really? Does anyone expect them to act in a human and fair way? No.

    Zero surprise here.