Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Man arrested for attempting to purchase a 5 yr old child

Isn't this curious?
How did this man get across the border, when he was wanted in the US?
After he had been contacted by police (by telephone?) in Woodstock, Georgia and refused to turn himself in? Does that strike anyone as weird?

Police in Ontario-Canada, arrest a French national, who was living in the US, and had been accused of attempting to buy a child! Yes, you read that right, attempting to buy a child.
This is just coming out, so here is what is known-

A 56-year-old French man is in Canadian custody after he was arrested in Ontario at the request of U.S. authorities who say he recently made notice that he wanted to make an on-line purchase a five-year-old boy.

Patrick Ange Molesti, of Woodstock, Georgia,(USA) came to the attention of authorities "about a week and a half ago." Molesti is identified as a French national who has been living in the United States. Investigators received a tip that Molesti had interest in purchasing a five-year-old boy.

(yes, I note the irony in this suspected pedophiles name being Molesti)
Police allege they found child pornography during a forensic search of Molesti's personal computer.( In the US) They made contact with Molesti by telephone, but he refused to turn himself in.
-Eventually police learned Molesti had boarded a bus in Wyoming that was headed for Canada. -He got to Calgary, Alberta where he boarded a bus headed for Montreal, Quebec. That journey was interrupted, however, when Molesti was arrested by members of the Emergency Task Unit on Friday evening when the bus stopped at the Greyhound bus terminal in Thunder Bay. The arrest occurred just after 8:30 p.m.
-Thunder Bay police turned Molesti over to the Canadian border service.

Patrick Molesti of Woodstock, Georgia, will face a detention review hearing in Toronto on Wednesday morning via video link.
Molesti is wanted by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office on child pornography charges. Police there also allege that he tried to solicit sex with a five-year-old child over the Internet.
No word on why he was heading for Montreal. Law Enforcement officials are saying he was on the run. Maybe? Maybe not?
Quebec provincial police are crediting their Edmonton counterparts for leading them to a high-profile Montreal biochemist in a child-porn investigation.
It all began March 1, when a member of the integrated child exploitation (ICE) unit began an undercover Internet investigation.
“During that investigation, he encountered an individual from Montreal who was suspected of possessing a large volume of child pornography,”
The information was passed on to police in Montreal, Cook added.
The Surete du Quebec’s cybercrime unit arrested a 50-year-old man Tuesday after raiding his Montreal home.
And Montreal is where the French national, from the US, who no doubt could parlez francais, was headed!


  1. Surly that name has to be a put on.

  2. Either way something smells about this story.

    Imagine a fellow standing outside a school with a t-shirt that says 'Free candy for any children that will climb into my car with me'. Would you believe that? Keeping in mind that there's two paedophilias: the professionals and the amateurs, the gig always is to pump up the amateurs to professional proportions and then deny that the professionals exist at all.

    And here we have an amateur waving a big flag do we? Hmm...

  3. Two words for that rutting shitbank Molesti... Drasius Keyds. The sane world has had its fill of protected, sanctioned child predators and their day of reckoning is fast approaching. The masses of peaceful denizens just trying to survive with zero justice has taken its toll, and every one knows what happens when you drive a fierce animal into a corner. What happens next is that you've exceeded well beyond your limits and just committed suicide. Case after case ad nauseaum into a hellish perpetuity, and people are just to stand about playing Vegas house odds hoping for justice, praying that this one time justice will prevail. As the victims are vilified and pilloried by an all too complicit system acting on orders from on high to "make this go away". Don't believe it? Check this -- in the U.S., people massively supported issuing the death penalty to child predators. However when it came time for it to actually be passed, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 25, 2008 ruled against it. In a 5-4 decision in a Louisiana case, they ruled that "the death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child." However, although the court ruling effectively ends the use of the death penalty for child rape, the court left open its use for crimes such as "treason, espionage, terrorism, and drug kingpin activity". Which is quite mockingly, also every crime the government engages in.

  4. silv: I know, the name, was just to much, but then maybe it is a common name, who knows?

    Nobody: what struck me as odd. The sherrifs office phoning him??

    So you phone people and say, turn yourself in? I saw that as an open invitation to flee. Just bizarre. Then getting over the border? I don't get it?

  5. Hei Hu Quan! Another long lost person
    :) Good to see you about.

    Drasius Keyds. I looked that one up and I am going to share it with everyone here.

    "in the U.S., people massively supported issuing the death penalty to child predators. However when it came time for it to actually be passed, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 25, 2008 ruled against it"

    why does this not surprise me?
    Not even one bit? When you read about the numbers of the elite, involved in this type of criminal activity, it of course seems correct that the powerful judges would protect their powerful friends.

    The politicians, The Vatican, and all manner of organized and ritualized pedophelia by the powerful organizations of this world.

    It turns your stomache, it really does... But then when one realizes the elites view of the great unwashed masses is that of resource you know 'human resources' and they even call people that to their faces and people never catch on.
    Then of course there is the useless feeders moniker.
    Either way, humanity and their offspring just don't rank.

  6. There's a Boston Legal episode exactly on this subject of death penalty for child rape


    Make what you want of it.