Monday, March 22, 2010

Must Listen Interview ! Shlomo Sand- The Invention of the Jewish people.

With much thanks again to Gnostic Media, for putting out such quality information!
I have listened once, I will be listening again.
Very interesting, get's a little tense.. but, really an interesting perspective.

"This is yet another Gnostic Media controversial interview with Professor Shlomo Sand. Shlomo is currently Professor of History at Tel Aviv University in Israel; and has also taught at the University of California, Berkeley. His book, The Invention of the Jewish People, spent more than 19 weeks on Israel's bestseller list.

Shlomo and I got into it a little bit, and he attempted to use emotive accusations to thwart intelligent discussion instead of properly inquiring about the evidence. So, while occasionally the interview did get a little edgy, we still had a good interview and things turned around by the end. But it's my opinion that he's mistaken with regard to banker involvement in the dialectics to establish a Zionist state, their involvement in funding communism, and Rothschild power in international banking, which the following information seeks to prove"

Also provided for the listener is information written by Richard Grove, someone I am familiar with from being a long time listener to the Meria Heller show.

"We can all thank Rich for writing the linked article which contains no less than 18 excellent primary and secondary references to the bankers and Rothschild and their involvement in the items mentioned above"

You can find that article here on Tragedy and Hope

Lots of excellent info, good listening , reading and more!
Enjoy and as always share some thoughts...


  1. Methinks that some things like Gas powered straight Razors, Lightning rod equipped umbrellas and Turbo charged Diesel powered Penis pumps with hydraulic assist would be best left uninvented,,, Jews would also fall into this category.

  2. silverfish,it really is an interesting interview, an interesting take on history.

    and yes, all those inventions sound pretty horrible.

  3. Schlomo mentioned something that I have always wondered about - in my own little idealistic way.

    Here was Israel, created yes, but nonetheless it exists. They had a wonderful opportunity to show the world how inclusive and democratic a Jewish state could be - but sadly they never rose to the occassion. This has always bugged me, as it seems to run contrary to their mantra of never again (unless you are goy).

  4. Good point Maggie!
    Since, perhaps and I am just guessing here, that was not the intention in the creation of Israel, why bother?

    I've listened twice now and he makes clearer some of the thoughts that have been rattlin' around in my brain.

    The Jewish 'people' have never existed and still don't.

    Because they have no commonalities, no common language, or customs that would be part and parcel of a unique identity.

    Prior to the creation of Israel, the Jews spoke, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish and on and on and on.... Not one language unified them.

    But, all Italians speak Italian, and Germans speak German etc.,

    Same with the cultural foods..
    Not anything that unifies them as a people. Not surprising, what they have is the food of other cultures.

    I always wondered how the heck the became followers of the same religion, and of course realize it was just through religious conversion and nothing more.

    The zionist movement took the religion and tried to make in into a people or an ethnicity.

    In doing so, they have turned themselves into, hard-core racists.

    The khazar stuff was interesting.
    Linking the Jews to slavic ethnicity for the most part.

    There was no palestinian home, no expulsion and therefore no right of return, which makes sense.

    Therefore a mythology was necessary to unify, to create, a 'people'.

    All very interesting stuff, indeed