Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flotilla investigation by UN on or off ? US supported or not ?

Is there going to be an independant UN investigation and isthe Obama administration supportive or not?

There seems to be some mixed reporting..

Obama administration officials deny 'Weekly Standard' report.

US officials on Friday denied reports that the Obama administration plans to support the establishment of an international UN-monitored commission to investigate last week's flotilla raid.

Earlier Friday, the US Weekly Standard reported that senior officials in Washington had been informing world leaders of the US government's support of the investigation.

One official was quoted as saying that while US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice was speaking out in support of an international UN-mandated investigation, ultimately the decision would have to be made by US President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile , over at AIPAC it appears they are pleased that that the US supports the Israeli investigation, but are also concerned over the continuing chatter about an independent investigation.

I guess it is anyone guess... is the US supporting an independant investigation?
Will AIPAC cut off bribes, sorry, I mean donations, if the US supports an investigation?

It is being reported that United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is moving forward with plans to form an internationally sanctioned investigative forum to probe the deadly events.

According to UN sources at the world body's headquarters in New York, Ban is holding discussions with the five permanent members of the Security Council while seeking the advice of international observers, all in an effort to formulate an "international authority" that would investigate the Israel Navy's takeover of the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara on May 31.

Jerusalem Post is also reporting this intent to move ahead with an international investigation despite Israel's announcement.

The UN called on Israel to accede to demands for an international inquiry of the event surrounding the IDF raid of the Gaza flotilla Monday night, even as the Israeli Cabinet approved a committee to pursue an internal Israeli inquiry of the matter.
Is this going to be a repeat of the Goldstone fiasco?


  1. Oh frig Pen, as far as the Canadian press goes (and the rest of NA for that matter) none of this even matters.

    All hail the fucking chief

  2. Real issues are ignored by the MSM, and thus, the public takes the cue and ignores it as well. People rationalise to themselves unconciously that if the media ignore something or don't investigate it, it's probably not that important . . . or, maybe the other news (a continuing oil spill, the US president making sweeping and ridiculous commentary about any number of things, some entertainment news, etc) is actually more important.

    Thus, the disconnect between what a country like Iran deserves in terms of media coverage when they do everything by the book and still get condemned by the UN and the US, versus what Israel gets thrown at them when they become International terrorist pirates - is sloughed off.

    Nobody cares about any investigation anyways, because we have been successfully conditioned to accept them as monolithic and lengthy institutions that will result in very little other than more commissions and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted. Heck, that's why they did that in the first place - who wants to waste your tax payer dollars on an investigation? Forget it, move along, nothing to see here.

    I am slightly depressed these days, Pen, because I realise the task I have at hand in educating my children to combat the dark forces that shape this world. The burden is great on all of us to fight the mass of constant propaganda.


  3. Hey Penny,...it is thoroughly exhausting to see so much obfuscation by the shills of zion...in Oz we are being fed an almost non-stop diet of "poor victimised hebrew" stories and movies in the Media and on TV: Tonight they are showing Schwindlers Lust again. It was on a couple of months ago and not for about six years since before that. Austar (like Foxtel) started running the series called "World at War" which starts with an emotive vignette of B&W photos burning and peeling away; the first photo and the last are 'death camp' photos - the opening music is a wailing adagio - very powerful stuff - and full of shit. Coincidentally they have started the re-runs at the episodes featuring - you guessed it - 'death camps'.

    Here's my call - the yids will flood the media with stories about israhell opening up Gaza for aid; then just before they actually do, those ungrateful nazi-like anti-semites that hate us for our freedoms will start firing bottle-rockets at Sderot,(which happens to be a low-rent multi-ethnic suburb where no, I mean NO zionist yids live, just african jews and other ethnicities that the eastern european jews look down on.) This will of course be met with much conscernation by the generous peace-loving yids and result in an unavoidable retaliation! I hope I am wrong.

    Great work as per...



  4. And our beloved Jew Stevie H is up and running true to form in regards to Libby Davies and his Jews masters and handlers.

  5. slozo:
    I am slightly depressed these days, Pen, because I realise the task I have at hand in educating my children to combat the dark forces that shape this world. The burden is great on all of us to fight the mass of constant propaganda.


    It is overwhelming, I realize that but, please, don't let it get you down.

    I read your response with a bit of a heavy heart... my one and only is in her early 20's now, and I think to myself if I knew then what I know now, I would have homeschooled her.

    But, ya know what slozo, if I can offer you some tips??
    First let me get this out of the way-

    Whatever you decide in the way of education, you will make the best decision you can, in the best interests of that child, that is how decent parents operate. I think you are that way.Decent.

    Keep her away from tv, seriously limit time spent in front of the mind control box. And that means you too, because you can be a hypocrite, you got to live what you preach, kids can spot a phoney in two seconds flat.

    That makes life alot easier, because just the lack of exposure to all the advertising will save you a load of headaches.
    (no demands for fast food meals and garbage toys)

    Spend time outdoors, ride bikes, go for walks, fish, whatever.
    Time outdoors, where learning will come naturally and curiosity can be nurtured and families can bond.
    If you can garden together, even better!
    My daughter first loved gardening then of course as she got older she hated it, but, her and I were talking about it the other day and I said, do you realize you have a skill, you have knowledge that so many other people do not have?
    And when I said it that way, she was like yeah!

    And read, to her, and you and your wife read.. and talk about what you read to your daughter.. age appropriately of course.

    Example: politics has always been a huge source of discussion in our house.. (bet you never thought that possible, lol)
    When our girl was in grade 8, she was the only child in civics class who could name the levels of government.
    All of them. The only kid!
    She didn't learn them at school, she learned that at home, from parents who were engaged.
    To this day, she will talk to me about politics, she will send me stories she think I am interested in.
    She talks about books, and movies, she has more culture then I ever did at her age.
    She is pretty smart too!

    To this day I talk to her about perception management and reading critically and on and on and on.

    Just be aware, be engaged, be honest and admit when you are wrong.

  6. apologies slozo, I forgot my 't.

    This "And that means you too, because you can be a hypocrite" should have read --

    you can't be a hypocrite

  7. veritas

    "the yids will flood the media with stories about israhell opening up Gaza for aid; then just before they actually do, those ungrateful nazi-like anti-semites that hate us for our freedoms will start firing bottle-rockets at Sderot"

    If that is not the exact scenario, then it will play out slightly differently, but it will be the same idea, with the same goal, the same vicitimization agenda,(look we were so nice, so reasonable and them, they are just bad) it is always the same, same, same.

  8. silverfish, thanks for the heads up, see new post!

  9. Just to follow up Pen, I may have mentioned it before:

    I have no cable tv . . . the wife and I decided against it years ago before kids. So no hypocrisy with me at all, I watch my live sports events online that I of course pay for ;) and get movies from a friend, and that's it for media at home. No video games other than a couple of word games on the computer.

    We spend a lot of time outside, and she loves the outdoors . . . homeschooling may not be possible for us situationally, but we have a couple more years to cross that bridge.

    I am actually feeling better about the whole thing, thanks Pen . . . I think kids are an awesome responsibility.

    Q, Penny: What does your daughter think about Israel, and does she ever talk about it with her peers?

  10. Hey Slozo;

    I don't know if she ever discusses the situation surrounding Israel with her friends, I know her and I have discussed it previously.

    One of our recent talks had her mentioning the role religion plays in shaping the thought of Jews or the followers of Judaism.

    Since, they seem to get their sense of entitlement from their religion...

    She thinks religion is for the birds, she doesn't get it.

    Kids are an awesome responsibility.
    But, they are a great deal of fun too. They are so interested in everything! And honest, and sometimes tactless. But, they really soak up alot more of their surroundings them most people realize.

    You know that saying, and it is kind of crude, but effective-
    "garbage in/garbage out"

    If you fill your mind, or someone elses with lies and half-truths, misinformation, religious gobbledygook, advertising, where by the way everything is sexualized.

    (Before someone says, Pen your a prude- I have no issue with sex, but, the act of intimacy and the use of sex to sell products, food, vacations, everything is, IMO, not healthy for human kind. It encourages a sort of neanderthal reaction, or functioning, which I feel is not good for a positive evolution of humanity)

    Back to garbage in/garbage out.
    What will the outcome be?
    If you fill your own head and body with garbage?
    A sick mind and a sick body.
    But, for the young mind and body that is growing and learning, healthy food, healthy information, positive exposure, love, warmth, sharing, caring, family.
    All these things, this is what will make a difference in the course of humanity. Learning, asking questions...

    Odd, and I am going into a ramble here, someone commented recently to me "wow, you are learning so much and you are not in school"
    as if this is weird?

    Which I thought was weird, because I think life is for learning and you don't stop learning, as long as your alive...Isn't that part of the human experience? To learn?

    Yet, their are truly people who think, that once your done school, you have learned all you need to know.

    Imagine the brain cells firing through an entire lifetime?
    not atrophying, expanding.

    Sorry for getting way off track.
    Take everything in stride and cross the bridges as you come to them.