Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Naval Blockade on Gaza, will Israel lift it ?

What alternatives will be offered to ensure Israel's 'security'?

-Israel insists its naval blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory is justified and will continue.
-But even Israel's closest allies have been critical of the wider siege, which they say is hurting the people of Gaza far more than their fundamentalist rulers.

But, this doesn't mean Israel and their closest allies have lost interest in removing Hamas from Gaza and taking control of the land, the coast and the natural gas resources.
So let's keep this in mind-

The 2005 "Agreement on Movement and Access" was meant to put the finishing touches on Israel's unilateral pullout from Gaza two months earlier. Brokered by the United States, the aim was to ease the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza and thus enhance Palestinian productivity.

Under its terms, the main land crossing points at Rafah, Kerem Shalom and Karni would be fully opened. There was no thought at the time of a naval blockade.

Ah, the Karni border crossing..... run by terrorists trained with the help of Canada.
Terrorists? What? Trained to foment civil war, to encourage the people of Gaza to turn against the government they had just elected.

I covered that here- Israel and Canada; Project Karni, 'security' and racism. Two best friends with much in common

Known at the time as the Karni Project, named after the principle commercial crossing into Gaza, the initiative was a covert – though not clandestine – effort to train a pliable security force to work with Israel.

If Karni and Rafah crossing were so heavily 'controlled', so clandestinely 'secure', I would say it is safe to say that the land crossing of Kerem Shalom also had similar controls in place. Controls that were favourable to Israel.

So, where does the public outcry over the attack on the humanitarian aid ships leave Israel?

First, whether to allow an international presence in an inquiry into the confrontation aboard the Mavi Marmara- Israel is not going to allow that

Second, whether to ease the civilian siege to ensure continued international backing for the military blockade- I don't see Israel doing that either, since their goal is to steal more land

Third, whether to present a new initiative on peacemaking with the Palestinians.

There it is! A new initiative, that is totally to the benefit of Israel and will leave the Palestinians out of the picture, out of their homes and out of their land

Oh and Representative Barney Frank, pathetic !

Rep. Barney Frank: If Canada were Hamas our blockade would be tougher.

Not likely since you are so dependant on Canada's energy and will soon be sucking up the water.


  1. When Ariel Sharon pulled the settlers out of Gaza it was for the specific purpose of turning Gaza into the worlds largest concentration camp. And they have succeeded impressively in doing that.

    They do not want to remove Hamas from power in Gaza so much as they want to remove all Gazans from Gaza, if not from this world entirely. They have herded one and a half million Palestinians into it and they are day by day shrinking its ability to support life through bombing factories and fields as well as starving it of resources from outside it's camp walls.

    It is exactly what it looks like; a slow motion genocide. It started before Hamas was elected and it will go on, even if Hamas should ever be ejected from 'power'(such that it is) there. It will go on until all Gazans are either reduced to a subhuman standard of life physically, mentally and emotionally and incapable of lifting up a stone to throw or they are all dead. History points to the latter

    Turn down the 'sound' and look at the 'picture'. There's no mystery here. It is all on show to see; relentless death.

    I also think there is no mystery with Turkey or, at least, with Erdogan. The guy has finally had enough of israel as had Putin a long time ago and now they have come together to withdraw the future supply of gas from them. At least, gas from Russia. Perhaps others will join them. Israel has planned large oil and water pipelines from Turkey down the coast to israel. I think that shitty little country can kiss that plan goodbye.

    Who knows what Egypt is up to with the opening with the Rafah border. But it might just be that they have opened it now when the US would be hard pressed to insist it stay closed.

    One thing is absolutely certain and that is that once the tide turns for israel, they will be swamped. And I think and hope that is exactly what we are witnessing here; the slow turning of the tide.

  2. Hey james!

    I think that Israel would like Hamas out of Gaza, and the PA in.
    For expediency of erasure of the gazans.

    Though, they have the military might to do it no matter who is running the government there.

    wrt turkey:
    the pipeline is emanating from Russia and is being builit by gazprom, so they are calling the shots.

    I can't help but see an "all cards falling into place" type of scenario with the Palestinians losing