Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lone protestor flips the bird at G-20 protest marchers. How can he not support human rights and freedoms?

You may have heard there were protests against the G-20 police state actions in Canada?

As many as 1200 people marched in Toronto, more then 1000 participated in a protest in Montreal and 100's came out in Halifax.

All to protest the outrageous mass arrests and forced incarcerations of over 1,000 people the vast majority of whom were released without charge. Including the arrest of a man, an amputee, police took his leg, used it to pin his head to the ground, dragged him on the ground when he could not move fast enough then incarcerated him, legless, for 24 hours. As witnessed independently by a 21 year old student who recounts their own arrest and detainment

Despite the mass arrests and incarcerations, the abuse of the disabled man, one lone man stood giving his middle finger to the marchers in Toronto.

Of course, all the media ran to give this 'gentleman' his due and excessive coverage.

"The man’s display drew significant attention as members of the press swarmed to the protester. "

Well the main stream media loves to support tyranny, so this would be right up their alley!

But, back to the man who stands alone.
One man standing at the corner, giving the middle finger to protesters wearing profanity laden clothing, additionally hanging another profanity laden t-shirt on a nearby post as well as on his motorbike, as he stood proudly giving his middle finger salute to people protesting against tyranny, oppression. Against unlawful arrest and incarceration.
You may wonder, what sensible individual would stand in support of tyranny, oppression, unlawful arrest and incarceration, and actually protest people who are exercising their human rights?

Let's take a look at this fellow, and his protest, shall we?
Man protests the G-20 protesters

Here is the t-shirt he had mounted to the pole-

Here is the t-shirt he had mounted to his motorbike

And, here is a picture of him beside his motorbike. You are going to have to click on the picture to get the whole image! Notice the flag he flies? The state which he supports?

Israel, the flag of Israel flies on his motorbike. The country that routinely denies human rights, supports tyranny, oppression and unlawful arrest. The country that commits acts of piracy in International waters, killing aid workers in cold blood. Israel is supported by this individual?
Oh and by the way he is in Canada, where is his Canadian flag?


  1. No matter where you go, there's always an asshole.

  2. well this is true.

    However, I found the Israeli flag proudly flying on this supporter of state sponsored tyrannys' motorbike a bit much.

    Since as many have seen, Israeli flags flying proudly after the attack on the flotilla, the horrific attacks on Gaza.

    No amount of state sponsored abuse is to over the top to impede Israeli supporters from dragging out an Israeli flag in support of said abuse.

  3. Cannibal Rabbi.

    No jews is good jews!

  4. This again shows who the damned media answers to.... And it is not the people of Canada, but the damned CJC and the B'nai B'rith that control Canada for their Rothschild masters in Europe.

  5. A little bit too much
    seem more like :

    'Reverse False Flag'

    In short this guy is
    on the right side.

    Waking up stunt.

  6. A little bit too much
    seem more like :

    'Reverse False Flag'

    In short this guy is
    on the right side.

    Wake up stunt.

  7. so are you saying this guy is trying to make Israel look bad?
    By acting this way?
    Except, in the world of main stream media propaganda, this would not be necessary.

  8. Or how about this thought, which IMO makes more sense.

    He could well be that which he is.
    An Israeli supporting fascist.

    But, rather then false flag..
    How about provocateur?

    The guy is there flipping the bird to more then 1,000 marchers and in general coming off as obnoxious.

    (With profanity filled t-shirts displayed including adorning his body.)

    And the flag of Israel flying on the bike...

    Now, what if some of the protestors would have gotten unruly with him?
    Because he was being intentionally provocative.
    Because he is being confrontational to the protestors.
    What if a fight would have ensued.
    He would have cried "anti-semetism" all the Jewish lobby groups would have been howling to the main stream media.

    (Perhaps this is why the media flocked around him?)

    And the legitimate grievances of the protestors could have been dismissed handily by the government.

    What a propaganda coup!

    So, if this guy is not a fascist, he is a provocateur of some sort.

  9. Provocateur for sure. Police/gov't paid plant . . . I can nearly guarantee it.

    And the advertising works . . . just like people lumping together all the protesters, and making no distinction at all between who was legitimate, and who wasn't. Lumping together protesters who were against gov'ts colluding for financial slavery in with paid hacks from OPSEU and other organisations (this is a standard line of defence for street level conservatives).

    People listen to all the media, and when faced with having to agree with something the media says, numbly repeat the propaganda they have been taught. No thought whatsoever is used.

    This is just solid propaganda . . . just like the old ad campaign where beautiful women were paid to walk on Madison Ave in NYC smoking a cigarette to influence women into smoking . . . it's the same sort of deal.

    The Israel flag was a "no tresspassing" sign, btw. Lets people know you better have DAMN strong ammunition, or be a jew yourself, before you could possibly think of putting down this guy in public. It's a warning to cow people into biting their lip.

    Bet it worked.

  10. hey slozo, the more I think about this one, the more I lean towards provacateur

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