Friday, November 12, 2010

The Oiling of America- Part 2

I have been meaning to get this one up for a while, but, the past couple of weeks have been crazeee...

This is Part 2 of the Oiling of America interview. With thanks to Gnostic Media

In this episode Sally is back to discuss her new DVD The Oiling of America.
For fifty years, big business, government agencies and medical organizations have campaigned deceptively against animal fats, meat, eggs, butter and other nutritious, traditional foods, leading to huge profits from the sale of toxic margarine, shortenings and liquid vegetable oils, and the foods that contain them. Scientific data contradicting current anti-animal fat public health policy was suppressed and censored for many years. Dr. Enig and Sally Fallon now tell you the truth about how that happened.
• How scientists cheat in scientific studies
• Why cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease
• The dangers of cholesterol-lowering diets and drugs
• Why trans fatty acids and liquid vegetable oils are so dangerous to human health

So here it is, better late then not at all.

If you have not heard part 1. You will FIND it HERE
Listen to the first part, before you start the second part.
There are also some relevant links included in that post.
I also want to include some links left in the comments by Gallier for further reading.
Thanks Gallier!

Tom Naughton's Fat head blog
Funny, excellent info on nutrition and government policies.

Stephan Guyenets blog
Stephan is a very knowledgeable and kind guy.

Peter Dobromylskyj
Funny, because of his sarcasm, but top notch metabolic knowledge. Sometimes a bit complicated for a beginner but really interesting alternative hypothising.

Chris Masterjohn's Daily lipid blog

Richard Nikoley's
Paleo blog, Richard is not as knowledgeable as the others, but he is the man, the real no bullshit zone, with real results from real people with real food and real work.


  1. Penn, Finally a post that is very dear to my heart for many reasons not the least of which is that I have been preaching many of these things for many years.

    If your interested drop me a line and I'll let you in on a few things.

  2. It seems Dave McGowans 'Centre for an Informed America' has exceeded its bandwidth.

    I recall u remarking about possible IRS troubles. Wonder if the 2 events are related.


  3. Thanks Penny, I have sent the link off too quite a few folks!

    Made some more creme fraiche too! Oh, and bacon grease is always saved around here - need it for chowders! Yum!


  4. Silverfish, I will drop you a line, I am most interested in being let in on a few things

  5. aferrismoon:

    I guess anything is possible?
    Though his sight had often exceeded it's bandwidth previously..
    He has not made his way back to Meria Heller's show, where he appeared once a month.

    I have thought about dropping her a line and asking if she has been updated on his return.

    I will keep you posted if I do hear or read anything at all