Friday, December 31, 2010

Back-burner news- Weapons smuggler not identified, dead bees and released "terrorists"

Just want to catch up on some news stories that I had simmering on the back burner, while I "cooked" the Khodorkovsky stew.

You might have seen some of these, you might not have. Either way, I thought they were pretty interesting and still worth posting.

First news story:

Prior to Christmas it is alleged, a suspected weapons smuggler from Iran, was arrested in Afghanistan. Many news stories were written, ink spilled, hand wringing and all that.
The Jerusalem Post devoted much time and space to promoting the idea that this was an Iranian and that the Iranians are bad, bad, bad. The usual kind of stuff from that media outlet. The Jerusalem post is claiming it was an Iranian and that Afghanistan was covering up, to save face.
But! It was reported afterward that the suspected weapons smuggler was not even Iranian.
Suspected Afghan weapons smuggler "not Iranian guard"
Not only was the weapons smuggler not Iranian guard, the ISAF declined to comment at all on the nationality of the smuggler!

"ISAF declined to comment on the nationality of the man"

Had this weapons smuggler been Iranian, the ISAF would have crowed loudly from the rooftops.
So what nationality was the weapons smuggler?? What nation is constantly demonizing Iran? The Jerusalem Post article is one clue. The refusal to identify the man's nationality is your other clue. Put it together, and there it is. The most sensible nationality of the arms smuggler.

Next back burner story-

I have covered the death of honeybees a number of times on the blog.
This was interesting!
Why Honeybees are Dying Off

It seems that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is supposed to, you know, protect our environment, is about as effective as a teacher letting kids slack on their homework. Documents have recently leaked -- thanks to a Colorado beekeeper -- that show that the EPA approved of the pesticide clothianidin in 2003, which is knowingly toxic to bees and is already banned in Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia, reports Grist.

Not only do bees ensure the life cycle of plants (so to kill them in order to grow more plants seems painfully counterproductive), they also create honey, which is as diverse in flavor as the fields of flowers around a hive, and in its raw form is even believed to counteract allergies. (Honey from your area contains a small dose of your area's pollen, much like a vaccine.) But frankly, that's all shot to dust if this pesticide stays on the market.

Introduced in spring 2003 by German agrichemical manufacturer Bayer, despite warnings and the need for proper tests on how it would affect bees, clothianidin was used in billions of plants along the corn belt. And in 2009, Bayer made about $262 million in sales, reports Grist.

Not so coincidentally, bees have been dying off steadily ever since, from what researchers call colony-collapse disorder. Like other pesticides, clothianidin is "taken up by a plant's vascular system and expressed through pollen and nectar," Grist cites from the Pesticide Action Network of North America (PANNA), which leaked the EPA documents with the organization Beyond Pesticides. The EPA went so far as to grant Bayer an extension on a study, well after clothianidin was approved for use.

The EPA, always protecting the environment, NOT.

Third back burner news piece:

Another Christmas news fear story. December 26/2010, Netherlands arrested 12 suspected terrorists.
And, there were stories like this- Arrests prompt fears Netherlands is prime terror target
Be afraid, be very afraid.
What didn't get as much coverage?????.........
By December 28/2010- 11 of the 12 arrested, WERE RELEASED!
Today- The last of the 12 released!!! Last of 12 Somali Suspects in Alleged Dutch Terror Plot Freed
If these guys were a real threat, they would not have been released.



  1. "The Jerusalem Post article is one clue. The refusal to identify the man's nationality is your other clue. Put it together, and there it is. The most sensible nationality of the arms smuggler."

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