Sunday, February 20, 2011

Calls for "protest" in China? Just who made the call

After you get through here, be sure to check out the latest news on Haiti, despicable.
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Anyway.... China and a curious bit of news, Calls for protest in China, protests that would mirror much of the mayhem in the Middle East?
I will highlight the really curious parts, share your thoughts.
Because, in my opinion this has western provocation written all over it.

Chinese authorities detained dozens of political activists after an anonymous online call for people to start a "Jasmine Revolution" in China by protesting in 13 cities.

Only a handful of people appeared to have responded to the call to protest in Beijing, Shanghai and 11 other cities at 2 p.m. Sunday, a call first posted on the U.S.-based Chinese-language news website.

Call originating from a US based Chinese language news website?

"The lackluster popular response, however, demonstrates how much harder it would be to organize a sustained protest movement"in a country with a well-funded and organized police force, and with the world's most sophisticated Internet censorship system.

Wondering who would want to "organize a sustained protest movement?

And some really interesting designated protests points.

"a McDonald's outlet in Beijing's central Wangfujing shopping district "

A McDonald's outlet? And this would appeal to what audience?
How about this one?
"police led away three people outside a Starbucks outlet"

A Starbucks!!!

There were no reports of demonstrations in other cities where people were urged to protest, which included Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan and Chengdu.

So far we have a call from an American based Chinese language news site. Surely used to disseminate pro-western propaganda.
Then the use of known western multinationals corporations as the protest points.
And this!!!!???

The Wall Street Journal saw a crowd of several hundred people gather.
The crowd, however, consisted almost entirely of foreign journalists and curious shoppers—many of whom thought there was a celebrity in the area

How did the foreign journalists know to gather at the protest points? Who tipped them off ??

Even more curious....

Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to China—who has been critical of the country's Internet controls—was also in the crowd but quickly left after he was identified by a Chinese crowd member with whom he was chatting.

Besides the foreign journalists, the US ambassador to China was ready to go at the so called protest site, but, left after being identified???

Who called for this protest???

And finally-

The only sign of protest came from a young Chinese man who was detained by police after laying some jasmine flowers outside the McDonald's and trying to take a photograph of them on his mobile phone.


  1. Hey Penny,...Well, I think the question of "when" the zio-talmudists are going to start their putsch to take-over the world has been answered. Now; seems to me to be the launch date.

    Excellent work as usual.


    P.S. Not normally into this but: wv - pokshour (grin)

  2. I noticed that article on the 'protestors' in China - advertising for Starbucks , McDonalds and various internetty things.

    The idea seems to be that Democracy = Starbucks, McDs etc etc.

    All those poor oppressed people have to hang out at Fastbucks , such is their disposable income.

    Reading many of the reports concerning these protests I find mentions of Democracy Products.

    REVOLUTION - buy one get one free.


  3. hey veritas!

    Yup, it looks like ww3 is in full swing.

    Or ww4 depending on how one views the cold war?

    my word: consp

    without the iracy?

  4. Aferrismoon-Good day!

    And, yes you are right! I hadn't thought of that but it seems your right!

    Democracy = Corporate Fascism

    and it is that obvious.

  5. Starbucks should be banned - horrid coffee at a high price.

    - Aangirfan

  6. Aangirfan:

    never had their coffee, but, I have heard it is pricey.